Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 3.08 Ordinary People

Elena and Ric enter the Lockwood cellar, discussing the cave drawings that he found. Damon sneaks up behind Elena and whispers her name, giving her a little scare. He explains that he can’t go any further into the tunnels, thanks to the Lockwood’s ancient hatred of vampires. Elena and Ric enter the cave and Ric begins to break down what they’re seeing: an old story of a werewolf. Elena is confused (as usual), not understanding how the Lockwood family history could be in the cave when they came to Mystic Falls in the 1860’s. According to Ric, the drawings depict that werewolves have been there pre-Lockwood days. Even better, there are several names written in Runic, the language of the Vikings. And the names on the walls are Niklaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Can someone please explain to me how these names fit together? Elijah and Rebekah have Hebrew origins while the name Niklaus is Greek. Doesn’t make a lick of sense.

FLASHBACK! 900’s- Rebekah uses a knife to carve her name in Runic into the cave wall while Klaus watches. Klaus warns her that their father will not be happy to see her with a knife. Rebekah accuses Klaus of ratting her out to their father and Klaus admits to being afraid of him. Rebekah says he frightens them all which is why they must stick together. Aww, family unity. She tells Klaus she must head back to help with dinner so Klaus cracks a joke about leaving blades to the men. Rebekah retaliates in the most awesome way possible: she slams the knife into his hand, blade-side down so that it slices open his palm. He winces and she tells him to be a man about it. It’s amazing.

Present- Elena thinks the names on the wall are one of Klaus’s fakes. Ric and Damon tell her that they thought the same until Ric saw the name Mikael on the wall. That’s right, Mikael is the father of the Originals. Ric takes photos of the cave drawings because he is the only character with any sense.

The gang has moved the action from the caves to Ric’s apartment. While Ric deciphers the images, Damon and Elena engage in combat training. Their training looks a whole lot like what some refer to as flirting with Damon pretending to bite Elena’s neck and her giggling. Shouldn’t this be the point where Ric tells Damon to take a beat? They all agree that the meaning behind the symbols must be uncovered if they are ever going to defeat Klaus and Elena suggests they talk to an Original.

Can I please have sexy vampire hunting training?

Can I please have sexy vampire hunting training?

Rebekah made the cheerleading squad and is practicing her sick gymnastics moves when Elena approaches her. Beks is less than thrilled to see her. When Elena asks to talk Rebekah assumes she wants to discuss Stefan and gets a little catty. She changed her tune when Elena shows her a photo from the cave containing her name written in Runic. She mentions having to practice for Homecoming and turns to leave but stops when Elena mentions Mikael. She warns Elena that they will all be doomed if he is awakened but refuses to answer any of Elena’s questions about her father.

900’s- Rebekah and her little brother Henrik look on as Klaus and Elijah sword fight. They all have horrible hair. Klaus goofs around, cutting off Elijah’s belt which gets a laugh. Mikael and Esther (a.k.a. Mama Original) approach and Mikael IS NOT HAPPY. He picks up Elijah’s sword and begins attacking Klaus, taunting him. Klaus tries to tell him that they were just playing around, but Mikael is having none of it. While fighting he lectures Klaus on the need to fight for survival. He disarms Klaus, knocking him on his back and pointing a sword at his throat. Esther tells him to relax so he chucks the sword at the ground, inches from Klaus’s head and storms off. I can definitely see why Klaus is afraid of Mikael. Daddy issues much?

Oh the hair.

Oh the hair.

Present- Ric is still studying the cave drawings. He writes the word “vampire” on a post-it and attaches it to one of the pictures. He picks up another picture and compares it to the one he just labeled. He switches the post-it to the new picture. He writes the word “werewolf” on another post-it and places it on the first picture.

Meanwhile, Elena chats with Damon on the phone as she makes her way up the stairs to Ric’s apartment. She tells him about the look of fear on Rebekah’s face when she mentioned Mikael. She thinks she can get Beks to talk to her, she just needs to do a little mean girling first. The talk soon shifts to Stefan (as always) who Damon is currently looking in on. I fall in love with Damon when he describes Stef as “pasty and pouty”. They hang up and Elena starts to tell Ric how Rebekah will come around when she receives a text message from the devil herself. Beks wants her to stop by for a chat.

I suppose there are worse things Ric could decorate his apartment with.

I suppose there are worse things Ric could decorate his apartment with.

Brother bonding time in the underground jailhouse cell. Damon and Stefan have some back and forth about how neither are fans of the current plan to dry Stefan out. Stefan warns Damon that Elena isn’t safe with Rebekah around but Damon calls his bluff; Klaus compelled Stefan to protect Elena so Stef would be fighting a whole lot harder to get out if she was in any legitimate danger. Stefan makes a bunch of faces and tries to act sassy. It’s not really working for him. Damon waits a beat before breaking the chains around Stefan’s hands and feet and suggesting they grab a drink.

Elena enters the Salvatore Boarding House to find Rebekah, champagne in hand and super perky. Beks calls for a group of girls in various colors and styles of dresses to come parading out. She needs help picking out a dress for Homecoming and wants Elena’s help. At first Elena doesn’t want to play along but after Rebekah threatens to bite one of the girls, she picks one of the dresses. Weird choice of female bonding time. Rebekah compels the girls to leave the room and forget everything that happened. She demands that Elena not threaten her and tells her that she’ll only share what she wants to.

Bonnie arrives at Ric’s apartment having been summoned by him. She gives him Elena/Rebekah’s necklace and he takes the opportunity to tell her what an idiot Jeremy was for cheating on her with his ghost girlfriend. If it came from anyone else it would seem a little predatory. He quickly changes the subject, showing her a cave drawing of the necklace. He writes the word “witch” on a post-it and sticks it to the photo. Vampires, werewolves and witches? Oh my!

Ugly necklaces yield ugly cave drawings.

Ugly necklaces yield ugly cave drawings.

Rebekah and Elena enter Stefan’s bedroom and Beks begins snooping through his drawers. She seems to think she hit the jackpot when she finds his boxer briefs. How scandalous. Elena asks her how the Original family came to be in Mystic Falls. Rebekah tells her that a plague struck their homeland and killed one of her siblings so Ma and Pa Original decided to start anew. She mentions her mother being told of Mystic Falls by a witch named Ayana. According to her, the Falls was a land where everyone was healthy and had enhanced speed and strength. Elena correctly assesses that the area was populated by werewolves even then. Rebekah tells her that her parents lived in harmony with the wolves, having the rest of their children.

900’s- Cheesy voice over as Rebekah tells Elena that the family used to hide in caves once a month. Rebekah admires a bunch of necklaces/tailsmans hanging on a rope in Ayana’s window. She touches one and it burns her fingers. Suddenly they hear Klaus outside screaming for Esther. Rebekah and Ayana rush outside where Klaus is carrying the body of his brother Henrik. The boys had sneaked out of the cave to watch the men turn to wolves and Henrik was attacked. Esther begs Ayana to save him but she refuses to mess with the balance of nature.

Oh Klaus, please clean and brush your hair.

Oh Klaus, please clean and brush your hair.

Present- Rebekah tells Elena that Henrik’s death was the end of peace with the werewolves and one of the last moments the family had before becoming vampires. Elena takes a phone call from Damon who informs her that he and Stefan have gone to a bar. She is less than pleased but he quickly hangs up on her.

The boys are approached by a waitress named Callie who Damon compels to allow Stefan to drink from her wrist. Stefan is suspicious at first but Damon seems to genuinely want him to partake so he dives in teeth first. Later the boys play quarters and order up some whiskey. Stefan is surprisingly kicking ass but (not so surprisingly) is being very melancholy, making fun of himself for feeling despair, guilt and regret. Only the making fun of himself feels a lot more like whining. He accuses Damon of trying to get him dunk and do the brother bonding thing in order to pull him back from the edge. Damon reminds him that he likes living on the edge and isn’t there to judge. Then more drinking is involved.

Whiny Stefan, imagine that.

Whiny Stefan, imagine that.

Rebekah flips through one of Stefan’s diaries and tells Elena that she doesn’t get her and Stefan as a couple. She pretends like vampires don’t care about the lives of humans until Elena confronts her with the fashion show she put on earlier. Rebekah may talk a big game but she craves human interaction more than any other vamp we’ve seen. Elena threatens to leave until Rebekah begins talking about the necklace. It belonged to the Original Witch who put the hybrid curse on Klaus and turned them in vampires.

900’s- Mikael and Esther beg Ayana to call upon “the spirits” to protect their children while Rebekah eavesdrops from another room. Ayana refuses, telling them it would be a crime against nature.

Present- The girls move from Stefan’s bedroom to the library. Elena seems surprised that vampirism was created as a source of protection rather than as a curse. She questions why the family wouldn’t just leave if they were afraid of the werewolves and Rebekah tells her that Mikael was too prideful. He wanted to stay and fight the wolves.

900’s- Despite Mikael and Esther continuing to plead with her, Ayana won’t change her mind. She warns Esther that what she is asking will cause the spirits to turn on her before leaving the house. Mikael tells Esther that it is now in her hands.

Present- Elena is confused as to how Esther can help until Rebekah tells her that Esther was a witch. Not only a witch, but the Original Witch. She explains that a person can either be a witch or a vampire but not both. Esther turned the rest of her family but she was never made a vamp. The ritual to turn them involved invoking the sun for life, an ancient white oak tree for immortality, and the drinking of human blood. Then Mikael killed them all.

900’s- Rebekah and Klaus awaken after being stabbed through the heart by Mikael. They are lying on the floor, surrounded by blood. Rebekah doesn’t understand what happened, freaking out. Klaus is surprisingly sensitive, telling her that everything will be okay. Mikael enters the room with a human girl and cuts her wrist open. He commands that the children drink. Klaus tries to stop Mikael but Rebekah soon begins drinking, the first to transition. In cheesy voice over Rebekah explains to Elena that all of their new strengths came with weaknesses: they were burned by the sun (until Esther invented daylight rings), not able to enter the houses of their neighbors without being invited in and burned by the vervain that grew at the base of the white oak. They burned down the white oak tree after discovering it was the only thing that could kill them.

Who the fuck is the smiling chick in the background?

Who the fuck is the smiling chick in the background?

Damon and Stefan are still partying at the bar. And by partying I mean Damon is dancing on the bar with a couple of girls. And I am CRAZY JEALOUS. Stefan is still drinking from Callie, having moved from her wrist to her neck. He’s being pretty obvious, forcing Damon to compel a woman to forget what she’s seeing. He tells Stefan to ease up before dragging him away from Callie. He ties a scarf around her neck and compels her to leave. Stefan pushes Damon to tell him why he’s suddenly making with the brother bonding despite knowing it will upset Elena. Damon tells him that he’s just trying to remind him what it was like to have freedom. The kind he had before Klaus came back into his life. Stefan reminds him that he has to do what Klaus says and Klaus can’t be killed. At that exact moment Mikael enters, offering to help.

Elena asks Rebekah why Mikael began hunting Klaus. Beks explains that Klaus’s werewolf gene was triggered after he made his first kill. Mikael was ashamed of him, the result of Esther’s affair with a werewolf villager. Esther tried to right things by putting the hybrid curse on Klaus and turning her back on him. So by “righting things” I mean that she behaved like a horrible mother. It wasn’t enough for Mikael who went on a rampage, murdering half of the village before coming home to kill Esther. He tore her heart out of her chest while Klaus looked on.

900’s- Rebekah looks on while Klaus digs a grave for Esther. In cheesy voice over we learn that while the rest of the family scattered, he stayed behind to help Rebekah grieve. Beks apologizes to Klaus for Esther turning her back on him and promises to never do it. Elijah joins them and always swears his loyalty. The siblings hold hands in a circle around the grave while pledging to stick together always and forever.

My brothers and I have never and will never participate in a love circle. Gross.

My brothers and I have never and will never participate in a love circle. Gross.

Present- Elena doesn’t understand how Rebekah can forgive Klaus after he daggered her and locked her in a coffin for almost a century. Beks tries to explain is away as heightened vampire emotions but no one is buying that. She goes kind of bonkers, demanding that Elena get lost. Elena tells her that she’s trying to find a reason not to wake Mikael (um, too late) seeing as she wants Klaus dead and he’s the only one who can do it. Rebekah tells her to do what she has to do but in the same breath threatens to kill her if she goes after Klaus. She really is a curious creature.

A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend.

Mikael questions Stefan on Klaus’s whereabouts but due to his compulsion, Stef can’t tell him anything. Damon tries to get sassy with Mikael and earns a hand through the chest. As Mikael squeezes Damon’s heart, he asks Stefan again where Klaus is. While Stefan can’t answer, he tells Mikael that he can lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls. Aww, brotherly love saves the day! Mikael tells them that he was kill Klaus if Stefan can get him there. If Stef can’t, Mikael will kill him instead.

Ric, Elena and Bonnie are in the Lockwood caves. Ric shows Elena the symbols that they were able to work out: vampire, werewolf, witch, slaughter, mayhem and the white oak tree. What Ric doesn’t understand is why there is a picture of a bleeding heart next to the symbol for witch. Elena has some sort of revelation and tells them that Rebekah doesn’t know the real story. Curious?

Elena bursts into the Salvatore Boarding House with photos of cave drawings in hand. She asks Rebekah how she knows that Mikael killed Esther. Because Klaus told her of course. Elena tells her that Klaus lied and shows her a photo containing the witch symbol. It shows that the hybrid killed the witch. Rebekah totally loses her shit, ripping up the photos and throwing the pieces into a fire while screaming that the drawings are lies. She vamps out and grabs Elena around her throat, shrieking at her to shut up. She eventually regains composure and lets go of Elena before falling to the floor, sobbing. Poor Beks.

I still don't get it.

I still don’t get it.

Damon and Stefan walk outside of the bar, discussing how Stefan was able to find a way around his compulsion. Damon thinks Stefan did it to save his life but Stef says he did it for himself. He wants his freedom and the only way to get it is to kill Klaus. Damon doesn’t believe him, sarcastically agreeing which angers Stefan. He grabs Damon by the shoulders, demanding to know why Damon is helping him. Damon tells him that he owes him his life; the only reason Stefan got mixed up with Klaus was to save Damon from the werewolf bite. Stefan warns him that his humanity is showing (echoing Damon’s earlier sentiment) so Damon punches him in the face and kicks him while he’s down, sending him flying.

Meanwhile Rebekah remains crying on the floor of the library.

Elena exits her bathroom to find Damon lying on her bed. He tells her that they have Mikael, so the kill Klaus plan is in full swing. He expects Elena to freak out at him for letting Stefan out of the prison cellar but she is remarkably calm. She’s too tired to fight, just wanting to go to bed. She tries to get Damon to leave the bed by yanking on the blankets but he just starts talking about how he thinks Mikael’s weapon is a stake. She eventually resigns herself to the fact that he isn’t moving and crawls in next to him. She tells him that Rebekah is on their side and brings up family bonds. She tells Damon that she thinks he will be the one to save Stefan with their brotherly love. They make some serious eyes at each other before she falls asleep.

Damon Salvatore, please get into my bed.

Damon Salvatore, please get into my bed.


Mikael, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah (kinda sorta), Random girl brought in to help the Originals transition (in flashback)


DAMON: “Yeah, it’s the ‘Lockwood Diaries: Pictionary-Style.’ ”

DAMON: ” ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ Mason Lockwood set up the cave and lead us to a weapon that can kill Klaus.”

ELENA: “She’s a thousand year old vampire, who’s joined the cheerleader squad. There is a whole different set of rules that play here, Ric.”

DAMON: “What are you talking about? It’s Family Day at of Vampire Rehab! So, I’m paying a visit to my baby brother.”


Devon Allowitz as Henrik

Devon Allowitz as Henrik

Alice Eve as Esther

Alice Eve as Esther

Maria Howell as Ayana

Maria Howell as Ayana

Karlee Morgan Eldridge as Callie

Karlee Morgan Eldridge as Callie


Last.fm_play.png “Don’t Stop (Color On the Walls)” by Foster the People. Damon trains Elena while Ric analyzes the cave drawings; Elena approaches Rebekah at cheerleading practice.

Last.fm_play.png “Put Your Hands Up” by Nadine. Rebekah compels random girls to put on a fashion show and forces Elena to choose a dress.

Last.fm_play.png “I’m Rockin'” by The Cadillac Black. Damon calls Elena to tell her he is at a bar with Stefan.

Last.fm_play.png “Get Your Buzz On” by The Cadillac Black. Stefan and Damon play quarters.

Last.fm_play.png “Turn It On” by The Cadillac Black. Damon compels a girl to ignore Stefan drinking from Callie; Mikael arrives and offers to help kill Klaus.

Last.fm_play.png “Losing Ground” by Trent Dabbs. Mikael questions Stefan about Klaus’s whereabouts.

Last.fm_play.png “Shake It Loose” by The Kicks. Damon and Stefan talk about Stefan working the compulsion loophole.

Last.fm_play.png “We Don’t Eat” by James Vincent McMorrow. Rebekah breaks down after learning Klaus killed their mother; Damon and Elena lie in bed together while she tells him that she thinks he will be the one to save Stefan.


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