Live Blog: Friends, 1.11 The One With Mrs. Bing

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy.

1.11 The One With Mrs. Bing

– I’m already a little excited to watch this episode simply because of the title. It makes me think it will be Chandler centric and he’s my favorite character. In fact, he’s kind of the only character that I like. Well, Phoebe too, a little.

– Phoebe’s coat is atrocious.


– Did Monica and Phoebe already date the guy at the newsstand? Apparently not.

– Phoebe told Monica to whistle, not whoop at the guy. There’s a big difference. Monica is such an amateur.

– Also, the guy isn’t even hot. So what are you whistling/whooping for?


– The hospital bed scene reminds me a little of Sleepless in Seattle. Now I want to watch it.

– How do you recognize that a man in a coma has dents on his hand? And how does that make him artistic?

– Phoebe’s striped shirt/vest combo is killing me. Not in the fun way.


– I also want to watch Weekend at Bernie’s. Holy crap, I’m the person that commercials are made for. Damn subliminal messaging. Or overly blatant messaging. Just screw messaging.

– A romance novelist with the last name Bing? A relative perhaps? Chandler doesn’t act like his mother is super wealthy. And I’m assuming she is if they talk about her on prime time TV.

– Oh shit, it is his mom. And she writes books entitled Mistress Bitch. Highly inappropriate.

– I chuckled a little when Ross referred to Paolo as Rigatoni.

– Chandler’s mom is crazy good looking. Color me surprised.


– Poor Chandler, no one wants to listen to their mother talk about having sex. Especially not on TV with Jay Leno.

– For once I don’t hate the shirt that Chandler is wearing. Perhaps the Earth has gone flat.


– I’ve never met a mom who refers to herself as a fabulous mom who actually is one.

– Who let Monica in to read the news to coma guy? I thought only family could visit. And if he’s a John Doe, they definitely know these crazy chicks aren’t family.

– Coma guy, please be named Agamemnon. That would be SO FABULOUS.

– I like that Chandler can kid around with his mother. It’s endearing.

– I’m ready for some tequila too. Of course Ross doesn’t do shots. He’s probably a wine guy.

– Why is Rachel feeding Paolo? He can’t raise his food to his mouth by himself?

– Nora’s coat is horrible. Why are there random squares of color on the shoulders?


– Please do NOT have Ross and Nora hook up. It will make me die inside. Her hotness massively outweighs him.

– How nice of Nora to reduce Paolo to a secondary character. She is obviously lying. Women love reading about sexy times with foreign strangers.

– NORA AND ROSS KISSED AND IT MADE ME THROW UP IN MY MOUTH! Poor Joey, he had to witness it for real. He better tell Chandler.


– How can Ross call the kiss a hook up? That implies so much more happened.

– Who plays racquetball? I feel like that is such a 90’s thing.

– Why would Joey have multiple racquets? I kind of hope that he does.

– No sexy woman would want to kiss Ross for real. I’m sorry, I’m just not buying that happening. Not even a tiny bit.

– Does Joey want Ross to think that his mom is sexy? I NEVER want to hear my friends call my parents sexy. NEVER. Not even once.

– Why is Rachel walking Paolo to the elevator? She could have kissed him goodbye from inside of her apartment. It would have been much more appropriate.

– I like that Monica asked why Ross and Joey were in her apartment. It was very real to life. Except it should have been followed by a “get the hell out”.

– Who brings balloons to a stranger in a coma? Why Monica, of course! Fucking weirdo.


– Monica changed the pajamas of the man in the coma? That is so not a thing that is okay. Aren’t there any nurses monitoring this place?

– Ross is a scumbag. Why else would he tell Chandler that Paolo kissed his mother when he in fact was the kisser? Scumbag for real.

– At least he eventually owned up to it. I guess he’s only scumbag-lite. He’s still a scumbag for throwing Joey under the bus.

– What kind of crap does Chandler go through with his mom? I want to hear more about this.

– Why is Rachel wearing a denim vest? Please stop doing this.


– I like how Phoebe and Monica are being so passive aggressive about coma guy. Not. Passive aggressive behavior is my least favorite.

– After the twelve suicide themed songs that she sang at Christmas, I’m surprised that Phoebe was invited back to sing at the coffee shop.

– Chandler’s tie is the pits. Stick to solid colors bro.


– So Ross wants Chandler to be pissed at his mother also? Creep move. Just handle the situation like an adult.

– I wish Chandler would punch Ross out. That’s a clip I would watch repeatedly.

– Why isn’t coma guy questioning who Monica and Phoebe are? And once he does and these creeps start listing all of the bizarre things that they did, why isn’t he calling security to remove them.

– Of course he isn’t going to call them. They are insane. Also, he doesn’t have their telephone numbers. This is pre-Facebook so it’s not like he could look them up later. Though the phone book was still a thing.

– Nora’s outfit is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Make it stop please.


– I’m glad Chandler told his mother he was agitated by her kissing Ross. It was really, really stupid.

– Joey, please stop spying/eavesdropping on Chandler and Nora. It’s super creepy.

– On the other hand, I wish we had gotten to see the drama play out. What is Chandler’s stuff with his mom? I WANT TO KNOW.

– I wish it really was “heaving beasts”. That would be awesome.



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