30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 15

Day 15- Favorite female character

I prefer my female characters to be strong and independent. They aren’t damsels in distress, and don’t need a man to save them when they get in sticky situations. They are head-strong and have take-charge attitudes. Basically they are Lois Lane, my favorite female in the history of time. While all versions of Lois are great, my particular fave is Lois from Smallville. What makes her so intriguing? Let’s find out!


She is extremely determined. She arrives to town on a mission, all no nonsense. She doesn’t even let the site of naked Clark Kent distract her. And that’s a pretty big distraction.


Serious distraction.

She brought some adult flavor to the show. She has a worldliness and confidence that lends some maturity that the other characters are lacking. While the others are in high school or college, she is working a full-time job and supporting herself.

Despite being fiercely independent, Lois isn’t afraid to show her flaws or be vulnerable. After her sister Lucy comes to town and causes all sorts of trouble, Lois opens up to Clark, telling him that she thinks she failed as an older sister/surrogate mother. This moment marks the beginning of their friendship.


She’s relatable. She drinks beer and eats cupcakes. Have you ever seen a female television show character grab two cupcakes so casually?


She gets all of the best one liners. Often sarcastic and/or slightly obscure, you can count on Lois to provide comic relief.

Aren't we all?

Aren’t we all?

She is extremely loyal. She comes to Smallville to investigate the “death” of her cousin Chloe and doesn’t give up, even after being shot at from a helicopter. She refuses to give the real identities of The Blur or Green Arrow, despite the HUGE boon it would be to her career.

She’s adventurous. She goes undercover frequently, often in dangerous situations or doing something that other women would find undesirable. Anyone else remember the time she went undercover at a strip club to investigate a human slavery ring involving foreign diplomats? She kicked ass, both literally and figuratively.


All of her boyfriends are crazy hot and all but one are superheroes. That’s a pretty awesome track record. And I think it says a lot about Lois. These guys see her as their equal. She’s that awesome.


Arthur Curry


Grant Gabriel

Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen

Clark Kent

Clark Kent

The slow build she has with Clark is the stuff of legends. They start off in an antagonistic friendship punctuated by sarcasm. There is a slight attraction there that is outweighed by annoyance. Just look at the way that Clark describes Lois: “Lois? She’s rude. She’s bossy. She’s stuck up. I can’t stand her!”


They gradually becomes friends and co-workers, and eventually enter into a romantic relationship. The obstacles that keep them apart (Lana, Oliver, The Blur) don’t feel as if they are placed there solely to keep them apart. Each hurdle results in further character development, all necessary for them to become the fantastic couple that they end the series as.



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