Live Blog: Friends, 1.13 The One With the Boobies

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy.

1.13 The One With the Boobies

– Why would Chandler just walk into Rachel and Monica’s apartment without knocking. And how dare he head straight for the fridge. Bitches get cut for less where I come from.

– Also, why is Rachel only wearing a towel around the lower half of her body? I don’t know about you, but I typically wrap the towel around my entire middle section.


– Haha, Chandler said nippular areas. Yes, I have the sense of humor of an eleven year old boy.

– Phoebe’s boyfriend looks like a super creep. Plus remember when she was dating Hank Azaria like a week ago and was supposedly in love with him? I will never understand the concept of time that this show has.


– I love when Phoebe told aforementioned creepy boyfriend to leave so she could talk about him. I just said something similar to my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. Only mine is cute and not creepy. Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit.

– Do shrinks really have couches? And why would you want to have sex on a vinyl couch that people cried all over?

– Ross is so offended that Chandler saw Rachel’s “boobies”. Somehow boobies is not as funny as nippular areas. Bazoombas is the worst Monica.

– What compliment is Chandler supposed to give Rachel’s boobs outside of “nice”? Seriously. I want to hear some friend-appropriate boob compliments.

– Of course Chandler uses his humor to keep people at a distance. That’s pretty standard comedian stuff.

– Joey has a dad. And I totally recognize him! Except I looked on IMDb and can’t figure out where I know him from. Maybe I just recognize his voice from Batman and think that translates to his face? Who can ever know?


– Wait, is Roger the boyfriend or friend of Phoebe? I’m super confused.

– Poor Joey’s dad. He’s so out of the loop. Why doesn’t Joey keep him up on the latest gossip? He doesn’t even know that Ross got a divorce!

– Joey’s dad is telling someone not his wife that he loves her? Not awesome. I’m kind of surprised that Joey didn’t hit him. Not because Joey is a violent character but because it seems like an Italian thing to do.

– Speaking of bad Italians, I’ve never chopped (or crushed) garlic. I always have the boyfriend do it for me. I should probably get on that.

– I would also like to think that my parents never had sex but I am one of eight children. They have definitely had it. With each other and various other husbands/wives (of theirs). Yuck.

– No one wants to see Chandler’s penis. And Ross, please never call it a pee-pee again. Why does Rachel think that this is a good idea? Penises are ugly. If I went the rest of my life without having to look at one, I’d be totally okay with that.

– Also, Chandler’s shirt is hideous. Why can’t he stop wearing super ugly clothes?


– I hate the nickname Rog for Roger.

– Who wants their marriage to fail? As someone this has happened it, it blows. And it expensive and time consuming. I think Rog needs to stop smoking crack before giving opinions of the motivations of others. Especially the overshadowed sibling theory.

– Why does Rachel care that her mother gave away all of her Weebles and their accessories? And how old was she when this happened? I like to think that it was when she was a teenager.

– I can’t believe Monica didn’t smack Rog after he told her to go easy on the cookies. Fuck him. Seriously.

– Joey is a junior? That’s adorable.

– Roni is an even worse nickname that Rog. Why does she think it’s okay to sit outside of Joey’s apartment, knowing full well that his father is still married to his mother? I would definitely NOT be okay with that.


– Does Roni communicate with animals? This chick is whacked out. For real.

– How does Roni even know where Joey lives? Did his father give her the address? Never give your son’s address to your mistress! That’s messed up.

– I love that Joey makes Roni and his dad sleep in separate rooms. It’s nice to see that he has some sort of loose moral system.

– I bet Chandler definitely gets more girls than he leads on. He’s good looking with a job. Those are huge bonuses.

– I agree with Joey. Time to break up with the girlfriend or spill the beans to mom.

– I often kick others while in bed. But it’s not because I’m wearing underwear. That’s bizarre. Also, Joey and Chandler in bed made me giggle.


– I can’t believe Joey would send Roni over to Monica’s to take a shower. I would totally not be okay with that. Not if I was Monica OR Roni.

– Doesn’t Rachel know that guys only need about five minutes total to take a shower? It’s just not the same as with girls.

– Bonus points for Rachel making up a rhyme about Chandler’s penis.

– Even more points for accidentally walking in on Joey when she was trying to spy on Chandler.


– Poor Phoebe. She doesn’t get that all of her friends hate her boyfriend. That blows.

– I remember having a pull-out couch as a child. Do they still make them?

– Joey’s mom knew that his dad was having an affair for the past six years? Well, she is an Italian woman. We are pretty smart.

– But we also have spines. She hasn’t confronted her husband about being a cheating dickwad? Not cool. Just, no.

– Poodle-stuffer is possibly the best/worst insult to give to your husband’s mistress.

– It would have been funnier if Joey’s mom and Roni looked exactly alike. I’m not sure why, I just think that it would.


– Phoebe doesn’t like guys that hug her from behind and kiss her neck. Awesome.

– I absolutely love that Phoebe is full-on honest with Roger about her friends hating him. Honesty is the best policy.

– Oh snap! Roger doesn’t like Phoebe’s friends either. Look at him firing back.

– Joey has a little sister named Tina who has a husband with a restraining order against her? Can we please meet Tina?

– Chandler’s father chases after boys? Interesting. Has this been brought up before and I forgot about it?

– Even if your friends hate your boyfriend, they should still be sad about your break up if you were happy.

– But Phoebe hates Roger too! Yay!

– Now Joey wants to see Rachel’s boobs. Except, oops, Monica is the one in the shower.


– So Monica tries to see naked Joey and ends up seeing his dad. Maybe they should stop playing this game. It doesn’t seem to be working at all how they want it to.


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  1. Chandler The One Kiss Rachel Not Monica .

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