30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 6

Day 06- Your favorite comedy movie

The father of Male Bestie once described the people who like What About Bob? as either being the child of psychologists or someone who needs one. Well, my parents aren’t psychologists so I suppose I fall into the latter category because What About Bob? is my favorite comedy of all time.


Reasons why I love this dark comedic masterpiece?

  • Bob Wylie is a mess. He can’t leave his apartment without undergoing many rituals. He talks to his pet goldfish Gill as though he was a person. He fakes having Tourette’s Syndrome because if he’s faking it, then he doesn’t really have it. He follows his new therapist to his summer house and slowly drives him insane while infiltrating his family life. Simply put:


  • If you have read this blog with any kind of regularity, you will know that I too have problems. I frequently embarrass myself just by existing and then share my embarrassment with random strangers via the written word (you’re welcome). I purposefully try to create awkward situations because awkwardness and other people’s reaction to it are my favorite things. I have no filter between my brain and my mouth because I believe honesty is the most important thing in life (besides Taco Bell). This sometimes leads to people crying when I tell them that no one at work likes them as a way of being helpful. Maggie = disaster.
  • In being a giant, messy disaster, I am just like Bob. Minus the whole stalking a therapist and inadvertently blowing up his house. I’ve even adopted Bob’s personal mantra as my own. As I fold the same shirt for what feels like the twentieth time at work, you can often find me muttering to myself. If you listen closely enough you will hear the same thing repeated OVER AND OVER until I can force myself to smile again:



  • Bill Murray has never been so lovable. He’s not playing a smug, better than everybody else TV exec or the douchiest of all the ghostbusters. He’s a guy that just wants to have friends and not freak out every time he thinks about leaving his apartment. Look at this glee:

Fucking look at it.

  • Dr. Leo Marvin, nationally acclaimed and published psychiatrist, doesn’t now how to talk to his own family. It would be sad except puppets are involved. Where did he even find a place that makes puppets that look EXACTLY LIKE YOUR FACE and can someone please get me one?M8DWHAB EC003
  • Bob, on the other hand, gets on with the Marvin family brilliantly. It’s fun to watch Leo go insane because Bob makes Faye feel special and finds ways to bond with Anna and Siggy that don’t involve hand puppets.


  • It gave the world the greatest poem known to man:


Honorable mention: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I Heart Huckabees


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