Live Blog: Friends, 1.10 The One With the Monkey

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy.

1.10 The One With the Monkey

– I’ve never strung cranberries or popcorn? Is this something that actual people who aren’t on TV or in movies do? If so, why? Do you eat them after?

– WTF does Ross have a monkey on his shoulder? Where does one go to purchase a monkey?


– I agree with Phoebe, why would a parent name a child Bethel?

– I think I’d be just as concerned as Monica if one of my brothers showed up in my apartment with a monkey on his shoulder. And I’d probably freak out thinking about the mess it will make.

– I’m the same age as Ross and have two roommates. It’s not pathetic, it’s a way to save money. Screw that guy.

– Yay for Phoebe’s giant scrunchie. It’s so very 90’s.


– Would you consider Joey to be jolly? He doesn’t really strike me as the Santa playing type.

– I’ve never felt pressure on New Year’s Eve. It’s just a fun party night. You don’t HAVE to kiss someone. Even when I’ve had someone, I usually just pass out at about ten anyway.

– Who asked for Phoebe to come back and sing? People really wanted to hear her kooky shit?

– Do we know how Phoebe’s mother killed herself? Apparently in the kitchen.

– Phoebe shouting at the guys in the audience for talking while she’s singing reminds me of the time I attended a Fiona Apple concert and she yelled at the audience to “shut the fuck up”.

– Hank Azaria looks like such a dork with his glasses and sweater. I much prefer him in America’s Sweethearts.


– People should use the word luminous more.

– Why did Ross name his monkey Marcel? How does he know the monkey is French? Is it because all monkeys are French? Did you know monkeys are the only animal cracker that get to wear pants?

– The Christmas tree is so small. It’s adorable. And I mean that in a totally non-sarcastic way.

– Why is there so much pink clothing? Guys and girls. It blows my mind.


– I’ve never had a guy name my breasts. I guess that they just aren’t special enough. Also, I would probably kill the person for being a creep.

– How long has Phoebe been dating David? It only seems like a couple of days have passed. And she already wants to be with him night and day. And special occasions.

– Joey’s elf outfit is THE BEST EVER. I love that Chandler’s brain seem to break with all of the joke options. I think mine would too.


– Get rid of the damn monkey. I wouldn’t want Marcel in my apartment either, knocking shit over. Especially not kitchen utensils. Who knows where those paws have been?

– How does one get into a fight with a monkey Ross? And why would you tell your neat freak sister that the monkey threw feces that morning? That would make me extra not want it in my apartment.

– David’s Marvin the Martian t-shirt is awesome. Except it makes me think of Tai’s Marvin the Martian drawing in Clueless and then I have a little sad.

– Cheers to Phoebe dating a scientist. They make the best kind of boyfriends. Especially physicists.

– I would be really mad if someone swept everything off of my desk. Like furious. I’m glad that David started clearing things off before the sweeping. My kind of guy.

– For all the talk, Phoebe and David’s first kiss was lacking some passion.


– Do friends have nicknames for each others’ significant others? I’ve never nicknamed my friends’ boyfriends. Now I feel compelled to. Hmm…

– Of course Ross doesn’t have a date for New Year’s Eve. He’s a total drip.

– Why doesn’t Ross take Marcel to a veterinarian if he thinks he is acting weird? Or, even better, some kind of monkey whisperer?

– I hope that Chandler is really screwing with Ross about Marcel being able to juggle balled up socks and a melon. That would be awesome.

– Who wants to go to Minsk in December? I would think that New York would be freezing enough!

– I love that Phoebe shouts when she is trying to pretend that everything is okay. It’s an endearing trait.

– How long is David supposed to be going to Minsk? Is it just for a couple of weeks or a few years? If it’s a short time and they are really as crazy for each other as they say, then they should be able to do the long distance thing.

– Monica’s dress is horrible. Also, wear those pasties that stop you from flashing nipples through it. No one wants to see that.


– Joey really likes the big haired girls, huh? Is he from New Jersey in 1985?

– Marcel is not a guest. Monica, please kick them out. The monkey is a menace.

– Ross needs to see a shrink. ASAP. He is far too attached to a pet monkey that he JUST received.

– WTF Rachel? Did you get hit by a bus?


– I like Phoebe’s dress. Very Renaissance-esque.


– Finally! A non-purple room in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. I didn’t know if such a thing exited.

– Why does Rachel feel the need to get all dressed up for the party when she just got her ass kicked? I think she has a legitimate excuse to miss it.

– Janice’s dress is almost as annoying as her voice.


– I almost always spill my drink on myself so Rachel and I have that in common.

– Monica’s ex-boyfriend Fun Bobby is Billy Christianson in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. I wonder if he got the gig through Lisa Kudrow.


– Why would you go to a party if your grandfather just died? That is so messed up!

– Nice use of “Into Your Arms” by Lemonheads. It’s one of my favorites. When I first heard it, I thought he was singing “I know I won’t be alone /Be alone Mandy Moore”. It was silly.

– Phoebe and David are already in love? That was CRAZY fast. Like, less than a month. And I thought I was a fast mover.

– How could anyone ever forget Phoebe? She is truly one of the most unique characters ever.

– I never watched the ball drop but hearing Dick Clark made me have another little sad.

– Chandler wants to kiss his female friends. Why is the kissing such a huge deal?

– I had to giggle when Joey kissed Chandler. He got the kiss he wanted!

– Ross, stop talking about the damn monkey already. Just stop.


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