30 Day Song Challenge: Day 9

Day 9- A song that makes you happy

“Hungry Like the Wolf” / Duran Duran (1982)

I don’t think I can accurately describe why this song makes me so happy. Could be the peppy beat. Could be the infectious lyrics that get stuck in my head all day, but in a non-annoying way. Could be the rocking drums. Whatever it is, happiness unlocked.

I know a large part of my love for the song comes from the associations that I have with it. Glee and Lost Girl come to mind every time that I hear it. On Glee it was mashed up with “Rio” to create one of my favorite things ever. Mostly great because Darren Criss (who I kind of love) and Matt Bomer (who I totally love) were the ones performing. Yes, I am that easily swayed by pretty faces. On Lost Girl it played when Bo, Dyson and Tamsin reverted back to teenage forms of themselves. Dyson dances while the girls cheer him on and it is one of the most hysterical things I have ever seen. Please watch and enjoy:



  1. […] Day 9. A song that makes you happy […]

  2. Any Duran Duran makes me happy. Well… almost. 🙂

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