30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 23

Day 23- Most annoying character

This challenge question was crazy easy to answer. I’m super forgiving of TV characters. I will stick by them as they make the worst decisions ever and still love them. That’s why the characters that piss me off really stand out. So here’s to you, Marissa Cooper. You suck.


How is Marissa the pits? Let me count the ways.

This hair alone.

This hair alone.

She’s a poor little rich girl in the worst kind of way. We (the viewers) are supposed to feel for her because she dates a cheating scumbag (multiple times), overdoses whilst in Tijuana and can’t make it work with the ruggedly handsome Ryan from Chino. All while wearing amazing clothes, attending glamorous events and having advantages that most people wouldn’t dream of. Forgive me if I struggle to relate.

She was a horrible girlfriend. One word: Oliver. Seriously. What the fuck was up with Oliver? He was neither interesting nor hot so I don’t understand why Marissa would choose to associate with him. I mean, yes, free Rooney tickets would be awesome but not if you have to hang out with a psycho. And he was obviously psycho. Ryan tried to tell her, but Marissa completely ignored him, resulting in one of their breakups. Who breaks up with Ryan Atwood? Have you seen his arms?


She lashes out in the dumbest ways. Sweetheart, you aren’t hurting your mother or your ex-boyfriend by becoming an alcoholic and banging the non-sexy pool boy. Or briefly becoming a lesbian. Or shoplifting. Or dating Volchok. Yet you do ALL of the above.

At least we got to see her die, even if it was super lame. I would expect nothing less.

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