30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 16

Day 16- The last movie you saw in theatres

Y’all this is really embarrassing but I haven’t been to the movie theatre since December. Almost nine months have passed. I missed seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Amazing Spider-man II, and Guardians of the Galaxy on the big screen. Rough. I guess I can be thankful that the last movie I saw in theatres was the spectacular The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Husband and I saw Catching Fire for my 27th birthday last December. I have read all of The Hunger Games trilogy and was especially excited to see Catching Fire as it is my favorite book in the series. It contains the most action, despite the slow beginning, and flips the arena upside down and backwards. The previously introduced characters are further developed (especially Peeta, my fave) and we meet awesome characters like Finnick and Johanna, who feel like more than just pretty new faces. The movie did not disappoint in capturing the magic of the book.

The fashion is fierce. The relationship between Katniss and her stylist Cinna deepens as he designs the dresses that he believes will save her life. It sounds insane but he is totally playing on the sympathies of her potential donors with his transforming wedding dress.


It would totally trick me into buying her a bottle of water.


The arena is unlike anything the tributes have ever faced. There are waves, deadly insects, lightning, killer monkeys, rain of blood, a paralyzing fog, and jabberjays. Plus the usual tributes trying to kill each other. Alternatecoppa at deviant art created a visual representation of the arena and it is freaking sweet. Like, seriously, amazing shit.


I really wish I had the talent/patience to create this myself.


Drowning on top of everything else. Awesome.


Only makes her fiercer.


Way spookier than that shit Tom Welling fought.


WTF. I love monkeys, but NOT these ones.

The new characters are awesome. Finnick, besides being beautiful, is a conundrum. Is he working with Katniss or trying to kill her? What are his motivations for helping her? How does he have the ladies (and gentlemen) of the Capitol under his thumb? So many questions, so much intrigue.

He may be blonde but he's still pretty.

He may be blonde but he’s still pretty.

Johanna is the epitome of a badass. She is strong, independent, a wicked ass kicker, and intimidating as hell. She gets inside Katniss’s head by stripping down in front of her, Peeta, and Haymitch in an elevator. How cool is it that your naked body is a threat to others (solely because of its awesomeness and not in a remotely rapey way)? She is bluntly honest, telling the entire world exactly how she feels about being thrown back into the arena, even though it could get her killed. The character made me a fan of Jena Malone. And that has only happened once before.

Who knew Katniss could be intimidated?

Who knew Katniss could be intimidated?

Finally, the movie gave me more Peeta.

And I love my Peeta.

And I love my Peeta.



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