30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 11

Day 11- Your favorite childhood movie

My brother and I were obsessed with ninjas as children. We watched every movie with ninja in the title, had every action figure, and used to practice our moves daily (aka kick the crap out of each other). The one movie we kept coming back to over and over again (poor Mom) was 3 Ninjas. I can’t even begin to calculate the number of times we would insist she rent it before finally bullying her into purchasing it.

3 Ninjas, for the uninitiated, is a story about three young brothers who learn karate from their Japanese grandfather, despite protests from their FBI agent father. The lessons come in handy when their home is invaded by would-be kidnappers working for a criminal being chased by their dad, who also happens to be their grandfather’s old business partner. The boys use the skills they’ve learned to defeat adult ninjas and stop the bad guy. An insane premise but my childhood head loved it.

Total badasses.

Total badasses.

One of my favorite childhood memories involves my friends Jamie and Jenna, sisters who lived down the street from my grandparents’ house. They too loved 3 Ninjas and we would often act out scenes from the movie. Jamie was always Colt (the middle brother), and Jenna and I would argue over who got to be Rocky (the oldest and cutest brother). The loser would have to be youngest brother Tum-Tum, the one who would stop mid fight to stuff his face with candy. On the rare occasions when I would let my brother play, he was Grandpa. In retrospect, a four year old play-acting as a grandfather is pretty hilarious. As a five year old it was serious business.

The face of seriousness.

And this is obviously the face of seriousness.

Rocky was one of my first real crushes. His real name was Samuel but his grandfather nicknamed him Rocky because he was “strong, solid, cool as granite rock”. He was the intelligent, clear-headed brother who came up with their plan of attack after the “kidnappers” pizza-ed the babysitter. He also had mad basketball skills which he used to get back the stolen bicycle of the drippy girl he had a crush on (his only downfall). Chants of “Rocky loves Emily” would upset me because I wanted him to have a crush on me. As a five year old.


Love of my five year old life.

The real action/hilarity begins when Hugo Snyder (bad guy extraordinaire) decides that best way to get the FBI off his back is to kidnap the sons of an agent. Totally solid plan. Snyder’s assistant hires his nephew Fester and Fester’s friends Marcus and Hammer to steal the kids and bring them to a very VERY large ship, which is obvi the best place to bring kidnapped children. To call Fester and company incompetent is an insult to incompetent people the world over. To start with, their first kidnapping attempt involves them following the boys (and super lame Emily) to school in broad daylight. They are so engrossed by the boys mad bike riding skills that they crash into the back of a parked police car.


Not the poster child for intelligence.

The second attempt sees them posing as pizza delivery men while the boys are home with a babysitter. Because it always takes three dudes to deliver one pizza that wasn’t ordered by anyone in the house. The boys quickly see through their clever disguises and begin phase one of protecting their house.

The most important part of phase one involves putting on your ninja mask.

The most important part of phase one involves putting on your ninja mask.

The bumbling kidnappers go through a series of Home Alone style booby traps, including but not limited to:

  • Colt hiding in an all white room by spray painting his mask white and flipping his karate gi inside out, allowing him to pop out and punch/kick kidnappers
  • spilling jelly beans on the hallway floor to make it slippery
  • using a tie to strangle Fester and pull him through the bannister
  • tricking Marcus and Hammer into drinking laxative laced cola by holding the cup and saying “Yum, this stuff is good!”

The boys’ antics hold Fester, Marcus, and Hammer off for a while but then drippy Emily comes over and gets kidnapped. The boys surrender and Snyder’s real henchmen whisk them away to the prison on the sea. Lucky for the boys, Grandpa gets word from Mom and Dad that Snyder has the boys so he ninjas onto the ship to do battle for his family. He ends up defeating Snyder while the boys defeat the henchmen and the family is reunited! Ninjas forever!

Thank you for gifting me with the phrase 'light up the eyes' to use in my daily life.

Thank you for gifting me with the phrase ‘light up the eyes’ to use in my daily life.

Now that I’ve piqued your interest, you can watch the entire movie on youtube. Enjoy!


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