Back In the Saddle Again

Hi! It’s me! I’m back! And fully loving exclamation marks! They are FANTASTIC at conveying my excitement!

So I kind of took an impromptu two (plus) month break from the good ol’ blog. I’m not entirely sure how it happened other than I moved and became extremely busy/lazy. Odd combination, but welcome to the conundrum that is my life. I’ve finally settled into the new house, got a job (yay!) and feel motivated to do some writing. While I doubt I will be able to post/double-post on a daily basis as I have in the past, I’m ready to push some new content out for my adoring public (hi Mom!). So sit back, relax, and prepare to be underwhelmed. As Kel would say:



  1. Glad to see you are back in print! look forward to all sorts of exciting blogging!

    1. I’m happy to be back in it. Now I just need to organize all ten billion of my ideas!

  2. Hi daughter!!!

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