Live Blog: Friends, 1.12 The One With the Dozen Lasagnas

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy.

1.12 The One With the Dozen Lasagnas

– What is Ross humming? It sounds familiar but I don’t know why I would know it.

– Aren’t the other coffee shop patrons annoyed by the LOUD group of people in the middle of the room humming?

– I recognize the Bewitched theme. One out of two isn’t horrible.

– Everyone should make vegetarian lasagna. It won’t be as good as mine, but they should try. Also, real vegetarians can’t just eat around the meat or scrap it off. They would barf out everywhere.

– Is Monica going to start a catering business? Foreshadowing. I’m calling it.

– Rachel is still with Paolo. How very bland.

– What is Rachel’s skirt? Yuck. So yuck.


– Rachel does not seem excited about the Poconos at all. What’s her deal? Also, where is the Poconos?

– So Rachel is the kind of person that reads a Danielle Steel book. I’ve always wondered.

– Does Ugly Naked Guy know that there is an apartment full of people who watch him on the regular?

– Chandler’s tray of lasagna seems much larger than the normal casserole dish I use to make mine. I wonder how many people that would feed.


– I thought you were only supposed to have an amniocentesis done if the baby was at risk for chromosomal abnormalities. Isn’t is risky to do just for the hell of it?

– I can’t even picture what the female version of Huey Lewis looks like. Why don’t they just show us the picture so we can share in the laughter?

– Why wouldn’t Carol lead with the gender of the baby? It seems like kind of a big deal.

– How do you decorate the nursery or purchase clothes if you don’t know the gender before birth? It doesn’t make any damn sense to me.

– Make up your damn mind Ross. Do you want to know the gender or not?

– Carol’s turtleneck is gross. Is it made of hunter green velvet?


– Damn, I want some lasagna now.

– Haven’t we heard the name Angela Delvecchio before? It sounds very familiar.

– Never buy communal furniture with your roommates. It doesn’t make any durn sense.

– I forgot that Phoebe was a massage therapist. Do did we not know this before? Odds are that I forgot it.

– Paolo refers to Rachel as Rachella? He could learn to pronounce her name the right way.

– He just said that he has bad pain in his back. Even I could decipher that.

– Damn that is one hairy chest. Please shave that shit Paolo.


– Rachel continues to be the worst waitress ever. How hard is it to pour coffee? Teenagers do it all the time.

– Phoebe’s outfit is the ugliest fucking thing ever.


– Do a lot of men get boners during massages? It seems like it could be a common thing and not entirely on purpose.

–  Don’t get furniture with birds or bugs on it. What’s wrong with plain old wood?

– Rachel is packing in a crazy gross outfit. It that a lace ankle-length coat?


– How long has Rachel been around? It seems like years now. Phoebe saying they haven’t been friends for very long has me curious.

– And now I want oatmeal raisin cookies. Thanks a lot Phoebe.

– A fooseball table? Excellent choice! You can lay a board over it when you have to actually eat there.

– Ew Rachel. Don’t drink Phoebe’s purse milk. That is so nasty. SO NASTY.

– Pig Man is the best insult that Rachel can come up with? She needs to expand her vocabulary, stat.

– Is the whole Paolo touching Phoebe’s butt going to be a huge misunderstanding? Like, Rachel will think that Phoebe is trying to break them up because Paolo tells her nothing happened? That would be highly discouraging.

– I like that Rachel threw Paolo’s clothes off of the balcony. It’s awesome.


– Monica just ran to the oven. It was awesome.

– Casserole dishes are expensive. I hope Monica goes to Paolo’s to get it back in a few days. That shit ain’t free!

– I hate when guys hug girls with shady intentions. Just be a good friend Ross. Don’t have an ulterior motive.

– Haha, Rachel doesn’t consider Ross to be a guy. That warms my heart. Warms it up real nice.

– Rachel should be by herself for a while. She jumped pretty quickly from Barry to Paolo. Take a break, enjoy being a single lady.

– Chandler’s shirt. I don’t even have the words.


– Great, Ross gets to pass his crazy on to a baby boy. I hope Carol and Susan can balance him out.


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