30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 30

Day 30- Saddest character death

WARNING: Spoilers from season five of Sons of Anarchy. Also, images that may be disturbing.

I’m sort of known for getting highly attached to characters in the shows I watch. I just can’t help myself. You can only imagine my reaction when they die, I’m pretty much a sobbing, snotty mess. To say it’s disgusting would be an understatement. While this has happened more times than I can count (for some reason a lot of my fave shows are big on the killing), there is one time that stands out in particular. When Opie was killed on Sons of Anarchy, my heart pretty much broke.

I don’t know how to articulate why Opie’s death made me so upset. It could be the graphic nature in which it was shown, getting his head smashed in with a lead pipe


It could be that his best friend was forced to look on. I’m seriously uncomfortable with men crying. I can’t stand when anyone cries (myself included) but seeing a man cry is like a form of low-grade torture for me. It makes me want to crawl out of my skin. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to look on as Jax sobbed for his best friend.


It could be that I was thinking of his family, the estranged porn star Lyla and his children. How would Lyla support four children? How would the kids adjust? They already lost their mother and grandfather. How would they survive without their father?

In the end I think it was a combination of all the things plus the fact that Opie was just a good guy. He always did what he thought was best for the club and his family, even if it resulted in a personal loss. This is how I choose to remember Opie.




  1. This was definitely one of the saddest moments in t.v. history for me. I was so upset, I felt sick to my stomach. I loved Opie. It hurt to watch.

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