30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 13

Day 13- Favorite childhood show.

Damn this was a hard one. If you read this blog on the regular, you know that I am somewhat obsessed with television. This isn’t a new thing. I have been collecting favorite television shows from a very young age. Narrowing down my favorite childhood show was next to impossible. I gave it way more thought than I should have and finally reached a decision: Denver, the Last Dinosaur.


You might be thinking to yourself, what is this show about and why is this girl so obsessed with it? Oh, let me tell you:

Dinosaurs (obviously)! I think it’s pretty clear where my fascination with dinosaurs comes from. How else would I know that Denver is a Corythosaurus? Kids aren’t born just knowing these things. Though how amazing would it be if they were?

That being said, the time traveling via egg shell to the Upper Cretaceous Period was one of my favorite parts. I got to see a wide variety of dinos, including a t-Rex. Probably my first t-Rex ever. It was awesome.


The rad theme song and intro. I can still sing the theme and do. Frequently. I know every last word, it’s like it has been seared into my memory.

Everything is so 80’s. The color palettes are bright, Wayfarers were once again a popular thing and valley speak was at its peak. Basically everything was right in the world.


My first crush (after Mike Seaver from Growing Pains) was on Mario. Yes, a cartoon character. Does that really surprise you? I thought he was totally dreamy, even though he was a little air headed. He wore the coolest clothes and rode a skateboard. I’m pretty sure it didn’t get better than that in 1990.

There's a reason he's referred to as Marvelous Mario.

There’s a reason he’s referred to as Marvelous Mario.

Casey, while annoying, was a good female role model to have. Yes, she had a crush on Mario would often do anything that he asked her to. However, she was also a legit tomboy. The boys called her for all things mechanical and she worked at her dad’s garage. Girly but still capable of handling things.

Morton Fizzback is the best name for a villain ever. I mean, seriously. Give me one other name better than this and you will win a cookie.


Sadly, most of my friends and acquaintances have never even heard of Denver, let alone seen it. It is a travesty of epic proportions. If your curiosity has been piqued or if you’re just bored, please check out the video below. It’s a high quality (well, as high a quality as something from 1988 can be) version of the pilot. I guarantee you will be shown a world you never saw before.

Honorable mention:

Jem and the Holograms, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bug Juice, DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Rugrats, Doug, Beverly Hills Teens


  1. You & Tony both loved Denver. Introducing Matt to him was fun, too. Now it’s Emma’s turn. 🙂

    1. Too bad for the rest of those punks that I was the only one who got to have a Denver stuffed dinosaur. Too bad, so sad suckers.

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