30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 16

Day 16- Your guilty pleasure show

I don’t know that I really have a guilty pleasure TV show. I don’t feel guilty about anything that I watch; I totally own that shit. For the purposes of this post I decided to focus on the show with the most ridiculous story lines taking place in a realistic setting. Hands down, the winner is Popular.


I don’t think most people ever watched the campy WB series. I feel sorry for them because it contained some of the funniest moments I’ve ever watched and highly memorable characters. The basic premise is this: Brooke (a popular cheerleader) and Sam (an unpopular student journalist) are suddenly thrust together when their parents meet on a cruise ship and become engaged, merging the two households. The girls must learn to live together and merge their warring group of friends.

Guess which ones are the popular kids.

Guess which ones are the popular kids.

It sounds very run of the mill but if/when you watch it (because you know you want to), you’ll find that it is anything but. The parts that make it worth viewing? Please see below.

Mary Cherry is one of the most over the top characters ever created. She says things that are outrageous (and often borderline offensive). Some of her best story lines include singing “Rock Me Amadeus” at an audition for a singing competition TV show, her long-lost twin sister B. Ho arriving and taking over her life, and the time she became poor.

tumblr_m6aibzbgT71r4td3po1_250 tumblr_m6aibzbgT71r4td3po4_250

Harrison John is the hottest nerd ever. There is no way that none of his girl friends (and ALL of his friends are girls) want to bang him. In real life, all of them probably want to. At least Mary Cherry can admit to being into “Joe” as she so lovingly calls him.


People like April Tuna exist. She is mighty peculiar but I feel like every school has a couple of kids like her hidden in the woodwork.


And she is featured in scenes like this that are horrifying yet captivating:

Great little side jokes. My favorite shows are the ones you have to watch more than once to find all the stuff you may have missed.


It’s been off of the air for over a decade and I still quote it. My personal fave:


It was highly educational. I learned that you could get high from drinking cough syrup when you aren’t sick and what the word frottage means. And really, what’s better than learning?

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