30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 22

Day 22- Favorite series finale

I haven’t been a huge fan of the series finales that I’ve seen. There is always some element that I don’t particularly care for: it runs too long (The Office), it ends on a cliffhanger (Angel), couples that should be together aren’t (Veronica Mars) or major characters get killed off (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). After giving it some great thought, I have decided that my favorite series finale is the TV movie “Is It College Yet?” from Daria.


While it wasn’t a perfect finale, the show avoided all of my pet peeves. It gave a realistic portrayal of the end of high school without being schmaltzy. Daria and her lame boyfriend Tom broke up. The main “couple” (Daria and Jane) end up going to colleges close together, making a silent commitment to their friendship. Kevin and Brittany are the couple who try to stay together but probably fail very close into their college experiences. Most importantly, the Fashion Club disbanded so the girls can remain friends.

Daria gives a awesome speech at graduation to end the show (well, almost end).

Um… thank you. I’m not much for public speaking, or much for speaking, or, come to think of it, much for the public. And I’m not very good at lying. So let me just say that, in my experience, high school sucks. If I had to do it all over again, I’d have started advanced placement classes in preschool so I could go from eighth grade straight to college. However, given the unalterable fact that high school sucks, I’d like to add that if you’re lucky enough to have a good friend and a family that cares, it doesn’t have to suck quite as much. Otherwise, my advice is: stand firm for what you believe in, until and unless logic and experience prove you wrong; remember, when the emperor looks naked, the emperor is naked; the truth and a lie are not “sort of the same thing”; and there is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza. Thank you.

And it’s true. There is no moment in life that can’t be improved with pizza.


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