30 Day Song Challenge: Day 12

Day 12- A song from your preteen years

“Sex and Candy” / Marcy Playground (1997)

When this song was released in November of 1997, I was almost eleven years old. This is far too young to be listening to a song titled “Sex and Candy”. Yet it happened, frequently. After months of struggling get a good recording off of the radio, I finally had it on tape and could listen whenever I wanted.

Despite the somewhat disgusting lyrics (who wants to smell sex, honestly?), I still get really excited whenever I hear the song played. Be it during a television show (here’s looking at you Roswell) or on iTunes, you can guarantee excitement is happening. And I realize using the word excitement when posting about a song titled “Sex and Candy” is holy inappropriate Batman! But I figured it was better than giddy? Nonetheless, I still dig the song today and wish it would be featured more.



  1. […] Day 12. A song from your preteen years […]

  2. This song reminds me of you & Aimee every time I hear it. Not just sometimes… every time!!!

    1. I think of Aimee too! Great minds think alike.

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