Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.17 Know Thy Enemy

Isobel is standing on the porch of the Gilbert house while Jenna looks on in shock. She greets Elena by telling her it is nice to see her again, Jenna echoing the word again. Uh oh. She refers to Jenna as the woman dating her husband and asks to be invited in. Elena stops her, slamming the door in Isobel’s face. Jenna cries, upset that everyone (Elena, Ric and John) knew Isobel was still alive and didn’t tell her. She runs upstairs to her bedroom, shutting the door on Elena so she can feel all the feels in private.

The saddest of all sads.

The saddest of all sads.

Stefan fills Damon in on Isobel’s return at the Salvatore Boarding House. Katherine butts in and tells them that they should keep her presence a secret from Isobel and John. Damon reminds her that she was working with them and she responds by telling him that she is reconsidering her alliance now that she is out of the tomb. Stefan wants to know what info she s hiding, but she insists it is just for the good of the Klaus killing mission. Like anyone believes that.

Ric heads to the Gilbert house where he is greeted by Elena, who tells him that Jenna won’t come out of her room. Do you blame her? Jenna comes downstairs and tells Ric to leave, citing her rage and sense of betrayal. Can I please give her a hug? She tells Elena that she is leaving to stay on campus and work on her thesis. She instructs her to go to the Lockwood’s and accept a check from the Historical Society on behalf of her mother’s charity. Elena tries to interject but Jenna tells her that she doesn’t want to hear any more lies before leaving. Oh snap. Ric and Elena consider going after her but John creeps into the room and tells them it would be a better idea to let her go what with all the Klaus craziness happening. He takes a cheap shot by saying they should have told her the truth from the beginning and Ric is totally awesome, punching him out.


Caroline uses her car to call Stefan. This product placement totally works because I now want a car that calls people. She tells him that she can’t locate Matt, who vanished when her mom came home. He instructs her to do whatever is necessary to find him and erase his memory. She heads to the Lockwood’s where he is supposed to be cater-waitering.

Elena is in her bedroom with Stefan freaking out about the Iosbel, Jenna and Matt situations. John interrupts them, asking if they can come downstairs for a talk. It would appear that he has Isobel into the house so she can tell them about Klaus. Elena is skeptical but Stefan is willing to hear her out.

Isobel tells the group that she has been searching for Klaus since she was last in Mystic Falls. She wants to find him before he can track down Elena as a means of protecting her. During her search she began to hear rumors about the existence of a doppelganger, which her and John fear will cause other vampires to come after Elena. Elena is dismissive, reminding them that Isobel was firmly on the not caring side last time she came to town. John tries to reassure her that Isobel has been working to protect her, which is why they killed all the tomb vampires. Isobel wants to take Elena to a safe house but Elena still doesn’t trust her, telling her to get lost.

Elena ain't buying what you're selling.

Elena ain’t buying what you’re selling.

Damon, Jeremy and Bonnie go to the Martin’s apartment to grab Jonas’s grimoires. When he gave Bonnie her powers back, he also communicated to her that one of the books contained the spell necessary to channel the power of the dead witches in the killing field which Damon just happens to know the location of. Jeremy doesn’t seem pumped about looking through all the books to find the right spell but Bonnie uses her magics to find the right one.

Isobel prepares to drink blood in her safe house when she feels a presence. Katherine has come to pay a visit. Judging by the hug they give each other, the girls are long time friends. How cute. The girls sit down for a drink and discuss the situation at hand. It seems Isobel is working with Katherine, pulling a double-cross on John. He thinks she is working to protect Elena when she is really working to protect Katherine from Klaus. She has been in contact with one of Klaus’s witches who told her that Katherine could go free if they bring him the moonstone and Elena. Katherine is totally up for it, telling Isobel that she will end up dead if she sticks with the Salvatore Brothers. Ye of little faith.

Elena, Stefan and Damon are in the Salvatore Boarding House library, discussing Isobel. None of them trust her but are taking her warning seriously. Damon suggests having Elena stay at their house (BEST SLEEPOVER EVER) but Stefan reminds him that anyone can enter the house, what with it not being owned by a human, so he suggests staying with her at her house. Um, don’t they realize that Katherine, Elijah and Isobel have all been invited into the Gilbert house? Not exactly a stronghold. Elena is perturbed at having to play me and my shadow but agrees none the less. Stefan tells her he will escort her to the Lockwood Mansion for the Historical Society presentation while Damon working with Bonnie on witchy business.

Elena starts to ask Damon if he is taking Bonnie to the witch killing field but they are interrupted by Katherine and go silent. She notices the extreme lack of talking because she’s not a total fucking idiot, and asks them what the plan is. No one answers so she gives them yet another mini speech about working toward a common goal. She then asks them where the moonstone is but Damon will only tell her that he has it safe. Damon gets off a great one liner about not trusting her before she huffs off.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Carol and Liz are walking through the Lockwood Mansion while preparation goes on for Historical Society presentation. Liz tells her there was fire and blood found at a crime scene but no body. They both think vampire involvement is probable. Caroline interrupts, asking Carol if she has seen Matt which she hasn’t. She asks Caroline if Matt has heard from Tyler, which he hasn’t. Apparently the note Ty left just said that he needed time to figure things out. My mother would kill me if I came back home after vanishing like that.

Caroline sees Elena and Stefan arrive and excuses herself to speak with them. She completely loses her shit over her inability to track Matt down. She is upset that she wasn’t able to tell Matt about her vampirism on her own time rather than springing it on him. Elena and Stefan offer to help her find him once Elena has accepted the Historical Society check.

Damon, Bonnie and Jeremy head toward an abandoned house on the witch killing property. Damon tells them that he tried to save Emily Bennett from being killed there back when he thought he needed her to rescue Katherine from the tomb. They enter the house and begin walking around when Damon is suddenly stuck. Damon thinks it is Bonnie playing a witchy trick but she swears she’s doing nothing (as per usual!). His skin suddenly begins to burn! Bonnie closes her eyes and works some witchy magic and Damon is suddenly able to move again. Bonnie warns him that the witches don’t like his being there so he zips outside.

Creepy ass old house.

Creepy ass old house.

Meanwhile, Katherine is searching for the moonstone in Damon’s bedroom. She searches the entire room, including the closet and fireplace, with no luck. She gives up and washes her hands in his bathroom when she notices something. She digs in Damon’s bowl of soap bars and finds the moonstone. Can we pause for a minute and talk about how ridiculous it is that Damon keeps a bowl of soap bars on this vanity? I’ve NEVER seen that anywhere else. NEVER.

Ric walks towards his car where Isobel is conveniently waiting for him. She apologizes to him for the whole Jenna thing but Ric isn’t having it. She tells him that she compelled him to let her go despite her having loved him. Then she lets one of her male goons knock him unconscious. Awesome display of love bitch.

Damon stalks around outside the house, wondering aloud if Bonnie and Jeremy can hurry up. The witches slam the door closed in response. He gets pissed and bails. Inside, Bonnie and Jeremy are making out and reading from the grimoire. It’s an interesting mixture of activities. The spirits of the dead witches begin to whisper around them but Bonnie doesn’t understand what they are trying to say. Bonnie and Jer walk to the basement and being setting up candles. The whispers get louder and the candles are lit by magic. Bonnie announces that “they” are ready.

Back at the Lockwood Mansion, Carol presents Elena with a check for the Miranda Sommers-Gilbert Scholarship Fund. It’s all anti-climactic. John sees Isobel upstairs and asks what she is doing there. She tells him that she is there to make a distraction and bites him. Awesome. Everyone sees John’s unconscious body and heads toward him. Elena starts to follow but is grabbed by Katherine who asks to borrow her dress. Oh shit. Stefan examines John and sees the bite marks on his neck. Carol and Liz join him and Stefan feigns shock, asking if John will be alright. Liz says he’ll be fine and Stefan leaves to find Elena. He runs into Katherine, posing as her and ushers her away from the chaos.

They walk towards Elena’s car while Katherine calls Damon, telling him it must be Isobel. Stefan tells her to pass along the message that Damon needs to take care of John’s body. You know, because everyone will be in shock when John is suddenly resurrected by his ring. She hangs up and Stefan pushes her into the side of the car. The jig is up! He demands to know where Elena is but Katherine stabs him with a vervain syringe. Ouch. She tosses him into the woods on the side of the road before taking off.

This makes me giggle uncontrollably. Sorry Stefan.

This makes me giggle uncontrollably. Sorry Stefan.

Bonnie begins crying and then screaming while the voices of the witches in the abandoned house gets louder and louder. Jeremy tries to get closer to comfort her but he is thrown against the wall, pinned. Bonnie continues screaming until the voices suddenly stop. Jeremy is unpinned and goes to Bonnie who is crying. He hugs her while she tells him that she did “it”.

Carol announces to the crowd leaving the Lockwood Mansion that John just had a bad fall. Right. Damon arrives and tells Carol and Liz that John isn’t really dead on account of the resurrection ring. Carol seems unable to comprehend what is happening, seeing as John had no pulse or heartbeat. Damon tells her and Liz to come up with a good cover story before leaving with John’s body. Liz goes outside and makes a call to one of her deputies with the cover story when Matt approaches her. He asks to see Vicki’s file and confronts her about covering up the vampire attack that killed her.

Damon brings John’s body to the Salvatore Boarding House. He has blood on his hands and shirt so he goes to the bathroom to wash up. While shirtless (my favorite) he receives a call from Stefan who informs him about Katherine’s switch-a-roo. Damon begins frantically pawing through the bowl of soap (still weird) but is unable to find the moonstone. In an act of machismo he sweeps the bowl off the vanity and onto the ground.

It's kind of hot.

It’s kind of hot.

Isobel has an unconscious Elena in the backseat of her car. She receives a call from Katherine who is waiting at her house. She asks Iosbel how far away she is when Isobel apologizes to her. She tells Katherine that “he” wanted the moonstone and her. Oh shit, Isobel is just double-crossing everyone.

Katherine also doesn’t understand who “he” is, but she’ll sure find out. A warlock appears and she attempts to rush him, but he stops her with his magics. She screams before falling unconscious to the ground.

Caroline is on her porch leaving Matt a message, asking him to call her. She enters the house and he is inside waiting for her. He tells her that he accused Liz of covering up Vicki’s death so she threatened to arrest him before bringing him to the house. He tells her that he kept her secret, not thinking that Liz would believe him even if he did tell. Caroline asks why he stuck around if he was afraid of her, and he replies by telling her that he needs answers. Not just about Vicki, but her too. She promises to tell him everything that she knows.

Bonnie and Jeremy have moved outside, walking around the dead witch property. Yuck. Jeremy suggests looking for something in the grimoires that will translate the strange witch whisper chanting. Bonnie tells him that it was a warning and attempts to brush it off when Jer asks what kind of warning. Jeremy doesn’t take it lightly, so she tells him that the witches warned her against having access to so much power. As a display of said power she uses her magics to darken the sky and have a whirlwind of leaves blow around them. She thinks it’s impressive but it looks kind of pathetic.

So freaking smug.

So freaking smug.

Damon and Stefan arrive at Isobel’s house but no one is there. The boys search the house and find Isobel’s luggage before taking off.

Isobel gets out of her car at a cemetery and threatens Elena with vague violence if she doesn’t follow suit. Elena thinks that Isobel is taking her to Klaus when they stop at Isobel’s headstone. Isobel gives a lame little speech about how her parents buried the good side of her and all that’s left is the vampire side that betrays her loved ones. The receives a call from the Warlock that grabbed Katherine who tells her that he has the moonstone. She tells him the doppelganger is safe and he tells her to let Elena go. He also tells her that she is done before hanging up. She apologizes to Elena for being a disappointment before taking off her ring and meeting the sun. Good riddance.

I can't think of a more fitting end.

I can’t think of a more fitting end.

Caroline is still at her house, telling Matt about biting him in the woods and compelling him to forget. She tells him that she tried to stay away but just loves him so much that she couldn’t. She apologizes for keeping him in the dark about Vicki. He tells her that he is all alone and my heart pretty much breaks. He tells her that it’s all too much and asks her to compel him to forget. She cries but agrees.

Elena is sitting at the Salvatore Boarding House, holding Isobel’s necklace when Stefan joins her. She tells him that she is having a tiny sad about Isobel’s death and wonders why they let her go. Stefan thinks that Klaus was told Elena is protected, not running or turning herself into a vamp to stop the ritual, and thought the safest place for her was with Stefan and Damon. Damon enters the room and gives Elena the deed to their house. Stefan tells her that they are giving the house to her so she’ll have a safe haven where vampires can’t waltz in and out freely. John awakens, apologizing for whatever it is Isobel did. Elena tells the boys she needs to have a talk with good old uncle/daddy John.

Jeremy is at his house reading one of the grimoires when Bonnie enters the room. He is still worried about the warning from the witches and asks her how much power will be required to kill an Original. She tells him all of it and he becomes incensed at the fact that his new girlfriend is willing to kill herself. Oh Jeremy, such horrible taste in girls. She tells him that she is doing this to protect them all and demands that he not tell anyone before storming off.

Matt joins Liz in her cruiser on an empty street and tells her that he drank the vervain she gave him and got Caroline to tell him everything. Liz asks him to repeat it all to her while they have a sad about Caroline having died.

John sits with Elena at the Salvatore Boarding House, explaining his feelings for Isobel. He didn’t know that she was working with Katherine, despite them being close. He tells her that Isobel was the first girl he ever loved and how he truly believed her when she said she wanted Elena to be safe. He swears to do whatever Elena wants, even if that means leaving town. He starts a have a sad when she doesn’t answer and gets up to leave. He stops when she tells him that he’s her only living parent and maybe she can learn to love him.

Damon and Stefan share a drink in the library. Damon tells him that Bonnie was able to successfully do the spell to harness the dead witch power. It seems that neither Katherine nor Isobel knew of Bonnie even regaining her powers, let alone becoming super charged. Damon refers to Bonnie as their literal secret weapon. It’s horrible.

This, not so much.

This, not so much.

Katherine awakens in Ric’s apartment where the Warlock is casting a spell on someone. She gets up and sees that Ric is the someone. He gets up and the Warlock bows to him. Katherine tries to rush toward the door but is trapped inside. Ric grabs her face and greets her in Bulgarian, calling her Katerina. Oh shit, Ric has become Klaus!




STEFAN: “Call Alaric and let him know that his wife just showed up on his girlfriend’s doorstep.”

DAMON: “Great. We’ll have to put that on our list of things to do today. Harness ancient dead-witch power.”

ISOBEL: “John told me Ric was dating Auntie Vanilla. I got jealous.”

DAMON: “Let me be honest with you. Don’t mistake the fact that we haven’t set you on fire in your sleep for trust.”


Gino Anthony Pesi as Maddox

Gino Anthony Pesi as Maddox (Warlock)


Last.fm_play.png “Halfway Gone” by Piano Tribute Players. Carol asks Caroline if Matt has heard from Tyler; Caroline freaks out to Stefan and Elena about being unable to locate Matt.

Last.fm_play.png “Give Me Strength” by Snow Patrol. Bonnie storms out on Jeremy; Matt and Liz meet in her cruiser to discuss Caroline; John tells Elena why he was working with Isobel.


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