30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 26

Day 26- OMG WTF? season finale

Warning: Massive spoilers regarding the most recent season finale of The Vampire Diaries.


I knew that I wanted to write about The Vampire Diaries for this post but I wasn’t sure which season finale to choose. “Founder’s Day” had the Gilbert device and Uncle John, the deaths of Mayor Lockwood and Anna, Stefan and Damon bonding, the first kiss between Damon and “Elena”, and the return of Katherine. “As I Lay Dying” has Damon dying of a werewolf bite, Stefan going to Klaus for a cure, Sheriff Forbes killing Jeremy and Bonnie bringing him back from the dead, Damon confessing his love for Elena, and Jeremy’s new found ability to see ghosts. “The Departed” has kind of evil Alaric telling the founder’s council about the existence of vampires, the “death” of Klaus, Elena choosing Stefan over Damon, and Elena dying and coming back as a vampire.

I was all set to go with “Founder’s Day” but then I sat down and watched the finale of the current season, “Graduation”. For the first time this season, I was made to feel all the feelings. And it was exactly what I needed to reaffirm my (possible waning) love for the show. Some of the stand out moments that made me OMG WTF?:

  • Lexi is still around and dancing to Bon Jovi. It’s not OMG but it made me really happy.



  • Stefan’s fist pumping along even gave rise to a chuckle. Nice callback to season one for us longtime viewers.


  • Matt is on an exploding platform! And he could die for real! I was getting ready to flip my shit if Matt died. I’ve had a longtime crush on Mr. Donovan and was not prepared to see him go. Thankfully Rebekah wasn’t either and she used a kiss to switch positions with him. And what a kiss.



  • Damon has a werewolf bite (again!) and is dying. But Klaus is in New Orleans prepping for his own show! At least he keeps a sense of humor about probably dying.


  • Klaus totally decapitated the head dead witch bitch (say that three times fast)! And I let out a cheer. Like, loud enough that my roommate noticed and came to see what the commotion was. Can I please marry Klaus?
anigif_enhanced-buzz-29628-1368812793-1 anigif_enhanced-buzz-28900-1368812815-8 anigif_enhanced-buzz-30886-1368812834-4
  • Elena chose Damon over Stefan! And it made my head explode. FINALLY after four years she is making the choice I would have made from day one. And their kiss is amazing.


  • Klaus told Caroline he wanted to be her last love and kissed her. And she totally let him! It made me cry. Once again, can I please marry Klaus?


  • Bonnie is actually dead and Jeremy is the only one that knows. I thought for sure that they would find a way to make her come back to life but they stuck by the decision to kill for off. And it was awesome because I freaking hate Bonnie. Too bad she’ll be around as a ghost in the coming season.
  • Jeremy is alive for real. Good luck explaining that one to Elena. Why couldn’t Bonnie have fallen in love with Alaric and used all of her powers to bring him back? I need more Damon and Ric moments. But, if it couldn’t be him, I’m okay with Jer. Little Gilbert’s buff arms are growing on me.
  • Katherine almost killed Elena! She totally had her pinned to the ground with a stake at her throat. But! But! Elena force feeds Katherine the cure, turning her into a human. Is anyone else excited to see Kat in human mode? And will Klaus use her doppelganger blood to make more hybrids?


  • Silas showed his true face! And it looked EXACTLY like Stefan’s. Oh shit! What kind of havoc with Silas/Stefan create? Can it please be a lot?
  • Stefan was buried alive at sea! How/when will he escape and will it be awesome? Can Damon please be his savior?


Way to end the season Julie Plec. Please keep it up when the show returns.

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