Hey, Watch This!: The Outsiders

Rarely do you see a book to movie adaptation done well. At least, that’s been my experience. For every Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version) there seem to be a million Alice in Wonderland (Burton’s version) or Bicentennial Man movies. Disappointing. It is because of this that I get really excited when I see an adaptation done right. Especially when it’s a book that I love as much as The Outsiders.



When two greasers are jumped by a group of Socs, one of the wealthy boys ends up dead. This sets off a war between the two groups that changes their lives forever.


AS stated in the intro, I don’t know if I’ve seen a more faithful adaption of a book. Ever. Entire chunks of dialogue were taken straight from the page, including the opening (my favorite part).

Emilio freaking Estevez in a Micky Mouse t-shirt. Emilio has some sort of magic that makes me love him. I can’t describe it, I just know that it exists and I don’t try to fight it.


Rob Lowe at his most beautiful. While he is still a gorgeous man today, Rob was absolutely breathtaking as Sodapop Curtis. Plus his name is Sodapop. It’s pretty awesome. Foolish, but awesome.



Dallas Winston is a douchebag, but the kind you fall in love with and try to change. He’s ridiculously good looking with a secret heart of gold. You just know you could rescue him from a lifetime of prison stints with your love.


C. Thomas Howell looks adorable. He’s not usually my cup of tea, but check out the puppy dog eyes. Totally adorable.


Tom Cruise looks like this and it is hilarious. How do people find him attractive? Maybe I’ve never warmed to him because this is the first thing I remember seeing him in and he is kind of an asshat.


But he also does this so I guess he can’t be all that bad.


I want to be badass like Cherry. The girl has a stripper’s name but awesome attitude. She doesn’t take any of Dally’s crap, despite totally into him.




The Curtis brothers are amazing. There is just so much love. It made me wish for older brothers more than anything in the world. Or at least a hot older stepbrother.


Brilliant cinematography. They somehow managed to capture the entire rainbow of colors.







It made me want to participate in a rumble when I was younger. I was always jealous that Dally just got to ram some dude’s head into a car. It was pretty badass.




C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis

C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis

  • Tyler in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Robert Morris in Red Dawn
Ralph Macchio as Johnny Cade

Ralph Macchio as Johnny Cade

  • Jeremy Andretti on Eight is Enough
  • Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid
Matt Dillon as Dallas "Dally" Winston

Matt Dillon as Dallas “Dally” Winston

  • Randy in Little Darlings
  • Rusty James in Rumble Fish
Rob Lowe as Sodapop Curtis

Rob Lowe as Sodapop Curtis

  • John Berry in Hotel New Hampshire
  • Billy Hixx in St. Elmo’s Fire
Patrick Swayze as Darrel "Darry" Curtis

Patrick Swayze as Darrel “Darry” Curtis

  • Jed Eckert in Red Dawn
  • Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing
Emilio Estevez as Two-Bit Mathews

Emilio Estevez as Two-Bit Mathews

  • Otto Maddox in Repo Man
  • Andy Clark in The Breakfast Club
Tom Cruise as Steve Randall

Tom Cruise as Steve Randle

  • Jack O’ The Green in Legend
  • Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gun
Diane Lane as Sherri "Cherry" Valance

Diane Lane as Sherri “Cherry” Valance

  • Lauren King in A Little Romance
  • Patty in Rumble Fish
Leif Garrett as Bob Sheldon

Leif Garrett as Bob Sheldon

  • Mike Pusser in Walking Tall
  • Brent Hoover in Cheerleader Camp

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  1. And this is why I have loved C. Thomas Howell for 30 years…

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