Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 3.07 Ghost World

Damon is tied to a chair in his living room with a fire iron sticking out of his chest. His daylight ring is on the ground and Mason is watching him. Stefan enters the room and Damon accuses him of being responsible for what is happening, calling it a “ripper game”. Stefan swears it wasn’t him but is also really slow to help him. He pulls the iron out of Damon’s chest and begins to remove the chains but stops and leaves. Dick. Damon can no longer see him but Mason is watching. As Damon begins to untangle himself, Mason goes to the window and throws back the curtains resulting in Damon getting burned and a lot of screaming.

Carol is directing a group of townspeople in hanging lanterns from trees. She gives a speech while they work, thanking them for doing their part to make the Night of Illumination happen. Mystic Falls is so small that all of the townspeople coordinate turning off their lights and flaring up lanterns. Alaric and Jeremy are among the folks participating, Ric having been forced into it by Tobias Fell, the head of the history department. Elena joins them just as Anna appears at Jeremy’s side to makes snarky comments during the speech Tobias is giving about Mystic Falls post- Civil War (and vampire killing). Jeremy listens to her and smiles so she grabs his hand. Not cool. Not cool at all.

I may hate Bonnie but this is not okay. Screw you Jeremy.

I may hate Bonnie but this is not okay. Screw you Jeremy.

Caroline is helping Bonnie hang lanterns and listening to her describe getting rid of Vicki. Bonnie laments not being able to get rid of Anna too. Caroline wants her to have self-esteem and do something about it but that’s asking an awful lot. Their conversation is interrupted when Damon drives up, insisting that Bonnie messed things up when she got rid of Vicki. He tells them about being chained up and fried by Mason and demands that Bonnie fix whatever she broke while doing her spell. He leaves while Matt watches them from across the road.


We have that in common.

Jeremy, Elena, and Ric have family dinner at the Mystic Grill. It’s freaking adorable. And not your typical meal, seeing as they are surrounded by Stefan’s journals. Elena has been reading through them all and discovered there was one common thread every time Stefan regained his humanity: Lexi. She wants Jeremy to try to contact Lexi to give her some tips. Jer warn her that Lexi might not be on the other side; she may have crossed over. All of the other side talk summons Anna to the table to eavesdrop. Ric is leery of all the ghost stuff, bringing up Vicki blowing up his SUV. Can you really blame the guy?

Matt has joined Caroline and Bonnie, telling them that he hasn’t seen Vicki since Bonnie’s spell. Bonnie is doubtful, stating that Vicki has just as much reason to haunt Damon as Mason. Matt assures her that Vicki is 100% gone and he is done with all the ghost shit. He leaves and Caroline had a mini sad for him; she sympathizes with his having to send his sister back to the other side. Bonnie grabs her bag to leave and a grimoire spills out, resting open on a manifestation spell that reveals ghosts. Eerie much?

The Gilbert/Saltzman family is still discussing Lexi at the Grill. Jeremy doesn’t know if he’ll be able to contact her given that he’s never met her let alone formed an emotional connection to her. Ric wants them to drop it but Elena insists on helping her ex-beau. Anna is still watching them like a creep, making asides to Jeremy. Elena asks Jer point blank if Anna is there but Anna tells him to keep it a secret so he makes up a lie about having to check his work schedule. What is Anna up to? He leaves and Stefan arrives, obnoxious as hell. He spies his journals on the table and comments on having forgotten how much he used to care. He tells Elena that she should move on and accept things the way they are now (i.e. Stefan acting like a cocky ripper douche, to steal a line from Damon). Ric pretty much tells him to get lost and he eventually does. Elena vows to do whatever it takes to get her crappy boyfriend back.

Bonnie and Caroline enter what used to be the dead witch house. Bonnie says the witches have abandoned the place so now it’s just a creepy old house.

Anna follows Jeremy into the Grill bathroom where he confronts her about asking him to lie to Elena. She reasons that Bonnie is Elena’s best friend so Elena won’t like the two of them talking. As if anyone would believe that. Jeremy doesn’t understand why they can touch and asking if Anna is getting help from the witch on the other side. Anna swears she is all alone and not to danger to anyone. He tells her that talking to her isn’t okay (thank you!) so she tells him to send her away. He responds by kissing her. Oh Little Gilbert. WTF are you doing?

Caroline lights some candles while Bonnie begins casting the manifestation spell. Wind blows to indicate that the spell is working.

Ric offers to go get Jeremy so Elena heads toward the bathroom. Damon sees Ric and asks him to have a drink. Ric is kind of adorable telling Damon that they aren’t friends anymore on account of Damon killing him (again). Damon reminds him of the time Ric helped him kill Mason and mentions Ghost Mason might still be a little pissed.

tumblr_maydnyi9Kb1r20fsao1_250 tumblr_maydnyi9Kb1r20fsao2_250

Caroline grows nervous as the wind picks up in the abandoned house. Bonnie suddenly stops spell casting when someone grabs her hands. It’s Grams!! And Caroline can see her too.

Elena enters the Grill bathroom and totally busts Jeremy and Anna making out. And she can see Anna.

Stefan is walking down the street when he suddenly sees Lexi. Yay! It’s Lexi!

Damon and Ric are joined at the bar by Mason who drinks Damon’s whiskey and smashes the glass into Damon’s forehead. Damon is unfazed, looking at Ric while giving him a variation of “I told you so.”

Stefan is shocked that he can see Lexi. You know, since she’s supposed to be dead and all. She doesn’t know how she’s there but she does know why- Stef is “off the rails” and needs her help. He just wants to be left alone but she isn’t having it, slamming his head against a car door, knocking him unconscious. It is not a good day to be a Salvatore.

Why did they have to kill off the best female character on the show?

Why did they have to kill off the best female character on the show?

Why did they have to kill off the best female character on the show?

Bonnie cries at the shock of seeing Grams. Grams is awesome telling her they don’t have time for that. She explains that Bonnie cracked open a door to the other side when she brought Jeremy back to life. The other side witch is taking advantage of it, “wedging the door wide open” when Bonnie sent Vicki back. Now anyone with unfinished business is allowed to come back. Bonnie asks what the witch wants and Grams tells her it’s “original vampire business, not (her’s).” She is there to help Bonnie close the door.

Elena is still in the bathroom with Jeremy and Anna, talking with Caroline on the phone. Care tells her that Bonnie needs to destroy her fugly necklace. The necklace is being used by the other side witch as a talisman, giving her power. Elena tells her she is totally okay with that given the scene she walked in on. Uh oh Jer, Bonnie will definitely know now. Elena says Damon has the necklace and she’ll call Care once she can get a hold of him. She hangs up and tells Anna to get lost despite Jeremy defending her. Elena is pissed at Jer too and demands that he tell Bonnie what happened after all the ghosts are gone.

Elena exits the bathroom and runs straight into Lexi. Lexi tells her to come with her so they can “detox” Stefan. Elena begins to protest but quickly gives up because saving Stefan is more important than shutting the door to the other side and all of the baddies waiting to bust through. Not. Elena is a fucking idiot.

Damon sends a text while talking about never hearing the end of the necklace. Maybe Elena’s priorities aren’t 100% screwed. Damon confronts Mason about wanting revenge but Mase surprises him by saying he wants an apology. Ric finds the prospect of that laughable while Damon tells him to go haunt his family.

Most amazing facial expression ever?

Most amazing facial expression ever?

Mason says he’s there to help Tyler by showing Damon the location of a secret Klaus killing weapon. But first he wants an apology. Damon is reluctant until Ric yells at him to get it over with. He gives a real half-assed speech about how he didn’t have to kill Mason but the word sorry is never uttered. Mason calls it good and tells Damon to meet him alone in the old Lockwood cellar with a shovel. Damon is skeptical as Mason leaves, sharing a look with Ric.

Lexi and Elena are staring at Stefan who has been tied to a chair in the courthouse basement. Lexi’s plan is to convince Stefan to turn his humanity back on. She warns Elena that it won’t be pretty but Elena thinks she can take it. Lexi kicks Stefan awake and gets inside of his head through some kind of vampire mysticism. She says she is drying him out, making the blood lust go away. It kinds looks like she’s just staring at him. He begs Elena to help him as his arms and hands start to desiccate.

Work that vampy hypnotism.

Work that vampy hypnotism.

Mason is hanging a lantern in the Lockwood cellar when Damon arrives, shovel in hand. Mason tells him that there is a Lockwood family legend about a buried weapon that will kill an Original. He attempts to break through a wall with the shovel but is less than successful. Damon takes the shovel from him and makes quick work of the wall. Mason heads through the hole and Damon follows.

Stefan is chained up, screaming about starving and begging to be let out. Lexi tells Elena that he is hallucinating that he has been three months without blood. Then nine months, two years, five years all pass in his mind. Elena leaves the cell to take a phone call from Caroline who tells her the necklace isn’t where Damon told her it would be and she can’t get a hold of Damon (damn cave reception). Elena asks for her help in putting the ghost mission on pause so Lexi can help cure Stefan. Caroline doesn’t commit, suggesting they first find the necklace and then “choose between boyfriend ghost dramas”.

Caroline and Bonnie are at the Salvatore Boarding House, having been unable to locate the necklace. Caroline tells Bonnie that Elena wants them to delay destroying the necklace. Bonnie demands to know what Caroline meant when she said boyfriend drama during her conversation, prompting Care to tell her about Jeremy kissing Anna. Bonnie is understandably pissed so Caroline tries to change the subject back to finding the necklace. Good luck with that.

Glad to see someone remembers Damon's awesome go to hiding place.

Glad to see someone remembers Damon’s awesome go to hiding place.

The Night of Illumination is in full swing in town square. Jeremy walks through the crowd calling for Anna when he bumps into a man. It’s Frederick the douchey tomb vampire! Jeremy doesn’t recognize him and walks away to continue his search. Meanwhile, Carol approaches Ric and asks if he has seen Tobias Fell, who is supposed to doing the lighting ceremony. It seems he has gone missing. Frederick finds Anna and she does not seem pleased to see him.

Carol introduces Ric to the crowd and tells him he will do the lighting ceremony in Tobias’s place. As Ric heads toward the stage, Jeremy finds Anna. She asks Frederick what he’s doing there as two more tomb vampires approach. He tells them they have unfinished business with the founding families and Ric lights the lanterns, illuminating the dead body of Tobias Fell hanging from a tree. Anna looks at Frederick accusatorily while he smiles.

Stefan is in great pain, begging Elena to free him. He promises that he’ll change, do whatever she wants. He apologizes for how he’s been behaving and tells that she he loves her. The entire time this is going on, Lexi is telling Elena that he’ll say anything to get free; she should block out everything that he’s saying. When Elena tells Stefan that she doesn’t believe him, his tune changes completely. He lashes out, telling her that he wishes he never met her and all the time spent with her has been a waste. It is brutal and I feel horrible for her. Lexi tells Elena that Stefan needs to feel things before driving a stake through him. Stefan threatens to rip her apart so Lexi stabs him again. Elena starts having a sad and has to step out of the room. She heads outside and sees paramedics taking away a body.

Caroline and Bonnie rip through the Salvatore Boarding House looking for the necklace but no dice. Bonnie’s phone rings with a call from Jeremy but she doesn’t want to talk so Caroline answers it. Jer tells her that the tomb vampires are back and looking to kill founding family members. She informs him that the necklace wasn’t where it was supposed to be and suggests that maybe someone stole it, hinting heavily that it was Anna. He asks Anna who swears she didn’t steal it, a message he relays to Caroline. Care calls him an idiot for believing Anna and hangs up.


Jeremy turns around but Anna has vanished. Elena joins him and asks what happened.

Damon questions Mason’s motives as they walk through the hidden passage of the Lockwood cellar. Mason assures him that they have the same agenda so they continue until they reach a fork in the cave. Damon expects Mason to know which way to go and Mason cracks a great joke about not being God. I kind of like him again. They head to the left when Damon is suddenly impaled with several vervain covered stakes. Mason leaves while Damon cries for help.

Elena asks Jeremy where Anna is, suspecting that she stole the necklace. After all, she’s the only one who heard them talking about it. Jer is kinda creepy telling her how he can touch and kiss Anna now. Oh, and he also loves her. WTF? Remember when he thought she was annoying and stalkerish? That seems more realistic. Elena tells him to stop holding on the past and asks if he is going to love a ghost for the rest of his life. She looks over Jer’s shoulder to where Anna is standing and tells her that she’s holding Jeremy back. Anna shows them the necklace and Elena tells Jer to call Bonnie and have her send the ghosts back.

Mason returns to a still staked Damon with a shovel. He uses it to break the stakes and removes them from his body. Damon is extra suspicious, asking Mason why he would trust him after he ripped his heart out. Mason has a little sad about the other side being lonely and filled with regret. He seeks redemption and thinks the only way he’ll get it is by helping Tyler.

Caroline and Bonnie are riding in Bonnie’s car when Care hangs up her phone and tells Bon that Jeremy has the necklace and will meet them at the abandoned dead witch house. Bonnie stops her car when she sees Carol’s car has crashed into a tree. Carol is unconscious behind the wheel and Frederick and the other tomb vamps are approaching her car. Caroline gets out of the car and tells Bonnie to drive away. After some protesting, Bonnie complies and Caroline vamps out, ready to kick some ass.

Jeremy (so NOT on his way to the dead witch house) is having a sad with Anna about not being able to see her anymore. Anna agrees with Elena that she’s holding him back and starts crying, apologizing for stealing the necklace and telling him that she hoped she would see Pearl. They share some hugs and he swears he won’t let her be alone. She gives him the necklace and he takes off.

Lexi stabs Stefan in the stomach and tells him to quit fighting her. Elena comes back and tells Lexi that they’re running out of time now that the necklace has been located. Lexi tries to use the necklace to make Stefan see the light again while he mentions the irony in it being destroyed. Oh Grumpy Stefan. You’re a national treasure.

Mason arrives in a cavernous room that Damon is unable to enter. There is some invisible wall keeping him out. Mason decides to go it alone, telling Damon to trust him.

Bonnie creates a fire in the fireplace and lights a bunch of candles in the abandoned dead witch house. Jeremy arrives and she is NOT happy to see him. He gives her the necklace and she throws it in the fireplace. She starts spell casting and Grams joins her, holding her hand and chanting away. The necklace begins to burn.

Carol comes to and sees Caroline fighting the tomb vamps. Frederick begins to strangle Care but suddenly disappears. She looks around and the vamps have vanished.

Caroline Forbes- kicking ass and taking names.

Caroline Forbes- kicking ass and taking names.

Mason is looking at a cave wall, amazed at what he sees. Damon asks what he found and he begins to answer but also vanishes. Damon is left all alone, trapped just outside the room, unable to see inside.

Lexi tells Elena that she has to break through and find the real Stefan that he’s hiding inside. Elena promises and tells her that she can be free. With one final glance at Stefan, Lexi disappears.

Anna is walking the streets alone (thanks a lot Jeremy) when she sees Pearl. She calls for her mom and they rush to each other, hugging it out and crying before disappearing together.

The necklace has melted down in the fireplace of the creepy dead witch house. Grams tells Bonnie that she’s strong and she’s proud of her before vanishing.

Damon is sitting in the cellar when Ric arrives. He asks Damon if he didn’t have anyone else to call, prompting Damon to tell him that he’s the only he trusts (beside Elena). They argue a little but it’s actually quite sweet:

Damon: Look, if Mason Lockwood can get over the fact that I killed him, can’t you cut me a little slack, Ric?

Alaric: I shouldn’t have to get over it. I was your friend, Damon. You shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

Damon: Well! Sometimes… I do things I don’t have to do.

Alaric: You’re going to recycle that same crap ass apology you gave Mason Lockwood?

Damon: Yeah. Well… I didn’t mean it with him.

Stefan taunts Elena, asking what she’s going to do now. She tells him that she’s going to go home, take care of Jer, be a friend. The usual. Stefan reassures her/accuses of her giving up on him? It’s a really weird passive-aggressive move. She tells him that she still has hope, but needs for him to have it too. She asks him to fight and warns him that if he doesn’t begin feeling something, he’ll lose her. She locks the door to the cell and leaves.

Bonnie is having a massive sad by the dead witch fireplace. Jeremy begs her for a chance to explain things but she rejects him, telling him to leave which he finally does. There is a noise in the fireplace and Bonnie looks inside where the necklace is still perfectly intact. Oh shit?

Ric enters the secret cave and tells Damon that he found something. He doesn’t know what it is but it involves a whole lot of drawing on the walls. Awesome?


Why is everyone in awe of cave drawings?



Frank Brennan as Tobias Fell

Frank Brennan as Tobias Fell


Last.fm_play.png “Changing” by The Airborne Toxic Event. Carol thanks the volunteers at the Night of Illumination.

Last.fm_play.png “Hitchhiker” by Empires. Jeremy and Anna enter the bathroom at the Mystic Grill.

Last.fm_play.png “Come On Come On” by Michael Johns & The Ontic. Lexi offers to help Elena with Stefan; Mason wants Damon to apologize for killing him.

Last.fm_play.png “Fever Dreams” by The Nurses. Jeremy searches for Anna in town square.

Last.fm_play.png “This Woman’s Work” by Greg Laswell. Ghosts appear all over town.

Last.fm_play.png “In Front Of You” by The Quiet Kind. Ric helps Damon in the hidden passage; Elena tells Stefan to feel or lose her forever.


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