Unearthed Treasure: 90210 Soundtrack

In preparation for my big move this month (SO MUCH EXCITEMENT), I’ve been sorting through all of my belongings and cleaning out the junk. So far it’s been crazy successful and Goodwill has received five bags of clothes and shoes, six storage bins of books and at least five bins of various items. It’s been cathartic and I’m ecstatic that I don’t have to move a shit ton of junk.

The flip side to this purging is that I’ve reconnected with a lot of belongings I forgot I owned and/or have not visited in a long time. Chiefly among them: my cassette tape collection. Yes, I have a cassette player in my car and yes, I use it on the regular. While I cringed internally when I saw some of the songs included on mixtapes, I was over the moon when I stumbled across the soundtrack to Beverly Hills, 90210. Talk about good fortune.

photo photo1

I was/am obsessed with listening to this. I remember owning this as a five year old, not understanding the lyrics but digging the music nonetheless. I was particularly partial to the songs “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”, “The Right Kind of Love” and, of course, the show’s theme. Here is the complete listing of songs for you to enjoy:

“Bend Time Back Around” / Paula Abdul
“Got 2 Have U” / Color Me Badd
“The Right Kind of Love” / Jeremy Jordan
“Love Is” / Vanessa L. Williams and Brian McKnight
“Just Wanna Be Your Friend” / Puck and Natty
“Let Me Be Your Baby” / Geoffrey Williams
“Saving Forever For You” / Shanice
“All the Way to Heaven” / Jody Watley
“Why” / Cathy Dennis
“Time to Be Lovers” / Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan
“Action Speaks Louder than Words” / Tara Kemp
“Theme From Beverly Hills, 90210” / John Davis


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