Just Listen: “Dancing With Myself”

I am a huge fan of songs that make me want to dance. I can think of no better song for the occasion than the brilliant “Dancing With Myself”. It’s extremely catchy and has the perfect booty shaking beat.

I searched the Internet for my favorite versions and yielded the following results. It’s science people. Enjoy!

Generation X (1980)

I like the really aggressive guitar featured in the original version. It compels me to put on my brightest 80’s neon spandex and bust a move. One of my patented moves involves playing an air guitar. It’s majestic.

Billy Idol (1981)

Billy remixed the song, taking it back as his own. While it isn’t really that different from the original, I wanted to include it so you could see the rad music video. Yes, rad. The creepy Peewee Herman-esque doll that is singing freaks me out but in a way that makes me giggle.

Nouvelle Vague (2006)

I love this version. It sounds almost like a completely different song. It’s very old fashioned sounding and makes me think of French cinema. Obviously my ears are being influenced by the music video.


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