30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 8

Day 08- A movie that makes you sad

I like having a sad via movie when I’m feeling sad in my real life, more succinctly known as wallowing. When I’m having a bad day I head straight for the tear-jerkers and let the sadness pour down. While it’s certainly not the saddest movie I’ve ever seen, A Walk to Remember is one of my go to saddies.

A Walk to Remember

Mandy Moore is my biggest girl-crush in the entire world. She’s beautiful, she writes music, and she’s never been photographed without underpants on. Pretty high standards considering her peers (the blondes: Britney, Christina, and Jessica). She’s very sweet as Jamie, playing her so earnestly despite the saccharine script (and source material).


She is an angel. I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

While I’m no longer a very big fan of Shane West (my old roommate met him and said he was a total dick), I can’t help but fall for Landon every time. He just so damn sweet, trying to help Jamie complete all of her bucket list:

  • Have a star named after her
And he built her a telescope to boot!

And he built her a telescope to boot!

  • Be in two places at the same time

Clever boy

  • Get a tattoo

Temporary but still sweet

  • Befriend someone she doesn’t like
  • Spend a year in the peace corps
  • Make a medical discovery
  • Get married in the church where her mother and father were married


    He should be WAY more excited given who the bride is. WAY MORE.

  • See a miracle


There is no doubt that the dialogue is cheesy but it’s pretty realistic given that they are teenagers. Word of advice for the non-mushy: never read a love letter from a teenager. It will only make you sick. They use every cliche pet name in the book and say the sappiest things. Case in point:


The story takes place in my new hometown. Even though it was filmed in Wilmington- two hours south- it’s still kind of cool.



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