30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 10

Day 10- Your favorite director

I think I am one of the few cinephiles who is not obsessed with directors. I rarely know who directed what unless it’s super obvious (Michael Bay = EXPLOSIONS!) and I usually don’t care enough to try and find out. On the rare occasions I have looked up a director, I usually find myself disappointed- while I’ll love one movie that he/she directed, there is usually a stinker or two on the list. Case in point: The Amazing Spider-Man and (500) Days of Summer. Both are Marc Webb but one is freaking amazing (guess which) and the other sucked big time.

If I absolutely had to name a favorite director, I guess I’d choose Joss Whedon. Yes, he’s very mainstream and kind of an obvious choice. Don’t care. Not only did he create/direct my absolute favorite TV show in the universe (go Buffy!!) but he directed one of my fave sci-fi movies- Serenity– and my favorite Marvel universe movie to date- The Avengers. Furthermore, he took on Shakespeare in Much Ado About Nothing which I have yet to see but it’s like number seven in my Netflix queue. He could make a film about sharks and I would watch it (I FUCKING HATE SHARKS).

Why are Whedon’s movies the best? Let me count some ways:

His females characters kick ass. Even though I’m not a fan of Scarlett Johansson or her version of Black Widow, she is a badass super spy. Her introduction is highly memorable- she is in the middle of an interrogation, using her martial arts skills to break out of her restraints and clobber the bad guys who plan on torturing her. Later she helps save New York City from the Chitauri armed only with her guns and fighting know-how. Even I have to admit she’s something else.

Serenity‘s River Tam may be crazy (who can blame her given the experiments done on her brain?) but she is also a fighting machine. The scene where she takes out dozens of men at the bar after being triggered by a subliminal message is awesome. It’s nice to see a frail-looking girl kicking ass rather than being a victim.

His dialogue is snappy and fun.  You can always count on Whedon’s characters to deliver the perfect bon mot and because he writes the scripts for the movies he directs, you know they are all coming from him. Who else could have given us these genius one-liners:




He knows the appropriate time to lighten the mood. Whedon’s movies are heavy on the action and the feels but he knows how to keep them from being depressing- with a little bit of well-timed laughter.



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