Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 3.05 The Reckoning

Matt is training at the very empty Mystic Falls High School when he hears a noise. So naturally he goes to investigate. Silly Matt, NEVER INVESTIGATE. He wanders around the empty hallways, eventually entering a darkened classroom. He is startled when what seems like hundreds of mouse traps are set off, pinging all over the place. He turns on the light to find an exasperated Caroline, Tyler, Elena and Bonnie. Caroline is upset that Matt ruined their joke for senior prank night. Is this really a thing? We definitely didn’t have this at my high school. Elena and Bonnie lament being forced by Caroline to participate and rope Matt into helping. Tyler leaves to set up other classrooms while Elena takes off to superglue Ric’s desk shut. The rest of the gang get to resetting the mouse traps.

Someone is SUPER PUMPED for Senior Prank Night.

Someone is SUPER PUMPED for Senior Prank Night.

Elena opens a set of double doors in the hallway only to come face to face with Klaus. She tries to run but he quickly stops her, wondering aloud what to do about the whole her not being dead thing.

Damon and Katherine are driving in a car, making small talk. They discuss Elena and her quest to make Damon behave more like Stefan. Katherine is very flirty throughout the discussion, telling Damon that it’s Elena’s loss. They share a kiss until Damon pushes her off, telling Katherine that she doesn’t do it for him anymore. And this is why I love Damon.

Stefan awaken, still in the back of a truck. Rebekah is on hand to tell him that Klaus has been breaking his neck all afternoon to keep him knocked out. Rebekah and Klaus know Elena is alive and Klaus has gone on a mission to kill her. Stefan rushes her, knocking them both out of the truck. He demands to know where Elena is right before Rebekah grabs him and stabs him with a crowbar. It’s really quite the wake up.

Klaus has a tight grip on Elena’s arm as he leads her through the school, telling her all about how she ruined his plan to make an army/family of hybrids simply by being alive. Elena tells him to just kill her but he wants to wait until he knows for sure that is what’s stopping him. He threatens to make her suffer as they enter a gym containing students. Klaus puts on an American accent and tells them to get lost, but in a really bland teacherish way. He recognizes Dana and Chad (students he compelled while in Ric’s body) and compels them once again. He tells Dana to lift her foot and instructs Chad to beat her to death if she drops it. Elena is distraught, telling Klaus that he doesn’t have to hurt anyone. But come on, it’s Klaus. Of course he does.

Damon stops driving and gets out of the car, taking an opportunity to stretch his legs and relax. Oh, and throw the car keys into the woods. He demands to know what Katherine’s plan is. She acquiesces, showing him Elena’s necklace while telling him that Klaus wants it. She plans to use it as leverage. Also, she has Jeremy locked in the trunk of the car, unconscious.

Tyler and Caroline are in the hallway smearing honey on lockers and smooching. Caroline is concerned that Matt won’t be okay with their relationship and Tyler is surprisingly insightful, telling her that he thinks Matt is struggling. He is adorable, saying he loves how big her heart is. What a huge difference from the douchey Tyler of days past. They share more kissing as Rebekah appears. She introduces herself as the new girl before vamping out and super speeding toward Caroline.

Bonnie and Matt are TP-ing the pool, which seems like the dumbest prank ever. Seriously, who came up with this shit? Matt asks about Jeremy and there is an awkward moment where they begin talking about him Vicki. Matt is upset that he never got to say goodbye and please can you not make me cry? That would be wonderful. He kind of changes topic, referencing last summer when they were lifeguards and Elena was dumping him. Bummer. He has a sad about vampires and witches and ghosts and being the odd man out. Poor Matt. He leaves to grab more toilet paper so they can TP the gym.

Dumbest prank ever.

Dumbest prank ever.

Matt is steal aforementioned toilet paper when one of the stall doors in the bathroom opens by itself. He enters the stall and sees some RIP Vicki graffiti. He closes the door and Vicki is behind him, telling him that she can help. Except she’s a ghost and he can’t hear her.

Back in the gym, Elena asks Klaus where Stefan is. Seems he is in “time out”. I love the idea of Klaus as a babysitter, doling out punishments to young vamps. Bonnie and Matt enter the gym and Elena tries to warn them to get out, but it’s too late. Klaus accuses Bonnie of being responsible for Elena’s continued existence. She tries to play tough but is so not. Just as Klaus is telling Bonnie that he expects her to fix his hybrid problem, Rebekah enters with Tyler. Klaus introduces her to everyone in the room, warning them that she is quite mean. Rebekah throws Tyler to Klaus who forces Ty to drink his blood. He thinks this will provide Bonnie with incentive. He snaps Tyler’s neck as Elena, Bonnie, and Matt look on horrified. The best part is the smile on Klaus’s face. Tremendous.



Stefan awakens with a crowbar in his stomach. Not awesome. He sits up and pulls it out.

Matt is freaking out that Klaus killed Tyler. Elena explains that he’s not really dead- Klaus’s blood will ensure that he rises again as a vampire. Klaus tells Bonnie to grabs her grimoires (um, the ones that caught fire?) and start working her witchy magic. He insists that Elena stay with him as insurance. Elena gives a silent signal to Bonnie so her and Matt leave the gym. Rebekah is obviously jealous of Elena, stating that the original doppelganger was much prettier. Don’t they all look EXACTLY the same? Don’t be obvious Rebekah. Klaus suggest that she take Tyler somewhere else so she grabs him and leaves.

Out in the hallway, Matt asks Bonnie what her plan is. Of course she doesn’t have one, because Bonnie is the pits. Matt suggests that she go to the dead witch house for answers. She explains that they cut her off after bringing Jeremy back from the dead. She excitedly tells Matt that Jeremy can speak with the dead and I guess she’s formulating a plan? Who knows what goes on in that chick’s head?

Katherine is telling Damon her plan while Jeremy is still unconscious. It seems that Katherine’s good old buddy Pearl once told her that there is a vampire who can kill Klaus. Like really kill him, not just still a dagger in him. While Pearl didn’t provide Katherine with any of the details, she did tell one person: Anna. Jeremy awakens just in time to hear her and realize that she plans on using him to communicate with Anna.

Elena is comforting Dana as Stefan enters the gym. He asks Klaus for forgiveness and pledges him loyalty to him, telling him that Elena means nothing and he will do whatever Klaus wants. Klaus isn’t a total fucking idiot so he tells Stefan to kill the humans. Elena shouts for him not to do it since Klaus already said he wasn’t going to kill her. She gets majorly bitch slapped for her efforts and an infuriated Stefan rushes at Klaus with his vamp face on. Too bad for him Klaus is older and faster, grabbing Stefan by the throat. He is pissed that Stef keeps lying to him so he compels him to stop fighting and to do everything he says. Klaus then compels him to kill the humans so he vamps out and rips into Dana’s throat.

Honestly, who hasn't wanted to do this at some point?

Honestly, who hasn’t wanted to do this at some point?

Jeremy is telling Katherine and Damon that her plan won’t work when he receives a phone call from Bonnie. Katherine and Damon are kind of hilarious, letting it go to voicemail. Jer focuses and Anna appears but she refuses to help them. Jeremy tries to convince her but she refuses to trust Katherine. So Damon decides to take a different route, smacking Jeremy’s head into a picnic table and threatening his life if Anna doesn’t tell them what she knows. She says they are looking for Mikael, a vampire who hunts vampires. She warns them that Mikael will kill them all if they awaken him which Damon and Katherine take as a cue to find go find the keys. Nothing spells urgency like promises of death.

Caroline wakes up and sees Rebekah playing with her phone. Surprise, they didn’t have cell phones a century ago. Caroline asks where Tyler is and Rebekah tells her that he’s dead. She waits a beat before explaining that he will come back as a hybrid. Rebekah is one cold bitch. She sees a photo of Stefan and Elena on the cell and makes a gagging face. Eventually she stops acting like she’s twelve and realizes that Elena is wearing her necklace in the photo. She flips out, as expected, unable to believe that the “doppelganger bitch” has her necklace.

Stefan has moved on to feeding from Chad. Klaus is gleeful that Stefan is finally acting like his definition of a proper vampire while Elena accuses Klaus of forcing him to behave in such a manner. Rebekah interrupts, rushing at Elena and demanding to know where her necklace is. When Klaus is confused she shows him the photo from Caroline’s phone. Elena tells her that she doesn’t have it anymore which is not the response Rebekah wants. She puts on her vamp face and bites Elena but Klaus stops her. She acts like a baby, telling Klaus to make Elena tell her the truth about the necklace. He seems to be used to this sort of behavior, patiently asking Elena where it is. She tells him that Katherine stole it, which pleases no one. Klaus responds by saying he is going to put a timer on Bonnie’s search for a cure. He somehow puts twenty minutes on the gymnasium scoreboard and compels Stefan to drink from Elena if Bonnie has solved his problem before the buzzer goes off. Elena begs him not to make Stefan do it and he responds by telling Stef to break her spine if she tries to run. It’s pretty amazing.

Matt walks through the weight room while on the phone with Bonnie who has been unable to reach Jeremy. They make a plan to meet by his truck and hang up. Matt goes to grab his keys out of his gym bag but sees that his stuff has been thrown around the room. After a quick search for the keys he finds them at the bottom of the pool. He takes off his jacket and shoes as Vicki appears behind him, pleading for him to hear her. She kicks one of his shoes into the pool and Matt watches it fall into the water. He looks at his cell phone and sees a text from an unknown number which causes him to call Vicki’s name.

Matt calls Bonnie and tells her that he thinks Vicki is attempting to communicate with him. While he says this he is carrying a weight belt and plate. He tells her to meet him by the pool because he’s come up with a plan: Bonnie is going to bring him back from the dead so that he can talk to ghosts. She freaks out, telling him that she can’t do that kind of magic but he brushes it off, telling her she just needs to do CPR. He hangs up and puts on the weight belt, attaching the plate to it before jumping into the pool. WTF Matt?! He sinks to the bottom and those tell tale little bubbles begin drifting from his mouth to the surface.

I don't know if I have ever been angrier in my entire life.

I don’t know if I have ever been angrier in my entire life.

Bonnie rushes into the pool area, jumping in to save Matt. She isn’t strong enough to lift him and the weight so she removes the belt and pulls him out of the water.

Jeremy is slowly starting to drift to sleep, causing Damon to speculate that he may have a concussion and him to call Damon a dick. I love the brotherly relationship that they have. Damon demands that Katherine give him his cell phone and he sees that he has missed several text messages from Bonnie. He catches up on the Klaus situation and leaves Jeremy with Katherine to find Mikael. Before he heads back Katherine makes sure to tell him the old Damon never would have gone stupid enough to go back for a girl. However, Damon gets in the last word, telling her that he never would have gone back for her. And that folk, is how you own someone.


Bonnie is trying to give Matt CPR but failing desperately. Is anyone surprised? Meanwhile, Matt is awake in the in-between world and can see Vicki. She tells him to give Bonnie a message for her. In the real world, Matt wakes up spitting out chlorinated water. Bonnie helps him sit up while chanting that he’s okay. I’m pretty sure it’s just a reflex and not some stupid attempt at magic.

There are six minutes left on Klaus’s clock of doom. Elena is trying to convince Stefan that he can overcome Klaus’s compulsion the way Bill did. When Stefan points out that he had decades of training, she switches tactics, telling him to drink from her but not to the point it kills her. Good luck with that. The nickname Ripper wasn’t something they just spontaneously came up with. They have a very awkward discussion about how he loves her and owes her his life/humanity but he still doesn’t think it’s enough to make him stop from killing her.

Tyler wakes up in a classroom with Caroline and Rebekah. Caroline explains that he is transitioning into being a hybrid while Rebekah cruelly reminds them that there is a huge possibility he will still die. That Beks sure knows how to lighten the mood.

Matt tells Bonnie that he saw Vicki as they walk down a hallway. He tells her that Vicki asked him to pass along a message from the witch who cursed Klaus: the hybrids can’t transition because Elena is alive. He wonders aloud if Tyler will die and Klaus, who has been creepily eavesdropping behind him, tells him that he will always choose hybrids over doppelgangers. Oh shit.

There are just a few seconds left on the scoreboard clock. Stefan tells her to run but she is convinced that he can fight the compulsion. The buzzer sounds and some time passes. Stefan vamps out and rushes towards Elena but manages to crash himself into a wall. He begs her to run and she finally heeds his advice, heading into the hallways. He chases her but also forces himself to crash into as many things as possible in an attempt to slow himself down. She opens a classroom door and runs into Klaus who is quite happy to see her.

Stefan enters the cafeteria and stakes himself. Klaus and Elena follow behind him. Klaus is fascinated that Stefan’s love for Elena can outweigh his lust for blood. He wonders why Stefan doesn’t just turn off his emotions. Stefan protests loudly so Klaus takes away his agency, compelling him to turn his emotions off. Stefan’s entire demeanor changes and Elena wonders allowed what Klaus has done. He thinks he “fixed” Stefan and seems quite pleased with himself. He decides to test Stef by suggesting he drink from Elena. Guess it worked because he goes right for her jugular.

Klaus enters the classroom that Caroline, Rebekah and Tyler are in and announces that the witch told him Elena has to die. Only he doesn’t trust the witch. He gives a test tube of Elena’s blood to Ty and instructs him to drink while Rebekah restrains Caroline. Care tries to convince him not to drink but eventual hunger wins and he downs the blood. He grabs his head and begins screaming, writhing around in pain. He both vamps and wolfs out simultaneously, which Klaus takes as a sign of good things.

Shit is getting real.

Shit is getting real.

Elena wakes up in a hospital bed where a nurse is taking her blood for Klaus. Elena freaks out but the nurse injects her with a sedative, causing her to fall asleep.

Klaus and Rebekah stand in front of the hospital, discussing Elena’s magic blood. Klaus knows that the original witch hates him and would never trust anything that she said. Rebekah questions why he needs the hybrids but he doesn’t really answer, instead telling her to get in the truck while he grabs Elena. She leaves and surprise! Damon appears. He demands to know where Elena is. Klaus cracks a joke about her making a donation so Damon heads for the hospital. Klaus stops him and they get into it, with Klaus pushing Damon against a car, one step away from killing him. Damon quickly brings up Mikael which gives Klaus pause. There is fear in his eyes as Damon tells him that Katherine has found Mikael. Klaus throws him to the ground and when Damon gets up, he has disappeared.

Damon wanders through the halls of Mystic Falls Hospital until he finds drugged up, sleeping Elena. He removes the tubes from her arm which wakes her up. She recognizes her hero as he lifts her out of the bed and carries her out of the room. Cue ALL the tears.

Tyler is still at the high school, gushing to Caroline about how amazing he feels now that he’s a hybrid. He picks her up and spins her around, making me a little bit dizzy. And also kind of jealous. Have you seen Tyler’s arms? They kiss and Ty tells her it’s going to be an amazing year. Wait- he know they live in Mystic Falls right? It’s probably going to be a horrendous year filled with death. Judging by the expression of Caroline’s face, she is a little dubious too.


Um, note to Boyfriend- this is how you celebrate things.

Bonnie meets Matt in the weight room and basically demands a ride to Jeremy’s. She’s a witch. Can’t she conjure up some form of transportation? She also stops to give him a lecture about being “reckless and stupid” for drowning himself. For once we are in agreement. He thinks it was worth it which is heartbreaking. Bonnie reminds him that he’s the only one who gets to live a normal life and he should be super pumped about it? It’s not normal when you’re a seventeen year old kid who has to take of an entire house by himself. Get real Bonnie. He tells her that Vicki is still there watching him and he would like a minute alone to say goodbye. She leaves but someone is still behind him. He thinks it’s Bonnie so he asks her again for a minute before turning his head. And the mystery person in Vicki! And he can see her.


Not even the worst character to return.

Damon is at the Salvatore Boarding House, pouring a glass of bourbon for poor traumatized Elena. He offers to help her forget the parts of the evening she doesn’t want but she declines the compulsion, insisting that she needs to remember every last detail. He shows her Rebekah’s necklace and offers it back to her. Elena has a sad over Stefan really being gone and the time wasted searching for him. Then she asks Damon where he was as if he is supposed to watch over her 24/7. I understand that she is feeling frail and drained by the entire situation, but WTF? The worst part is that Damon agrees with her, saying he never should have left and promising to never leave again.

Until the next time Ric tells him to "take a beat".

Until the next time Ric tells him to “take a beat”.

The entire moment is destroyed when Stefan waltzes in, announcing that Klaus has tasked him with watching over/protecting Elena. He is horrible, leering at them and telling them to carry on before waltzing away. It all has a distinct ick factor.

Lecherous Stefan is not my fave.

Lecherous Stefan is not my fave.

Katherine and Jeremy are in a cemetery, standing in front of a crypt. Jer tells her that according to Anna, Mikael was entombed here by a witch in the nineties. Katherine goes inside and opens a tomb, revealing a mummified and chained up Mikael. As soon as the lid is off of the tomb, his eyes fly open. Shit is going to get real.


Dana and Chad


DAMON: “Stop with the teeny bopper drama. Focus.”

KLAUS: “It’s always nice to see a vampire in his true element. The species has become such a broody lot.”


Sebastian Roché as Mikael

Sebastian Roché as Mikael


Last.fm_play.png “Will Do” by TV on the Radio. Katherine flirts with Damon while they drive.

Last.fm_play.png “Please Ask For Help” by Telekinesis. Klaus interrupts prank night.

Last.fm_play.png “10,000 Lovers” by Ida Maria. Damon pulls the car over and throws the keys into the woods.

Last.fm_play.png “Torch Song” by Shady Bard. Damon looks for Elena in the hospital; Tyler is excited to begin the new school year as a hybrid.


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