Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.20 The Last Day

Damon is in bed at the Salvatore Boarding House, listening to Elijah talking with Elena and Stefan downstairs. He joins them as Elijah is saying that tonight is the full moon, so Klaus will probably attempt to break the curse. He explains that Klaus breaking the curse means that he will become a full hybrid. Damon asks why they aren’t using Bonnie to kill him that second before he can carry out the ritual. Elena tells him it isn’t an option as it would kill Bonnie, something Damon is not concerned with. Stefan asks how the curse is broken and Elijah presents them with a wooden box. It contains a jar that holds an elixir that will allow Elena to survive  Klaus draining her blood as part of the ritual. While she will technically die, the elixir will resurrect her. Damon is skeptical of the plan, asking Elena is she considered using John’s ring to come back to life. She tells him that a doppelganger is supernatural so the ring probably would not work. He is angry that Elena is willing to die if the elixir doesn’t work, taking off. Elena asks Elijah if Klaus has manged to collect a werewolf and while he isn’t positive, he assumes as much.

Not a happy camper.

Not a happy camper.

Carol is at the Lockwood Mansion, leaving a voicemail for Tyler. She tells him that she has had an accident and is in the hospital. She looks at Maddox, who is standing next to her, before asking Ty to come home. She hangs up and Maddox uses his magics to throw her down the stairs.

Damon is outside of the Salvatore Boarding House having a drink when Stefan joins him. Damon doesn’t believe that they can trust Elijah, having tried to kill him twice. Makes sense to me. Stefan tells him that he is putting his faith in Elena, who is choosing to believe in Elijah. He blames her potential death on himself, saying that she is only in this position because she met and trusted him. He reminds Damon that Elena trusted him too and Damon storms away.

Meanwhile, Elena and Elijah are chatting in the library. He warns her that he can’t be certain the elixir will work, but she still wants to go forward with the plan. She knows that Klaus will kill everyone in town until he breaks the curse so she is willing to help him. They hear Jenna yelling at Ric in another part of the house and go to find them. Jenna is telling Ric to get out while holding a crossbow, thinking he is still possessed by Klaus. Damon and Stefan also joins them as Ric tells Jenna that Klaus let him go. Damon tells him to prove it so he begins to tell a story about the first night he spent with Jenna and how Jeremy walked in on them just as something interesting was about to happen. She quickly cuts him off before he can finish which is a bummer. I found the story quite intriguing. Klaus let Ric go so that he could tell them all the ritual is happening tonight.

Carol wakes up in Mystic Falls Hospital where Tyler is at her bedside. He kisses her forehead and tells her that he is back. It’s really quite sweet.

Freaking adorable.

Freaking adorable.

Caroline surprises Matt while he’s working at the Mystic Grill and they make plans to spend his lunch break together. They kiss and she promises to be back in half an hour.

Matt joins Liz at her table and tells her that he can’t continue to lie to Caroline. He thinks that’s she’s still the same person despite Liz telling him otherwise. She tries to convince him that all vamps are evil, citing Vicki’s death at Damon’s hands. Matt asks why Liz hasn’t gone after Damon and she tells him that she’s buying time until she can get more information. She thanks Matt for his involvement  but says she’ll take it from here. This should be interesting.

Ric is still at the Salvatore Boarding House, telling the gang how he blacked out for three days and woke up to find Katherine in his apartment. Elena asks where Damon is and Jenna tells her that she saw him go upstairs so Elena heads to find him. She finds him in his bedroom and explains why she is willing to sacrifice herself. She tries to tell him that she will be fine but he doesn’t trust that the elixir will work. He tells her that he can’t lose her and says there is another way. He bites his wrist and forces it to her mouth despite her struggling. Stefan arrives and pushes Damon, causing Elena to fall to the floor. Damon tells him that he was just trying to save Elena. Stefan reminds him that she will return as a vampire but Damon doesn’t care.

Still sexy.

Still sexy.

The boys get into a fistfight that involves Damon being punched to the face and Stefan being non-fatally staked. Elena breaks it up by pushing Damon and telling him to get out. Of his own bedroom. How, exactly, does that work? Ric and Jenna arrive as Damon storms off. Stefan tells Jenna to grab some blood bags from the basement and apologizes to Elena as she removes the stick impaling him.

Damon goes into the library and pours himself a drink while Elijah closes the wooden box. He tells Damon that Elena will never forgive him for the stunt he pulled and says he will be back before nightfall. Poor Damon. No one is on his side.

Stefan drinks from a blood bag upstairs and thanks Jenna and Ric, who head into the hallway. He tells Jenna that he should have trusted her to be able to handle all the vamp stuff. There is face touching and kissing. It’s all romantic.

Elena is feeling sorry for herself, asking Stefan why Damon would want her to be a vampire. Stefan asks her to come with him and after some persuading she agrees.

Tyler watches Carol in her bed at the hospital. He sees that she is sleeping and goes into the hallway where he is surprised to find Jules. Boo. She came to collect him so they can lock themselves up for the night. In the parking lot they run into Caroline, who is surprised to see him in town. Jules leaves them alone and they make small talk about visiting Carol and how Tyler has been doing. She is upset to hear that he is leaving again but he still hasn’t learned to control his wolf. Suddenly Caroline and Tyler scream, holding their heads. Maddox and Greta appear and Greta injects Caroline with vervain. Maddox grabs Ty while Greta grabs Caroline.

Matt, still at the Grill, leaves a voicemail for Caroline, telling her that he needs to talk. He sees Damon and Ric walk to the bar. Damon is lamenting screwing up with Elena when Klaus arrives. He introduces himself and thanks Ric for the use of his body. Before Damon can get too riled up, Klaus tells him that he came to remind them not to try anything stupid. He tells him that he has his vampire and his werewolf, and will kill them if they try to stop the ritual. He leaves and Damon asks Ric if he thinks Elena will forgive if he kills Klaus’s werewolf, preventing the ritual from happening for another month. Ric offers his help because they are the best friends imaginable.

My favorite set of friends EVER.

My favorite set of friends EVER.

Stefan has taken Elena mountain hiking on what could be her last day. I’d be kind of pissed. He encourages her to talk about her feelings but she doesn’t know how to feel, as everything has happened so fast. They arrive at a waterfall and Elena tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about her feelings. They hold hands as Stefan tells her that they are climbing to the top of the mountain. Why does this sound like a punishment rather than a romantic last day together?

Katherine is searching through Ric’s fridge for a blood bag when he opens the front door. And he didn’t come alone! He stopped by so that he could invite Damon in. Damon tells Katherine that he came to collect his favor from her. He has Ric head back to the Salvatore House before asking Katherine where Klaus is keeping his werewolf. She tries to dissuade him from killing the wolf and he is confused, assuming she is the vampire Klaus will be sacrificing. She tells him that Klaus has Caroline and Tyler trapped in the tomb.

In the tomb, Caroline and Tyler have been chained to a wall. Caroline awakens to find Tyler watching her. He tells her that he already tried to break the chains after she begins struggling. She says aloud that she thinks the witches were with Klaus, leading Tyler to ask who Klaus is.

Elena and Stefan are still hiking the mountain. Elena lists all of the changes that will made after she’s a vamp- she’ll get a daylight ring and have to stop watching Bambi. She asks Stefan what the best thing and worst things about being a vamp are. He gives multiple answers but they all boil down to having emotions intensified. The good is that being a vamp makes you experience love intensified and the bad means that you feel rage and despair rather than run of the mill anger and sadness. She asks when he learned to handle them and he says he is still managing. Then he tells her that they are only about halfway to the top. Ugh.

Not great at planning spur of the moment dates.

Not great at planning spur of the moment dates.

Katherine is making coffee in Ric’s apartment when Klaus arrives. He compels her to tell him what she has been doing and she answers, saying she has been making coffee. Looks like she took the vervain Damon gave her. He tells her to take off her daylight bracelet and stand in the sunlight coming from one of the windows. She does as he says, burning and screaming until he says it’s enough. Damn, she’s really selling it.

Damon runs into Maddox outside of the tomb. He super speeds and pins Maddox but is quickly thrown through the sky by magic. Maddox gives Damon a vamp migraine when there is suddenly a gunshot and he falls to the ground. Damon sits up and sees Matt holding a gun. AWESOME! Damon snaps Maddox’s neck and asks Matt what he’s doing there. Matt came to find Caroline but Damon insists on rescuing her alone, grabbing Matt’s gun and using it to knock him out.

Matt's such a badass.

Matt is such a badass.

Caroline tells Tyler that while the sun and moon curse is a fake, Klaus still needs to sacrifice them to break his personal curse. He tells her that he has been working with Jules to learn how to handle being a wolf. Caroline brings up his leaving without saying goodbye and he tells her that he thought she hated him. She says she was hurt but could never hate her. Aww. Damon interrupts the moment to rescue them. While unchaining Caroline he tells her that Matt was outside with wooden bullets. She is confused, thinking that he was compelled to forget all of the vampire stuff. He tries to leave without releasing Tyler, worried that it is getting close to nightfall. Caroline promises to help Ty get to his family’s land so Damon breaks his chains.

Elena and Stefan finally reach the top of the mountain. They look out over the beautiful landscape and Elena finally breaks down, telling Stefan that she doesn’t want to be a vampire. She wants to have the option to grow old, get married and have children. He hugs her while she has a giant sad about her lack of future. Isn’t that kind of insensitive seeing as Stefan is a vampire who can’t grow old, get married or have kids?

Kind of rude Elena.

Your sadness is kind of rude Elena.

It is already dark when Damon, Caroline and Tyler emerge from the tomb. Caroline rushes to Matt, who is starting to wake up. Tyler grabs his chest, telling them that his transformation is starting. Damon tells Caroline to grab Matt and they leave.

Stefan and Elena arrive back at the Salvatore Boarding House. As they exit Stefan’s car, he can sense someone is there and speeds in front of Elena. It’s Klaus! He’s there to retrieve Elena. Stefan gets all teary eyed as Elena asks him to let her go. There is kissing and exchanging of “I love you’s”. She tells Stefan to close his eyes so he won’t see her leave. Thanks for making me feel all of the feels.

Stefan enters his house and sees Ric. Ric tells him the house is empty and Stefan wonders aloud where Damon is.

Tyler is not doing so hot while running though the woods with Damon, Caroline and Matt. Damon receives a call from Stefan who wants to know where he is. Damon tells him that he’s saving the day and by extension Elena. Stefan informs that Elena is already gone and Damon says he’ll take care of it. They hang up as Tyler falls to the ground, unable to stop the transformation. His eyes go yellow and he rushes towards Caroline but Damon jumps in the way, getting bitten in the process. Damon tells Care and Matt to head down to the Lockwood cellar and gives them the wooden bullets he took from Matt.

Klaus enters Ric’s apartment and asks Katherine where Maddox is. She counters by asking about Elena and he tells her that she’s with Greta. He pulls out a laptop and watches Jules, who is starting to transition. Damon bursts through the door, telling Klaus to delay the ritual. He tells them that he killed the witch and freed the wolf and vamp. Klaus seem surprised, sending Katherine out of the room. He tells Damon that he counted on one of the Salvatore brothers attempting to stop the ritual, which is why he has contingencies.

Caroline and Matt manage to make it to the Lockwood cellar and lock themselves in. Caroline tries to reason with Tyler the wolf who is prowling around outside.

Good luck with that.

Good luck with that.

Katherine feeds blood from a bag to an unconscious Damon. He awakens and she tells him that Klaus has left to begin the ritual. She apologizes for calling someone on Klaus’s behalf. Turns out he didn’t actually have a back up vampire. Looks like he will now.

Greta leads Elena through the woods to the ritual site. Elena stumbles over some rocks so Greta uses her magics to light some fires. Elena sees someone lying on the ground and rushes to her. It’s Jenna! Oh no! Elena freaks out, unable to find Jenna’s pulse. Suddenly Jenna awakens and Greta tells Elena that she is transitioning. Poor poor Jenna.

Damon wonders why Klaus didn’t use him for the ritual and Katherine tells him that he’s as good as dead. She looks at the bite on Damon’s arm and asks him what it is. Oh shit.




KLAUS: “I’ve heard about you. The crazy, impulsive vampire in love with his brother’s girl.”


Last.fm_play.png “Not” by Cheyenne Mize. Carol wakes up in the hospital to find Tyler at her bedside; Caroline surprises Matt at the Mystic Grill.

Last.fm_play.png “Wolf Pack” by The Vaccines. Matt leaves Caroline a message; Klaus joins Damon and Alaric at the Grill.


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