Live Blog: Friends, 1.09 The One Where Underdog Gets Away

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy.

1.09 The One Where Underdog Gets Away

– Do people really ask for advances on their salary? This isn’t anything I have ever considered. I guess Rachel is ballsier than I am. Or I know how to manage my money and she doesn’t. One of those things.

– I like that Rachel refers to her job in air quotes. It doesn’t help her case when her boss tells her that she is horrible at said job. And she really is.

– I’ve never been to a coffee shop where a waiter or waitress comes around taking orders and refilling drinks. I’ve always had to go to the counter if I wanted more to eat or drink.

– Now Rachel is asking for an advance on tips? She is off of her rocker. I would never go back to a place where the waitress asked me that.

– Phoebe’s striped shirt is kind of amazing.


– Why doesn’t Ross believe that his parents are going away for Thanksgiving? It doesn’t seem that inconceivable to me.

– Joey’s makeup looks horrible. He looks like a freaky doll. Ewww.

– Why would Ross want to eat lumpy mashed potatoes? Thanksgiving has never had a huge draw for me. Maybe it’s the whole vegetarian thing. Or my family not really being celebrators.

– The coffee shop makes the waitresses pay for broken cups? That seems really harsh.

– Why is Ross going to Carol’s? Oh, apparently to pick up his skull. Why is he loaning things from work to his ex? I don’t even talk to my ex, let alone have him borrowing me things.

– Is this Susan the same Susan from the ultrasound episode? I can’t remember.


– Why is Ross so down on Susan reading to the unborn baby? Pretty much ever baby book ever tells you to read or sing or play music for the baby as it is developing.

– Yay for Bobo the Sperm Guy. That made me giggle.

– Absolutely do not put your head inside of the turkey Ross, even if Chandler is into the experiment. Phoebe is crazy.

– I understand that Rachel wants to be independent but it’s the holidays. Most people allow their parents to pay for travel if they offer it.

– I want a grilled cheese for all of my Thanksgivings from now on. Great idea Chandler.

– And pumpkin pie. Damn.

– Why would Ross want to eat canned yams if he can have them fresh? Baked yams with butter and brown sugar are one of my favorite things.

– I hate the perfume people that spray you without warning. My allergies just can’t handle it.

– Please tell me that Obsession Girl saw that Joey was wearing makeup. Oh, even better. HE HAS VD!


– “Don’t’ Stand So Close to Me” is pretty much the only song I like by The Police. Nice choice.

– Why are businesses putting VD posters in the window? Like poeple want to see that while they’re trying to eat.

– I love Chandler’s Blossom reference. You can never have enough Blossom references.

– Ross is so freaking mopey. I can’t stand him.

– Why is Rachel so excited to go skiing? She doesn’t strike me as an outdoorsy thing of girl.

– I love that Phoebe zoomed the pumpkin pie to Chandler. It’s hilarious.

– Who eats tater tots on Thanksgiving? That’s kind of disgusting. And why is Joey trying to guilt Monica into making them? Pop them into the oven yourself. It takes like 10 minutes.

– Why would Phoebe add peas and onions to the mashed potatoes? That sounds DISGUSTING. Absolutely the pits.

– Who cares if Underdog got away? I’ve never really understood the whole parade thing anyway. Maybe that’s because I’ve only watched it once. Just doesn’t strike me as being funny.

– This Carol is definitely a different actress than in the sonogram episode.


– Yuck Ross. Do not make reference to your ex-wife’s vagina. Totally inappropriate. Also, I don’t believe that he’s ever seen it.

– Monica left the food to cook without anyone being in the apartment? Never leave the oven on if no one is there. That’s the surest way to light all of your shit on fire.

– Ross is officially the pits. I don’t blame Carol for leaving him. But I do blame her for being with him in the first place.

– What is the song that Ross is singing? He isn’t more intelligent

– Rachel is being kind of bitchy to Phoebe. Good on her for calling her out.

– Joey and Chandler should really organize the keys better. Just label them. It’s easy.

– I love that Rachel refers to Chandler as ‘Smirky’. Very accurate nickname.

– I especially love that Monica calls Joey ‘Mario’. Please tell me she is referring to the plumber.

– Don’t Monica and Rachel have a smoke detector that would have gone off? That is crazy dangerous. I mean, that’s a ton of smoke.


– I feel really bad for Monica. It’s hard to coordinate cooking that many things and no one appreciates it in the slightest bit. That blows.

– How does one sit in gravy? Poor Ugly Naked Guy.

– Why does everyone rush to the window when Phoebe tells them that Ugly Naked Guy was joined by Ugly Naked Woman? I don’t want to see one ugly naked person, let alone two ugly people.

– Now I REALLY REALLY want a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s one of my favorite meals in the world.

– Aw, Chandler. What a nice speech. One should always try to reference projectile vomiting when giving a stirring speech.

– I just got the Mario thing. Joey’s name is Mario on the VD posters. Way  to be observant kiddo.



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