Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 3.10 The New Deal

Bonnie walks through the woods to the abandoned dead witch house, voices whispering all around. She goes to the basement and sees four coffins. One of the coffins is raised higher than the others. She opens it and Klaus is inside, holding the Original Witch’s necklace. Bonnie reaches for it but hears a sound behind her and turns around. Then she wakes up in bed. Eww. Can’t we enter the dreams of someone a little less obnoxious?

How about we make this NOT happen?

How about we make this NOT happen?

Elena has taken up jogging as part of her vampire slayer training. She takes a brief pause to check her time and notices a man running toward her. She takes off, the man following her at a steady and somewhat threatening pace. She turns a corner and books it, going full out. She stops and waits for the man but he doesn’t appear. She calms down and turns around, bumping directly into the man. He apologizes and wishes her a nice day before running off.

Elena is at the Mystic Grill telling Bonnie that she feels like she’s going crazy. Well, you do live in Mystic Falls. Bonnie is the worst friend ever, reminding her that Klaus knows she tried to kill him. Because that’s exactly what you should tell your paranoid best friend. She bitches about having the Klaus in a coffin nightmare on the regular. She asks how Damon is handling Stefan’s betrayal and all Elena can say is Damon is Damon.

Damon is at the bar getting his drink on with Ric. At least I think that’s what happening. He said the word naked and I got super distracted. Ric is on a mission to confront Jeremy who is late for work and bought his mid-term paper off the Internet. Amateur. A girl overhears them and announces that Jeremy was fired last week. Someone is SO grounded.

Yes please.

Yes please.

Jeremy is in the woods with Tyler, practicing his crossbow shooting skills. How easy is it to get a crossbow? I’ve never seen one in real life but there seems to be one in every house on TV. As Ty so elegantly puts it, they are there to get drunk and shoot things. Somehow this doesn’t seem like the worst plan ever. Tyler dares Jeremy to take a shot at him. WTF? Please tell me not all boys are this stupid. Jeremy complies and Ty catches the arrow just in time. Idiots.

Worst idea EVER.

Worst idea EVER.

Elena and Damon are still hanging at the Grill. Elena leaves what is supposed to be a threatening voicemail for Jeremy but she is so not scary. Damon doesn’t understand why she’s so upset, Jer only lost his job after all. She’s worried he’s going to spiral out now that he has lost everyone. Damon is very sweet, reminding Elena that Jeremy still has her. Awww. They have a flirtatious exchange about his drunkenness but it’s ruined when Klaus shows up. He says he’s just come down to his  “local pub to grab a drink with a mate”. It’s all so very British. The jogger who was following Elena appears and Klaus calls him Tony. He gives a little mini-speech about how he’s grown to like Mystic Falls and wants to settle down there. He promises not to kill anyone if they all do what he wants. And what he wants right now if to know where Stefan is. Neither one can give him an answer so he kicks up the intimidation a notch by smiling at them. Interesting strategy.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that he's supposed to be scary.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that he’s supposed to be scary.

Bonnie enters the abandoned dead witch house and heads for the cellar. She hears the witchy whispers and expects to find coffins but instead gets Stefan. Oh happy day. He followed her to ask for her help. He has Klaus’s daggered family members and needs her to hide them. She’s worried that it will just piss Klaus off even more (duh) but Stefan thinks family is the way to ruin him. Bonnie doesn’t think she’s strong enough to hide four Originals, however, Stefan believes that her hatred of Klaus will help fuel her abilities.

Elena and Ric are in the Gilbert kitchen cooking dinner and setting the table. It’s all so domestic and adorable. Jeremy enters and attempts to blow off dinner, saying Tyler is waiting for him outside. They confront him about being fired and hanging out with Ty who is very much sired to Klaus. He tells them they’re being “lame” and starts to leave but Elena blocks his way. She forbids him from going anywhere and Ric jumps on the bandwagon. Jeremy is still a loser teenager so he yells at Tyler to come join them. If he doesn’t get what he wants then no one can have a good time.

Klaus arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House and asks Damon to have a drink with him. Can I please get in on this IMMEDIATELY? They discuss their younger siblings and the recent betrayals they have suffered at their hands. Klaus inquires into Rebekah’s whereabouts but Damon answers by offering him a drink.

Tyler, Ric and the Gilberts are all hanging around the Gilbert kitchen. Elena remarks on how weird it is to be entertaining Tyler while hybrids are stalking her. Ty offers to leave but Jeremy won’t let him. Ric asks Tyler to explain the difference between being sired and being compelled. Always the teacher. Ty explains compulsion as mind controlled and the sire bond as faith. He owes Klaus for “saving his life” and follows him because he believes it’s the right thing. He gets riled up when Ric and Elena start asking more questions about the bond. Elena asks what he would do if Klaus asked him to rip his heart out and the answer isn’t pretty:

A tad overboard, don’t you think?

He accuses them of being like Caroline, afraid of what they don’t understand. Elena agrees, telling him that she doesn’t understand how he can follow Klaus knowing that he has been terrorizing them. Ty insists that he makes all of his own decisions. Um, right.

Damon and Klaus get their scotch on while Klaus tries to convince Damon that they are alike. Damon suggests they bond over “mutual loathing” of Stefan and asks why Klaus is so pissed at his old bestie. He tells him that Stefan stole his daggered family members and he wants them all back. Damon tells him that he’d love to find Stefan but isn’t particularly interested in helping him. Klaus decides a demonstration of his power is in order and whips out his cell phone. He tells an anonymous male to do the thing that he told him to. It’s all very shady and vague.

Jeremy hangs up his phone and Tyler leaves. Elena describes Ty as a “lunatic who has access to our house” and she isn’t wrong. Ric relates the sire bond to a cult, something Elena doesn’t want Jeremy around. They suddenly realize that Jer is missing and his resurrection ring is on the kitchen table.

They head outside to find Jeremy standing in the middle of the street. A car suddenly comes speeding around the corner and heads straight for Jer. Elena and Ric run to him, Ric managing to push him out of the way at the last second before getting plowed into. Elena runs to Ric’s body and turns him over. The car stops and Tony the hybrid is behind the wheel. He makes a crack about bumping into people before driving off. Elena checks to make sure Ric was wearing his ring as Jeremy snaps out of his fugue and runs to them. He tells her it was Klaus on the phone with him earlier; he was compelled to play in traffic.

I am so NOT okay with this.

I am so NOT okay with this.

Klaus and one of female hybrids are walking through a house undergoing construction when Tyler arrives. He asks Klaus how everything went and Klaus tells him that Ric was hit by a car. Ty isn’t happy but Klaus tells him to get over his guilty conscience. Wouldn’t everyone love if it was that easy?

Ric is still dead when Damon arrives at the Gilbert house. He wants to know why Jeremy wasn’t wearing his vervain bracelet. Honestly, I totally forgot that even existed. Way to call back to the early days. Elena deduces that Tyler is the bracelet thief, sent by Klaus. Damon thinks Klaus is tired to use Jeremy as a motivational tool to get them all on board looking for the coffins. Jer suggests that they pack their bags and hit the road. Not his worst idea. Too bad he decides to launch into a intense rant about how they’ll never make it out of Mystic Falls alive. Kind of kills any authority he may have had. He storms off before he can make things any worse. Elena suggests that they give Rebekah to Klaus but Damon reminds her that she is the one Rebekah will be after when she awakens. After all, she was the one who daggered her in the back.

Elena calls Bonnie who doesn’t want her getting involved with the coffins or Klaus. Until Elena tells her that Klaus tried to kill Jeremy. She offers up her help so Elena asks her to do a locator spell on Stefan.

Damon and Elena head into the abandoned dead witch house which has once again been filled with the spirits of the dead witches. They begin to search for Stefan but Damon doesn’t make it far before he begins burning. Didn’t he go through this before? He tells Elena that the witches are screwing with his daylight ring and heads outside. Elena find Stefan and asks for his help while Damon uses his super vamp hearing to eavesdrop. She demands that he returns Klaus’s family, telling him about Jeremy’s almost run in with the car. She conveniently forgets to mention that Ric was smashed. They have a tense, slap-filled moment when Stefan refuses to help. Can these two please be done for good?

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Elena comes storming out of the house and unfairly yells at Damon when he asks to take a stab at reasoning with his little brother. Um, relax a little chick- he’s trying to help. He tosses her the keys to his car and rushes into the house, super speeding from shadow to shadow to avoid being burned. He eventually reaches the basement where Stefan is seated, all sarcastic and douchey. He tells Damon the coffins aren’t there and suggests he take a hike. Damon wants to talk and initiates the conversation by attacking him, strategically throwing him around until they are outside where he uses a tree branch as a stake to stab Stefan’s stomach. There is a lot of shouting as Damon asks why Stefan stopped him from killing Klaus and stole the coffins containing the Originals. All valid questions. Stefan tells him that he did it to save him; Klaus instructed the hybrids to kill Damon if anything happened to him. Damon stakes Stefan once again, yelling for Stef to stop saving him. Brotherly love.

A Salvatore brother saving the other? Must be Thursday.

A Salvatore brother saving the other? Must be Thursday.

Tyler is sitting on a tree stump getting drunk in the middle of the woods when Jeremy arrives, crossbow in hand. He’s pissed that Ty pretended to be his friend in order to get him off the vervain. Tyler admits to hanging out because Klaus instructed him to but denies knowledge of any attempt at killing him. Jeremy is incredulous that he thought Klaus’s motives would be anything less than devious so he shoots a bolt from the crossbow. Tyler catches it and is initially pissed. You know, because HE JUST HAD A BOLT FIRED AT HIS FACE. He calms down long enough to tell Jeremy to head home because Klaus won’t stop coming for him until he has his coffins.

Ric comes back to life and Elena returns home. He immediately asks how Jeremy is because sometimes he’s a good guardian. As Elena launches into a mini-rant about Jer hating everyone and not feeling safe, Ric begins to cough up serious amounts of blood. He’s yells to Elena that something is wrong with the ring before collapsing to the ground.

Elena lets paramedics into the house and tells them Ric was hit by a car. They check his pulse and mention something about internal bleeding (um, how about no) when Tony arrives and compels them to leave. Elena screams at them to help Ric but they walk out of the house. Tony offers his blood in exchange for being invited into the house. Elena refuses and Ric begins coughing up more blood. It’s gross. Tony suggests that she let him in when suddenly he’s hit in the back with an arrow. He falls to the ground and Jeremy is revealed to be the shooter. Way to go Little Gilbert! Elena is surprised to see him (understandably), even more so when he grabs a knife and cuts Tony’s head off. Legit badass. He drops the knife and heads into the house while Elena stands frozen by shock.

The Salvatore Brothers are still at the abandoned dead witch house. Damon questions why Stefan would save him. Stefan refuses to answer to he moves on to his next question: why did Stef steal Klaus’s coffins? This he does answer, telling Damon that family is Klaus’s only weakness, one he plans to use to his advantage. Damon doesn’t get how the stolen coffins will be useful in taking Klaus down, but he wants in on the plan. A very reluctant Stefan agrees as long as Elena isn’t involved. He leads Damon to the basement which initially appears empty. Damon makes a crack about dust being Klaus’s weakness and suddenly the coffins appear. The dead witches are using their powers to keep them invisible to anyone outside of Stefan’s special little circle.

Ric lies in a hospital bed, examining his resurrecting ring when a female doctor arrives on the scene. She’s Meredith Fell and she wants to run tests on him. Ric declines and leaves the hospital against her advice. Before he takes off she asks if he has a guardian angel or made a deal with the devil to be up and walking around after being hit by a car. Never trust a nosy Fell.

Some might call that a flirty face.

Some might call that a flirty face.

Elena opens the door of the Salvatore Boarding House and greets Klaus, thanking him for meeting her. She takes him to the sketchy basement holding cell containing Rebekah’s daggered body. She offers Beks to Klaus in exchange for Jeremy’s safety. Klaus pulls the dagger out and agrees to Elena’s terms but reminds her that she has many more loved ones that he can injure/kill if she doesn’t help him find Stefan. Elena isn’t scared, reminding him that Rebekah knows he killed their mother and will be out for revenge. Undaggering little sister doesn’t seem like such a smart move now.

Jeremy visits Ric in the hospital while he waits to be discharged and they discuss the resurrection ring. Neither understand why the ring brought Ric back to life but didn’t heal him. Ric asks Jeremy if he is okay and he is pretty blase about killing Tony. Ric offers to be a sympathetic ear to which Jer responds by telling him that life sucks and taking off. Good talk guys!

Elena has returned home and is cleaning a bloody rag in the kitchen when Damon enters. He disposed of Tony’s body in a quarry and gave Ric his blood to help heal him. Sounds like he’s had a pretty productive evening. She tells him that she traded Rebekah for Jeremy’s safety. He is less than pleased, convinced that Rebekah is going to come after Elena for daggering her. Elena doesn’t think Klaus will let that happen but as Damon reminds her, Klaus isn’t exactly the most trustworthy guy on the block. She begins freaking out, ranting about not being able to trust Stefan and Jeremy’s life being unfair. Damon takes her face in his hands and tells her everything will be okay. Aww. How has she not torn off his clothes yet?



Rebekah’s body is on a table in Klaus’s new mansion, slowly regaining color in her still unconscious body. Klaus watches as her finger begin to twitch and apologizes, daggering her once again. Lousy older brother.

Ric and Elena head to Jeremy’s room for a talk. Elena tells him that she wants him to have a normal life and Damon enters the room. He sits next to Jer on his bed and begins to compel him, telling him that he’s going to stay with family friends in Denver and not think twice about Mystic Falls. Despite Elena telling Damon what to say while compelling him, she breaks down and has a big sad.

Bonnie joins Stefan at the abandoned dead witch house to show him the coffin she has been dreaming about. She tries to open it but Stefan tells her it has some kind of magic lock on it. Bonnie thinks that whatever is inside of the coffin is the answer to their Klaus problem.

Damon follows Elena out onto the porch, listening to her lament what a horrible person she is. He manages to convince her that she’s doing good by Jeremy because Damon is THE BEST. She thanks him for being amazing and acting as her support system through the whole Stefan thing. He tells her that Stefan screwed them over to save his life and stole Klaus’s coffins to get even. Elena is confused by the meaning behind Stefan’s saving Damon. Is his humanity switch turned back on? Damon has a sad about feeling guilty for wanting his brother’s girlfriend and starts to leave. He suddenly turns around and this happens:



And it’s amazing.


Ric (briefly) and Tony


ELENA: “Well, you’re day drunk. It’s not exactly your most attractive look.”
DAMON: “Hmm- what is my most attractive look?”
ELENA: “I’m not saying you have any attractive looks. I’m saying this is my least favorite one… ”

DAMON: “Cute blonde bombshell, psycho. Shouldn’t be too hard to find.”

KLAUS: “Well, you`ve been so busy with all your plotting and scheming.”
DAMON: “You know me. Never miss a chance to plan an epic failure.”

KLAUS: “Tony ran down Alaric instead of Jeremy, but apples, oranges- message lands the same.”

JEREMY: “I shot a hybrid in the back and chopped his head off with a meat cleaver. Typical Sunday, huh?”


Zane Stephens as Tony

Zane Stephens as Tony

Torrey DeVito as Meredith Fell

Torrey DeVito as Meredith Fell


Last.fm_play.png “Shook Down” by Yuck. Tony follows Elena while she’s out jogging.

Last.fm_play.png “Teenage Blood” by Apex Manor. Bonnie tells Elena about her nightmare; Damon tries to get Ric to drink with him at the Grill.

Last.fm_play.png “Come On Let’s Do It OK!” by The Trigger Code. Elena and Damon talk about Jeremy and flirt at the Grill.

Last.fm_play.png “Holding On and Letting Go” by Ross Copperman. Damon compels Jeremy; Damon and Elena kiss.


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