30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 28

Day 28- First TV show obsession

So, I don’t really remember my first TV show obsession, but thankfully my mom does. I have heard more than once how I had a killer internal clock as a child and would run to the TV before my favorite show came on, yelling “Mike Seaver!” That’s right. My first TV show obsession was Growing Pains.


What I take away from this story is that I was boy crazy from the start. And Kirk Cameron circa 1988/1989 was a pretty good choice. Seriously, he looked like this:


Mike Seaver was especially awesome. He was mischievous but well intentioned. Wise-cracking but not mean. But there’s no way that I read that as a two or three year old so I probably just liked his hair and smile. So, basically the same things I like now.

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