30 Day Song Challenge: Day 24

Day 24- A song by a band you wish were still together

“Hello Operator” / The White Stripes (2000)

I’ve recently been into listening to The White Stripes. I know that they are broken up and won’t be producing anything new, but I have an entire back catalog to explore and enjoy. One of favorite songs is “Hello Operator”. I love the bluesy sound, particularly the harmonica. And trust me, I’m not usually into the harmonica. I tend to find it more annoying than anything. But it really works for me in this song.

While I’m bummed that the band no longer exists, I understand the reasoning. I would never be in a band with any of my exes. I find it surprising that Jack and Meg White were able to have a working relationship for more than a decade after getting divorced. It’s a testament to them that it didn’t effect the music. They were able to put it all aside and turn out some freaking awesome tunes. Fingers crossed for a reunion!


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