Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.18 The Last Dance

Katherine is tied to a chair in Alaric’s apartment while Ric/Klaus looks through the closet for something to wear. He has a great line about Ric being Safari Sam that made me chuckle. He asks Katherine if the Salvatore Brothers have the dagger and white ash and she tells him that it was used to kill Elijah, who is currently in the Salvatore basement. He doesn’t seem concerned, wanting Elijah to remain in the basement. Katherine reminds him that as Ric he is on the outs with Jenna, bringing him fully up to speed. She seems afraid of him, flinching away when he comes nears her. She asks him to kill her but he instead compels her to tell him anything the Salvatore Bros may have been hiding. She tells him that they were looking for a way for Bonnie to kill an Original.

Katherine asks Ric/Klaus once again to kill her but he seems to think that would be showing her a kindness. He instead compels her to repeatedly stab herself in the leg while he heads out. Classy gent. Katherine asks where he is going and he tells her that he wants to see the doppelganger. He leaves and Katherine begins stabbing herself.

Elena and Bonnie meet with a lawyer at the Salvatore Boarding House. Elena signs some papers, making her the sole owner of the house. Stefan and Damon wait outside, discussing whether or not Bonnie will be able to take on Klaus. Stefan is optimistic, seeing as Elijah thought it would work. The boys think that Klaus killed Katherine but neither seems particularly upset about it. Elena opens the door and the lawyer exits. Elena quickly invites Stefan into the house but delays in admitting Damon. She makes him promise to obey her rules before inviting him in. The girls leave for school, upsetting the boys. They want Elena to stay where it’s safe but she refuses to be a prisoner. Elena thinks that being with Bonnie is the safest so they take off with Stefan following.

Like Damon, I am also not assumed by the power tripping.

Like Damon, I am also not amused by the power tripping.

Matt meets Liz at Caroline’s house, nervous about how to act around Caroline. He is concerned that she wants him to take her to the dance. Liz tells him to play along until she can figure out who in town she can trust. It seems like Caroline really told Matt everything- Liz cites the Salvatore Brothers, the Gilbert family, Tyler’s wolfishness. Matt doesn’t think he’ll be able to fool her but agrees to try.

The group have settled into their seats in Ric’s classroom when Elena whips out a poster for the decade dance. Stefan doesn’t want to go but Bonnie enthusiastically agrees. Ric/Klaus arrives and asks the kids what they’ve been studying. One of the students says they’ve been covering the 60’s in honor of the dance. Ric/Klaus doesn’t have much interest, listing all the reason at the 60’s sucked.

Outside the school, Caroline gives Dana a bunch of posters and walks toward Matt. He kisses her and they confirm their plans to go to the dance together. Apparently Matt will be dressed at JFK. I know I’m excited.

Jeremy confronts Bonnie about the spell to kill Klaus. He wants to know if she has told Elena that it will kill her. Of course Bonnie hasn’t, wanting to die a martyr. She reminds Jer that he promised to keep her secret and threatens him with something vague if he tells anyone. Elena approaches them, asking Jeremy if he’s okay living alone with John at the house and if he’s heard anything from Jenna. He tells her everything is cool, Jenna’s staying on campus, then leaves. Bonnie tries to pretend like he’s upset about having to dress up for the dance and Elena believes her because she is completely stupid.

Am I the only one excited to see Little Gilbert all dressed up?

Am I the only one excited to see Little Gilbert all dressed up?

Dana joins them and tells Elena she has a message for her from a hot guy named Klaus- he wants to meet her at the dance. Bonnie and Elena quickly figure out that she is being compelled when she can only describe Klaus as a hot guy.

Elena, Bonnie, Stefan and Damon convene at the Salvatore Boarding House. The plan is for them all to go to the dance and locate Klaus. Stefan is worried that Klaus could be anybody; he was already at the school and none of them noticed. Ric/Klaus arrives because he doesn’t have to be invited in? I’m not entirely sure how that works. Elena wants to know what the plan of attack is once they find Klaus and Bonnie answers, telling them she can channel enough power to kill Klaus. Ric/Klaus is adorable, telling them it won’t be easy seeing as Klaus is “the biggest, baddest vampire around.” Damon attacks Bonnie to test her skills and she flings him aside like a rag doll. Apparently this proves to everyone that she can take down an Original.

Ric/Klaus is back at Ric’s apartment, telling Katherine she was right about Bonnie being juiced up on dead witch power. He tells Maddox the Warlock that they have to kill Bonnie. While searching for something to drink he finds a stash of vamp killing weapons. Katherine explains that he is a vampire hunter. Maddox tells Ric/Klaus that Bonnie will be able to sense him if he tries to attack her. He tells Klaus that he will have to provoke her into using enough power that it kills her. He will conduct a spell to protect Ric’s body from harm. Katherine listens in on the entire conversation.

Caroline is at her house, dressed as Jackie O, when Liz arrives. It’s adorable. She senses something is wrong with Liz, but the Sheriff chalks it up to work stress. Matt arrives and he looks seriously fine in his blue suit. There is some awkwardness when Caroline tries to kiss him but she thinks it’s just because her mother is present. Matt and Liz share a look for the happy couple takes off.

Damn. Just, damn.

Damn. Just, damn.

Elena and Stefan are in his bedroom looking through potential costumes. Stefan offers her one last opportunity to back out but she thinks the night will be fun. They exchange “I love you’s” and make out a little, excited about the prospect of killing Klaus. I gotta tell you, it’s a little weird.

The decade dance is in full swing in the MFHS gym. Everyone is dancing, including Ric/Klaus. He stops by Dana and her date Chad, asking if he and his friends would like to earn extra credit. That does not sound school related.

Bonnie and Jeremy are waiting outside when he gives her his resurrection ring. She cracks a lame joke about it not being the fifties and tells him that the ring won’t protect her because she’s supernatural. He is worried about her, citing his negative track record when it comes to girlfriends. He assures him that she’ll be powerful enough to channel the dead witch magic. Oh sure, let’s believe Bonnie. Damon, Stefan and Elena join them and the group heads inside.

They take their place at the front of the stage when Dana announces there has been a special request from Klaus to Elena. Damon tries to play it cool, telling them that Klaus is baiting Elena but she is concerned because she knows everyone there. Um, okay, because you can totally tell that in the two minutes you’ve been inside the building. Drama queen. Damon tells them to blend in so Bonnie grabs Jeremy for a dance while Damon goes to talk to Ric/Klaus. Ric/Klaus pats himself on the back for the dedication but Damon thinks it’s lame. He asks Ric/Klaus to keep an eye out before going to do his own blending in.

The couples are dancing when Caroline and Matt arrive. Stefan leaves to Care what’s happening and Damon takes over as Elena’s dance partner. It’s awesome. Elena is nervous but Damon plays it “cool as a cucumber” reminding her that they were all freaked out at the last decade dance but that turned out all right. He busts out some pretty sweet moves. You know what they say about a guy that can dance.


This is not a dance move.


This is.

Caroline asks Matt to dance and they have a really sweet moment until they are interrupted by Stefan who asks for a dance with Caroline. Matt leaves to get punch and Stefan tells Care that Klaus is present, asking her to keep an eye out for anything weird.

Damon cuts in on Jeremy and dances with Bonnie, confronting her about the conversation he overheard between her and Jer earlier. He is impressed that she would sacrifice herself for Elena and promises to keep her secret safe. He asks if there is anything she can do to increase her survival odds and she cracks a joke about him caring. Oh great, make her the most likeable she’s ever been right immediately before killing her.

Elena joins Jeremy and they watch Bonnie and Elena dance. He reassures her that everything is fine and heads out. Stefan stops by and asks her if everything is all right but she is uneasy.

Stefan finds Jeremy walking through the hallway, worrying about Bonnie. He tells Stefan that the witch channeling spell will kill Bonnie but she doesn’t want Elena to know. He wonders aloud what he is supposed to do. I actually feel bad for Little Gilbert.

Damon is dancing, quite hilariously, when Elena asks to speak with Bonnie. Damon and Bonnie exchange a look as Stefan approaches him. He asks Damon if he knew about Bonnie’s suicide mission. Damon is upset that Jeremy told Stefan and Stefan then told Elena. Stefan reminds him that he promised there would be no more secrets from Elena, but Damon isn’t remorseful about lying.

Hilarious like this.

Hilarious like this.

Elena takes Bonnie outside for her confrontation. They argue back and forth about whether or not it’s okay for Bonnie to die for Elena. Bonnie asks Elena if she would do the same if the situation was reversed, and Elena doesn’t answer. Why are all of these teens ready to die for one another? I can think of only one person I would actually die for and it’s not any of my high school friends (sorry guys).

Jeremy is walking the hallway when Chad and two of his friends approach. They being taunting Jer and punch him. Not cool bros. Stefan and Damon run in to break up the fight when one of the guys shoots a stake at Damon using a crossbow. Damon is about to kill the boys, but Stefan reminds him that they are compelled and are probably there as a distraction. He sends Damon to find Bonnie and Elena.

Ric/Klaus comes outside and tells Elena that Klaus has Jeremy. They follow him into an abandoned hallway when Elena notices that something isn’t right. They ask where Jeremy is and Ric/Klaus tells them that he had to get away from the dance. They think he was compelled but he clues them in on a little secret, he’s not Alaric. Elena puts two and two together as Bonnie uses her magic to slam Ric/Klaus into the wall. He is up quickly and rushes her, getting thrown into a display case. He threatens to possess Jeremy next if she kills Ric’s body.

Both girls run, escaping into an adjacent hallway where Damon joins them. Elena tells him that Klaus has possessed Ric’s body and he send her to find Stefan. Once she’s gone, Damon asks Bonnie if she can kill Ric/Klaus. She is worried about killing Ric’s body but Damon tells her to do whatever is necessary.

Elena runs into Caroline and Matt on the dance floor while looking for Stefan. They both notice something is wrong but Elena just tells them to stay together before spotting Stefan and going to him.

Bonnie enters the cafeteria alone where Ric/Klaus is waiting, knife in hand. She uses her magics to break his wrist but he pops it back into place. She breaks his shoulder as her nose starts bleeding from the display of power.

Elena and Stefan are running through the hallway when Damon joins them. They ask where Bonnie is and he tells him that she is “doing what she has to do”.

Bonnie is still fighting Ric/Klaus, blood gushing from her nose. Elena and Stefan arrive and she uses magic to lock them out of the room. Stefan tries to break down the door while Elena screams in the hallway. Bonnie continues to fight Ric/Klaus until she suddenly collapses and all the magic stops. Elena and Stefan rush to Bonnie, who isn’t breathing. Meanwhile, Ric/Klaus slips out unseen. Stefan tells her that Bonnie is gone, causing her to completely lose her shit, crying everywhere.

It's actually pretty badass.

It’s actually pretty badass.

Damon arrives and tells them that he’ll take care of Bonnie’s body but they need to leave. Elena shift her concern to Jeremy, and Damon tells her that he will find him. Stefan takes a still freaking Elena and leads her away. Damon puts Bonnie’s body into the trunk of his car and Jeremy joins him, saying he got his message but can’t find anyone else.

Back at home, Stefan tries to get Elena to have a drink but she can’t stop crying. She blames herself but Stefan reminds her it was Klaus who killed Bonnie. Damon arrives and Elena immediately loses her shit on him, accusing him of knowing what would happen to Bonnie. He admits that he did and she slaps him. It’s pretty brutal. He tells her that Bonnie had to die. Klaus wasn’t going to stop until she was dead.



Bonnie’s body is lying on the floor of the basement in the abandoned witch house while Jeremy lights candles around her. Bonnie awakens and they share a hug and a laugh.

Damon tells Elena that Bonnie cast a spell, and she is okay. Stefan follows him downstairs, chiding him for not sharing this part of the plan. Damon tells him that Stefan never would have Elena go through the pain of believing Bonnie is dead, which is why he will be the one to keep her alive. He is willing to let her hate him to keep her safe.

Jeremy pulls out his laptop at the witch house and whoa product placement. They REALLY want us to know about the MiFi, portable internet. He brings Elena up so Bonnie can apologize to her via webcam. How very techie.

Elena goes to Damon’s bedroom and he gives a kind of apology. She tells him that she understands why he did it but she will not allow Bonnie to die for her. He reminds her that they still need to kill Klaus who is very real and coming soon; Bonnie is the only one that can kill him. She vows to find another way before apologizing for slapping him. He tells her that he will always choose over, even if it means Bonnie really dying. It’s really quite touching. They exchange good nights and Elena leaves.


Thank you for making me feel all of the feels.

Elena heads for the creepy basement holding cell where Elijah is. She removes the dagger from his body and sits down, waiting for him to wake up.



RIC/KLAUS: “The last thing I need to do is resurrect Elijah. Ohh, that guy is a buzzkill.”

DAMON: “Something tells me he’s not going to be 16 and pimply.”

DAMON: “Come on, remember the last decade dance? The vampires were all, “ahh!” And you were all, “aahh!””


Anna Enger as Dana

Anna Enger as Dana

Mark Buckland as Chad

Mark Buckland as Chad


Last.fm_play.png “Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)” by Patrick Stump. Matt and Caroline confirm plans to attend the dance together; Jeremy asks Bonnie about the spell to kill Klaus.

Last.fm_play.png “Hush” by Kula Shaker. Ric/Klaus walks around the dancing, chatting with students.

Last.fm_play.png “Dedicated To The One I Love” by The Mamas And The Papas. Klaus dedicates a song to Elena.

Last.fm_play.png “Last Kiss” by Trent Dabbs. Stefan asks Elena to dance; Damon and Ric/Klaus discuss the song dedication; Damon dances with Elena; Stefan warns Caroline about Klaus; Damon asks Bonnie about the Klaus killing spell.

Last.fm_play.png “I Think We’re Alone Now” by The Birthday Massacre. Stefan confronts Damon about his knowledge of the Klaus killing spell; Elena tells Bonnie that she refuses to let her sacrifice herself.

Last.fm_play.png “I Wanna Be (Your Everything)” by The Manhattans. Chad and friends attack Jeremy in the school hallway.

Last.fm_play.png “Dream Lover” by The Dollyrots. Elena bumps into Caroline and Matt while searching for Stefan.


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