Look What I Made: January’s Cards

January has been a VERY busy crafting month. There have been a lot of happy events in the lives of my friends that I chose to celebrate by making cards. Now that the month is nearing an end and the cards have all been given/mailed to their respective owners, I can now share them with you.

Engagement Card


One of the guitarists in Boyfriend’s band (and a new friend) became engaged to his beautiful fiancee on New Year’s Day. The idea behind their card was to show an expression of love without being overly sappy or sentimental. Based on a card I found on etsy, I think it conveys all I wanted to say. The inside has the message “Happy Life” in cutout letters. Relevant but not mushy.

New Baby Card


The bass player in the same band (also a new friend) and his lovely wife welcomed a baby on New Year’s Day. Such an exciting start to 2014! I wanted to make them a card that was gender neutral and represented all of the members of their new family. The message inside reads “Hello Little One”.

Manly Birthday Card


My stepdad celebrates his birthday at the end of the month and I wanted to make him a personalized birthday card. He is a beer enthusiast (aren’t we all?) so I created a six pack of brews just for him. The name of the brewing company is a play on his surname. I tried to make each label unique. My favorite is the apple on the hard cider; it is so freaking cute.

Princess Castle Birthday Card


The other guitarist in Boyfriend’s band (already a great friend) celebrated his birthday in January (obviously the most exciting month the band has had). He is a lover of all things pink and princess related to I made a castle card for him. I searched “how to make a castle” online and found a pattern that I liked. Then I chose the most princess-like colors I owned and went for it. The sparkly crown was a fun little item I had left over from a previous card I made for the same friend.



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