Smash Your Heart Out

Last summer my mother introduced me to the concept of smashing or as I like to call it, smashbooking. I got super into it and recently got Bestie into it too with both of us smashing away in a shared book. It’s a really fun and easy arts-and-crafts project that I like to bust out when feeling creative. Or bored. Or stressed and want something to keep my mind/hands busy.


I get bored a lot.

What exactly is smashing? Why I’m so very glad that you asked! K&Company, the creator of smash folios, define smashing as sticking cool stuff into awesome books. Confused yet? Don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you.

K&Company sell SMASH folios, chipboard covered books with printed pages containing a myriad of designs. There are tons of different styles you can purchase, each having a different theme that is carried across the pages. I have own the Pretty Pink, Retro Blue, and 365 folios. They also have wedding, baby, travel and cooking themes. Some sample pages:
IMG_3549 IMG_3554 IMG_3555 IMG_3556 IMG_3557

In additional to the folios, they also sell various accessories: ribbons, stickers, folder pockets, calendars, divider tabs, and printed tape. I haven’t played around too much with the accessories. I like the pockets because they allow me to put small objects into my book/folio that I wouldn’t be able to glue in.

So, step one: get a folio. If you were super ambitious and talented, you could make your own. I am way too lazy for this. I really wish that I wasn’t considering the hundreds of pages of scrapbook paper I own and think would make a really awesome book. Thankfully other people are more motivated and post videos describing how to make your own:

Step two: you begin gluing and taping in photos/mementos, writing, drawing, whatever you wish to use your book for. I prefer to cut images and words/phrases out of magazines and glue them in, making unique collages. Bestie and I have been using pictures from college, cards we mailed to each other, and magazine cut outs. We also included lyrics from a couple of our favorite songs.

The best thing about smashing is that it’s whatever you want it to be. A journal, a sketchbook, a photo album- there is no wrong way to fill the pages of the folio.

Step three: Enjoy the fruits of your labors. I like to share mine with friends and family. Here are some of my favorite pages:


Sometimes the collages are focus-less and random.


Other times they follow a theme, like clothing.


Or just things that I find pretty.


On occasion I like to print out song lyrics in a fun font and paste it next to the album cover.


This is incomplete but one of my favorites because it includes a scratch and sniff ad.


A handmade valentine fits the theme of the page perfectly.


These children are super adorable.


Not really themed but it feels like a proper fit to me.


A great place to store cards you received.


Pockets are wonderful for holding ticket stubs.


Sometimes only minor adjustments need to be made to make something amazing.


Who doesn’t love a fierce female?


The pool and beach are oh so summery.


Now I want a chocolate covered cherry.


Margaret is always right.


A perfect ending.


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