Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.21 The Sun Also Rises

Tyler is prowling the Lockwood cellar in wolf form while Caroline and Matt are locked inside. He attacks the gate while Caroline holds it steady and Matt grabs a gun. Caroline tries to reason with him but he attacks again so Matt shoots him. Caroline reminds him that the wolf is still Tyler when she sees Ty lying on the ground, panting heavily. She unlocks the gate and grabs Matt’s hand, super speeding them both out of the cellar.

Damon and Katherine are in Ric’s apartment examining his wolf bite. He roles down his sleeve and they discuss the probability of his dying. He grabs his coat to leave without saying goodbye but she super speeds in front of him, stopping him by placing a hand on his chest. She gives a not really apology for luring Jenna out, telling him that she had to choose between Jenna or herself. He tells her to enjoy an eternity alone before walking out to offer himself to Klaus.

So handsome and so noble.

So handsome and so noble.

Jenna and Elena are by the quarry in the ritual clearing. Jenna tells Elena that a man grabbed her and made her drink his blood. After that, she doesn’t remember anything. It suddenly dawns on her that she died and it makes my heart break. Poor Jenna. Elena promises to get her out of there as Greta approaches. Elena tries to grab a sharp rock from the ground but Greta uses her magics to send her flying backward. She creates a ring of fire around Elena, trapping her. Greta uses the rock to slice her wrist open, feeding her blood to Jenna to complete the transition. Greta stops her before she takes too much and creates a circle of fire to trap Jenna. Elena yells to Jenna that everything will be okay but Jenna meets her eyes with a look of horror.

Jeremy and Bonnie are in the basement of the abandoned witch house, flipping through grimoires, looking for a way to stop Elena from becoming a vampire. Outside, Elijah, Alaric and Stefan arrive. Elijah describes the sequence of the ritual, telling them that the wolf will be killed first, then the vampire and finally the doppelganger. Once Elena is dead, Klaus will be a hybrid and being his transformation into a wolf. Elijah says this is when he will be weak and vulnerable to attack. He believes that Bonnie will be able to survive the witch channeling if she brings Klaus to the brink of death and allows Elijah to finish him. Damon calls Stefan and tells him that Klaus took Jenna and plans on using her as the vampire in the ritual.

Elena paces back and forth in her ring of fire, while Jenna describes her new vampire feelings. Jenna has a sad about her impeding death but it is interrupted by someone approaching the clearing. They see Greta push a slowly transforming Jules to the ground. She creates a ring of fire for Jules as Klaus arrives, greeting all of the ladies.

So many sads happening.

So many sads happening.

Matt and Caroline make it to the Lockwood Mansion safely. Care confronts him about knowing she is a vampire and he tells her that he was on vervain when she thought that she compelled him. He says it was Liz’s idea to fake forgetting so he could spy on her. She asks what Liz said about her and he tells her that Liz hates vampires. She tries to get a clearer sense of where they are but all he says is that they’re trapped in the house, trying not to get killed by Tyler.

Damon stumbles to the front door of the Salvatore Boarding House to answer the banging at the door. It’s John, who is worried that he hasn’t heard from Elena all day. Damon tells him that Klaus has her and the ritual is happening. He also tells him that he fed Elena his blood to protect her. John tries to grab Damon, but he super speeds, slamming John into the wall before telling him it’s a bad time. John tells Damon that he ruined Elena’s life and Damon agrees. It’s so damn sad.

Klaus stands on a hill next to the girls in the ring of fire, retrieving the moonstone. He hands it to Greta, who puts it in a bowl filled with flames. Sparks fly and the moonstone is destroyed. Klaus walks toward the rings of fire as Jules tells Elena that everything she did was to help Tyler. Klaus approaches Jules as Greta makes the fire dissipate. Jules charges him, eyes glowing yellow. Despite her speed, Klaus is able to pin her to the ground and rip her heart out. Jules dies as Elena and Jenna look on.

Klaus will literally steal your heart.

Klaus will literally steal your heart.

Jeremy tells Bonnie about a resuscitation spell that he found in Emily Bennett’s grimoire. It seems she was working on it for Jonathan Gilbert. Bonnie mentions seeing it but says it is unclear what the spell was created for. Jeremy suggests looking through Jonathan’s journals when Ric arrives. He asks for a second alone with Jeremy and tells him that something has happened to Jenna.

Outside, Bonnie has been filled in on Jenna’s kidnapping. Bonnie wants to rush in and kill Klaus before he can kill Jenna but Stefan tells her to hold her horses. He’s going to offer himself as the vampire sacrifice.

Greta chants a ceremonial spell while Klaus squeezes the blood from Jules’s heart into the bowl of flames. Jenna takes the opportunity to make a quick trip down memory lane with Elena, telling her that she was initially scared of becoming Elena and Jeremy’s guardian. She feels like she failed them but Elena turns it around, saying that she failed Jenna. She tells Jenna that she has super strength and speed now that she’s a vamp. She wants her to run if she gets the opportunity.

Matt watches out of the window of the Lockwood Mansion, keeping a lookout for Tyler the wolf. Caroline has a sad, asking Matt if he thinks that Liz will kill her. He’s not very reassuring, telling her that he doesn’t think Liz knows what to do. Caroline hears something outside and opens the door to find a very human, very naked Tyler lying on the porch. She covers him with Matt’s blanket and begins patting his head as he wakes up.

Stefan is standing outside of the abandoned witch house when Elijah tells him that he ritual is happening at Steven’s Quarry. They agree that Stefan will head over first and Elijah will follow with Bonnie when the moon is in its final phase. Stefan asks if Elijah is a man of his word and Elijah swears that he won’t fail them. He tells Stefan that he wants revenge against Klaus for having daggered all of their siblings and dropped them to the bottom of the ocean. Stefan asks him to “end this” before leaving for the quarry.

John brings Jeremy and Bonnie a box containing Jonathan Gilbert’s journals. Meanwhile, Ric tells Damon that Stefan left to offer himself as a sacrifice. Damon punches his entire arm through the wall before leaving.

Kind of a little psycho.

Kind of a little psycho.

Klaus approaches Jenna’s ring of fire as Elena begs him to let Jenna go. As she tells him that she did everything he said, Klaus senses a presence. Stefan has arrived and is standing at the top of the cliff overlooking the quarry. Klaus super speeds to talk to him.

Damon joins Bonnie, Jeremy and John in the basement of the abandoned witch house. Bonnie and John fill him in on Emily’s spell. It was used to transfer the life force from a mother to a dying child, resurrecting it after death. John tells Damon that Elena won’t come back as a vampire if her soul remains intact. Damon is skeptical, not believing in souls but John refuses to allow Elena to be brought back as a vampire, choosing to put his faith in a higher power if it will prevent her from turning.

Stefan and Klaus converse at the top of the cliff while Elena and Jenna try to guess what they are talking about. Elena tells Jenna that she can use her new super hearing to eavesdrop. She has trouble at first but eventually gets it, telling Elena that Stefan has offered to take her place.

Caroline and Matt have a brief discussion about their relationship while Tyler sleeps. Matt tells her that he had fun with her the last few days but doesn’t know if he can get over the vampire thing. She is sad but understands that he has enough crazy/crappy things going on his life.

Bonnie casts a spell over John while Damon looks on impatiently. Bonnie completes the spell and Damon tells her to get the show on the road. Jeremy tries to leave with them but Bonnie stops him, telling him that he has to stay and be safe. She kisses him and he falls to the ground, weakened. John tells Bonnie he’ll watch over Jeremy and she leaves with Damon.

Bonnie and Damon exit the house with Elijah and Ric following. Elijah walks through the door but Ric is unable to. Bonnie has created a barrier to keep him trapped inside. He pleads with her and Damon to let him go but leave without him. Looks like all the boyfriends are getting left behind.

Klaus and Stefan climb down from the cliff, walking toward Elena and Jenna. Klaus tells Elena that she will choose if Jenna or Stefan is sacrificed. She refuses so he stakes Stefan in the back, breaking a bit of it off inside of him. He tells her that he has other plans for Stefan and wants him alive. Then he snaps Stefan’s neck.

Klaus has Greta lift the ring of fire from around Jenna. She makes eye contact with Elena before rushing to Greta, biting her neck. Klaus super speeds and stakes Jenna in the back. She falls to the ground as Elena cries. She tells Jenna to turn off her emotions so she won’t be scared. Klaus flips Jenna over and stakes her in the heart, officially breaking my heart.


Poor Jenna!

Greta recovers and chants the next part of the spell as Stefan wakes up. He tries to pull the stake remains out of his back but can’t reach them. He sees Jenna’s dead body and apologizes to Elena while Greta pours Jenna’s blood into the bowl of flames. Klaus goes to Elena as Greta dispels the ring of fire around her. Elena stands and walks past him to the to the alter. Klaus follows her and grabs her face, sinking his teeth into her neck. Stefan is too weak to move as he watches Klaus drain Elena. He drinks until she dies, allowing her body to fall to the ground once he’s finished. Stefan lowers his head to the ground, having the saddest of all sads.

Klaus walks down some stone stairs, beginning his transition into a hybrid. He bones crack and his eyes turn both yellow and veiny. Suddenly he is thrown through the air and the flames reignite in the ceremonial bowl, startled Greta. Bonnie appears chanting a spell while Damon sneaks behind Greta and snaps her neck. He carries Elena’s body and lays her down next to Stefan. Bonnie continues chanting as Klaus’s body contorts in pain. Damon pulls the remaining stake out of Stefan’s back. Stefan tells him to get Elena out of there, wanting to stay behind to watch Klaus die. Damon complies while Bonnie continues chanting, knocking down trees with her magics.

Elijah approaches Klaus and Bonnie stops chanting. He greets Klaus before punching his fist into his chest, grabbing his heart. As Elijah twists his heart, Klaus tells him that he didn’t bury their siblings at sea. He has been keeping their bodies safe and promises to bring Elijah to them. Elijah removes his hand and apologizes to Bonnie and Stefan. As they rush toward him, Elijah grabs Klaus and flies away.

John is in the abandoned witch house basement, writing a letter. Jeremy pauses from reading Jonathan Gilbert’s journal to ask John if he knew that the life force would kill him. He asks Jeremy to give Elena the letter he has written as well as his resurrection ring. He asks Ric to take care of Jeremy before Ric and Jer rush upstairs.

Damon carries Elena through the door of the house, setting her down on a couch. Jeremy and Ric enter the room. Ric asks about Jenna and Damon doesn’t answer by way of confirming her death. John walks up from the basement and out the front door while Ric walks to an empty room. John looks back in the house as Elena awakens. Damon and Jeremy breath sighs of relief that she didn’t turn into a vampire. John gives a peaceful smile before collapsing to the ground, dead.

Caroline sits on the couch next to a sleeping Tyler at the Lockwood Mansion. He awakens, looking at his gun shot wounds. They have a cute moment joking about no friendship being perfect, what with him trying to eat her and all. She tells him that Matt broke up with her, having a cry while Tyler comforts her. He thanks her for taking care of him and she tells him that he’s welcome.

It's all so freaking sweet.

It’s all so freaking sweet.

Damon and Stefan are downstairs at the Gilbert house dressed in funeral attire. Upstairs Elena looks at the family pictures on her vanity while getting ready. Jeremy enters the room and hands her the letter and resurrection ring from John. He starts to leave the room when Elena apologizes to him for having lost so many loved ones. They share a hug before Jeremy leaves the room and Elena starts reading John’s letter.

The group walks across the cemetery toward Jenna and John’s graves while his letter is read in voiceover. Elena places a rose on each of their graves and two more of the grave of her parents. She openly cries while Ric places a rose on Jenna’s grave. Damon walks away after locking eyes with Elena.

From a distance Damon watches everyone grieving. Stefan approaches him, telling him that everyone is headed back to the Gilbert house. When Damon declines, Stefan tells him that Elena needs both of them now. Damon shows Stefan his wolf bite. Stefan vows to find a cure but Damon doesn’t seem optimistic. He makes Stefan promise not to tell Elena before leaving.


Jules, Jenna, Greta, Elena (a bit) and John


DAMON: “The curse is broken. How does one go about killing an all-powerful wolf vamp and his two-faced older brother?”


Last.fm_play.png “Skinny Love” by Birdy. Elena reads John’s letter; Jenna and John’s funeral.


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