Look What I Made: February’s Cards

Last year I posted up the Valentine’s Day cards that I made for family and friends. This year I decided to go the handmade route again (surprise, surprise!). While I didn’t make any Jurassic Park themed cards like I promised last year, I think these turned out pretty cool.


I wanted to keep it pretty simple for Mom’s card. No frills, no mushiness. I found this design on Etsy but it was hand-drawn. I enjoyed cutting out all of the little hearts from different shades of pinks and reds.


Bestie is a big fan of the show Parks and Recreation. She (generally) keeps up with the episodes and can quote all of the best parts. For her birthday (which just happens to be Valentine’s Day) I made a card featuring the phrase “Treat Yo Self”, a sentiment that comes from the show. I tried out three different cupcake designs before settling on this one. I was surprised by how well they turned out. I decided to use stickers for the lettering rather than doing it myself. Sometime stickers just look nicer.



Boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day card was a difficult one. Originally I tried to cut each Lego block out of different colored paper but I couldn’t get it to look right. I ended up drawing the entire design on white cardstock and coloring each block with various Le Pens (the best pens ever). He says he loves it.

Next year, JP Valentine’s Day cards for real. THAT’S A PROMISE!


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