Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.19 Klaus

Elena is waiting in the holding cell of the Salvatore Boarding House for Elijah to awaken. He wakes up and she rushes to him. He is surprised to see her, calling her Katerina. FLASHBACK!

England, 1492- Trevor speaks with a woman before joining Elijah who welcomes him. It is someone’s birthday. Oh yay! Elijah mentions a girl being Trevor’s gift and Trevor leads him to (surprise, surprise) Katherine. She greets Elijah while he looks on in shock.

I even dig the long hair.

I could learn to dig the long hair. Maybe.

Present- Elena tells Elijah that she is in fact Elena which he seems to accept. But isn’t that totally something that Katherine would do?

1492- Elijah apologizes for staring creepily at Katherine, telling her that she reminds him of someone. Trevor formally introduces them and he kisses her hand. It’s all very posh.

Present- Elijah’s body starts spasming and he tells Elena that he cannot breathe. He super speeds to the doorway, slamming into it. He tells her that he can’t be in the house. She tells him that he hasn’t been invited as he speeds into another wall and disappears. Elena opens the front door where he is waiting outside. He tries to enter the house but is unable. He asks what happened and Elena shushes him, motioning upstairs where the Salvatore Brothers are sleeping. She tells him that she will talk to him at another location and gives him the dagger in a show of trust.

Stefan wakes up, searching for Elena. He runs into Andie and Damon soon joins them. No one knows where Elena is so Stefan calls her phone, leaving a voicemail asking to call him. He displays disgust at Damon and Andie’s “relationship” before Andie leaves for work. Stefan notices that the basement door is open and both boys rush to check the cell. Neither looks happy when the see Elijah’s body is missing.

Alaric/Klaus and Maddox the Warlock are at Ric’s apartment, where Katherine is making coffee. Maddox leaves to retrieve Klaus’s real body. That’s awesome because I’m getting tired of typing Ric/Klaus. It’s a pain in the ass. Klaus wants to break the curse at the next full moon. He has the moonstone, “killed” Bonnie, and Elena is ready to be taken. Katherine asks why he is performing the ritual in Mystic Falls where so many people want him dead and he tells her the ritual must be done where the doppelganger was born. Ric/Klaus mentions slaughtering Katherine’s family in retaliation for her running the last time he attempted to the break the curse. They discuss Elena’s dedication to dying to her family/friends and Klaus compels Katherine to remain in the house while he leaves.

I guess the moonstone kind of does look like soap.

I guess the moonstone kind of does look like soap.

Elena parks her car while Elijah drinks a blood bag in the passenger seat. She offers to help him if he will help her. Elijah is skeptical (duh) but Elena reminds him that he needs her to stop Klaus. She takes a phone call from Stefan, telling him that she is with Elijah. He wants to get her but she gives a mini speech about Elijah being a noble man who won’t kill her because he knows he can trust her. She tells Stefan she’s doing her own thing and asks that he stop Damon from doing anything stupid. She hangs up and hands Elijah her phone.

Damon still thinks Bonnie is the only way to kill Klaus, but Stefan has hope that Elena will be able to work with Elijah to find another way. Stefan tells Damon that they need to trust Elena and let her carry out her plan. He stops Damon when he tries to leave. Salvatore fistfight please?

Elena tells Elijah that Klaus is in Mystic Falls, having possessed Ric’s body. She asks him to tell her what other kind of tricks Klaus might pull.

1492- Katherine asks Elijah where the guest of honor is and Elijah tells her that he likes to make an exit. He walks through the crowd, hidden by other guests until he reaches Katherine and Elijah. Elijah introduces Katherine to Lord Niklaus, who kisses her hand and asks that she call him Klaus. And he is kind of a babe.

I guess good genes run in the family as well as bad haircuts.

I guess good genes run in the family as well as bad haircuts.

Present- Elijah and Elena are at the Lockwood Mansion where he compels a very confused Carol to let them in. She offers Elijah her husband’s clothes and he goes upstairs to change.

Stefan is at the Salvatore Boarding House when he receives a phone call from Jenna who has been unable to reach Elena or Jeremy. She is looking for an explanation behind the voicemails Elena left telling her to stay away from Ric. She tells him that she is back at home but is supposed to meet Ric at the Grill. Stefan tells her he will be right over and asks that she doesn’t leave. He hangs up and Damon is delightfully sarcastic, telling Stefan that he’d like to help but he’s been banned from doing anything. Stefan leaves and Andie arrives. Damon tells her they are going rogue and they both leave.

Back at the Lockwood Mansion, Elijah asks Elena if Jonas and Luka are still alive. She informs that they are not and apologizes. He asks where Katherine is and she tells him that Klaus took her. Elijah doesn’t think Klaus would kill her, knowing that he would consider death to be the easy way out. Elena is confused that Elijah wants to kill Klaus but also led the search for Katherine on his behalf. He tells Elena that there was once a time when he would have done anything for Klaus. How sweet.

1492- Klaus asks Katherine where she is from but Elijah answers, saying she is from Bulgaria. Klaus is adorable, greeting her in Bulgarian before asking Elijah if he can have a minute alone with her. Elijah wishes him a happy birthday and leaves them.

Present- Elijah confirms that he is Klaus’s brother and is hilarious, using the phrase “O.M.G.” Please never do it again.

Katherine is bored in Ric’s apartment, searching through the cupboards until she finds a bottle of bourbon. She opens it and starts but drink but hears someone. Andie and Damon break in, but only Andie is allowed to enter. Damon tells Katherine that he thought she was dead. He doesn’t seem too particularly cut up about it.

I would have the same reaction.

I would have the same reaction.

Stefan arrives at the Gilbert house to talk with Jenna. She didn’t go to the Grill to meet Ric because Ric/Klaus came to the house. Awesome.

Elijah tells Elena that there is an entire family of Originals. He had six brothers and sisters, all once human. He tells Elena that he needs some air and they head outside.

Andie tells Katherine that they are there to rescue her but Damon quickly corrects her, saying they are there to see if she deserves to be rescued. He shows her a vial of vervain that he will give her if she answers one question: why did she double-cross them with Isobel? She tells him that she was just looking out for her best interest. Damon tosses her the vial and tells her that she owes him a favor before leaving.

Ric/Klaus is chopping vegetables in the Gilbert kitchen when Jenna demands to know what is going on. He asks her if she believes in vampires which she laughs at, naturally. He tells her that he is obsessed with vamps, one of the secrets he has been keeping from her. She asks if he is serious and he asks Stefan if he is a believer. He then brings up werewolves, and Jenna is further convinced that he is joking. Ric/Klaus mentions the sun and moon curse, telling him that he heard “they” (vamps and wolves) would do anything and kill anyone to break the curse. It’s all very cryptic.

I'll listen to all the vamp talk he wants if he'll cook me dinner.

I’ll listen to all the vamp talk he wants if he’ll cook me dinner.

Elena and Elijah walk around the grounds of the Lockwood Estate while he tells her an Original cannot be killed except by the wood of one tree that his family burned down. Elena asks why Klaus is so interested in breaking the sun and moon curse if the sun can’t kill an Original.

1492- Klaus and Elijah have a laugh over a Roman scroll that was found depicting the sun and moon curse. It seems that Klaus got drunk and wrote about the fictional curse, complete with fake Aztec drawings. He has a habit of doing this, having also made African tribal etchings relating to the “curse”.

Present- Elijah tells Elena that the sun and moon curse is a fake. Writing about it was the easiest way for Klaus to get both vampires and werewolves on the lookout for the moonstone and the doppelganger. Clever boy.

Ric/Klaus, Stefan and Jenna sit around the table at the Gilbert house. Ric/Klaus tells them that vampires are real and Jenna tells him to get out. He refuses to go and threatens Jenna with a knife when she tries to leave. Stefan super speeds to him, pushing him into a wall and telling Jenna to run. Ric/Klaus threatens to use Jenna’s body next if Stefan damages Ric’s. Stefan’s puts on his vamp face and yells at Jenna to run. She finally gets the hint and makes a break for it. Stefan throws a punch, knocking Ric/Klaus to the floor and kicking him in the stomach. It’s all very manly.

Elijah tells Elena that a curse does exist but it was placed on Klaus only. Elena’s cell phone interrupts the conversation and Elijah instructs her to answer. It’s Stefan, calling to warn her that Klaus went after Jenna. She takes off, telling Elijah that she has to go to Jenna.

1492- Elijah is chasing Katherine through a garden. She stops and allows him to catch her before resting on a bench. She pouts, telling him that Klaus was supposed to spend the day with her. She doesn’t understand why Klaus courts her when he doesn’t even seem to like her. Welcome to the mystery of boys. There is talk of wanting more out of a relationship and Elijah asks if she has something going on with Trevor but in a very roundabout way. She tells him that Trevor loves her but she doesn’t love him back. Elijah tells her that he doesn’t believe in love and counters by saying a world without love is too sad for her to imagine. It makes me throw up a little. Klaus interrupts, and Katherine leaves with him but not before sharing a look with Elijah.

The cheesiest of all cheese.

The cheesiest of all cheese.

Present- Elena finds Jenna in the library of the Salvatore Boarding House. Elena apologizes for keeping the truth (read: vampires) from Jenna. Jenna tells her that Miranda used to tell her bedtime stories about vamps but she never believed. She asks if Jeremy and John know which Elena confirms. She is upset that they were working to protect her when she should have been protecting them. Please stop making Jenna cry. I don’t care for it. Stefan listens from the hallway with tears in his eyes as Jenna tells Elena that she’s scared and the girls hug it out.

Elena enters the hallway and tells Stefan that she has to go back to Elijah or he will never trust her. She makes for the front door but Damon stops her with Andie in tow. He makes a vague threat against her leaving the house when Stefan stops him.

Katherine is drinking and dancing around Ric’s apartment when she hears a noise. Ric/Klaus arrives home to find her sitting on the couch. She offers him a drink and he smashes the bottle into the wall, compelling her to sit down and shut up. Maddox arrives, followed by two males and Greta, the missing Martin witch. She asks Klaus if he is ready to get out of Ric’s body as two additional men appear carrying a large wooden crate.

Dancing and drinking bourbon alone? Typical Saturday night.

Dancing and drinking bourbon alone? Typical Saturday night.

Elena arrives at the Lockwood Mansion where Elijah is waiting. She asks him to tell her about Klaus’s curse. He launches into a story about his family being close with the exception of Klaus and their father. After they became vampires, they learned that Klaus had a different father, a werewolf. When Elijah’s father found out he set out to kill Klaus’s father, igniting a war between the species. Klaus is hybrid, both vampire and werewolf, but the witches could not allow such a powerful being to exist. When Klaus was made a vamp, they created a curse that would keep his werewolf side from manifesting. Klaus wants to break the curse so he can sire his own bloodline of hybrids. Elena thinks that they can use the dagger to stop him, but Elijah tells her that Klaus is immune. The only way to kill Klaus is by having a witch harness incredible power during the full moon and use it against him while he is transitioning.

1492- Elijah and Klaus are preparing for the full moon the next night. Elijah tells him that he has spoken to some witches who believe that the ritual can be carried out without killing the doppelganger. Klaus doesn’t seem to care, telling him that Katherine’s life means nothing. He asks Elijah if he cares for Katherine, which he denies. Yeah, right, bub. Klaus tells him that love is their one weakness, that they should be uncaring beings. Elijah disagrees but Klaus tells him that the ritual will go as planned.

Present- Elena is intrigued to hear that Elijah found a way to spare the life of the doppelganger. He tells her that it didn’t matter seeing as Katherine took matters into her own hands, running and becoming a vampire. He admits to caring for Katherine and calls it a mistake that won’t be made again. Poor Elijah.

Andie is in the library at the Salvatore Boarding House, trying to convince Damon that he doesn’t need to be mad at Stefan. He is agitated, telling her to leave. She goes and Stefan arrives, chiding Damon for keeping her around as a “plaything”. Damon calls her a distraction and Stefan brings up Damon being in love with Elena. He tells Damon that he is okay with him being in love as long as it means that he will protect Elena. He tells Damon that Elena will never respect him, earning him a punch to the face that’s so hard it sends him flying into a bookcase. Stefan rushes at Damon and they wrestle around. Elijah and Elena enter the room and the boys break apart after she yells at them to stop.

Oh shit, Salvatore fisticuffs.

Oh shit, Salvatore fisticuffs.

1492- Klaus accuses Elijah of helping Katherine escape. Elijah promises to help find her and Klaus threatens his life if he doesn’t. Charming.

Present- Damon is upset that Elena invited Elijah into the house. She tells him that they made a new deal and Elijah asks the brothers from an apology. Stefan is quick to apologize but Damon refuses. Elena tells him that Elijah knows how to save her life and stop Bonnie from being killed by channeling the dead witch power. Damon tells them to all go to Hell and storms out.

Damon heads to his bedroom where Andie is waiting in lingerie. He tells her that he is upset and asks her to leave again but she refuses. He bites her and throws her to the floor where she starts crying. He compels her to leave, yelling at her to go.

Maddox and Greta are spell casting in Ric’s apartment, surrounded by candles. Ric/Klaus is standing next to the wooden box while Katherine looks on. Maddox and Greta stop and look at Ric who is confused to see Elena (really Katherine) before collapsing. Maddox opens the box and Klaus climbs out!

Hey cutie.

Hey cutie.




ELIJAH: “Yes, I’m a little behind on the times, but I believe the term you’re searching for is ‘O.M.G.'”

STEFAN: “You’re right. Thank you for being in love with my girlfriend.”


Joseph Morgan as Klaus

Joseph Morgan as Klaus

Lisa Tucker as Greta Martin

Lisa Tucker as Greta Martin



Last.fm_play.png “Helena Beat” by Foster The People. Damon and Andie arrive at Alaric’s apartment.

Last.fm_play.png “Compulsion” by Doves. Klaus and Stefan talk vampires with Jenna.

Last.fm_play.png “Get Some” by Lykke Li. Klaus returns to Ric’s apartment after Katherine has been drinking and dancing.


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