30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 12

Day 12- Episode you’ve watched more than five times

There are literally dozens upon dozens of episodes I have watched more than five times. I’m big on rewatching the shows I love and definitely have go to episodes of each series. For the purpose of today’s post I wanted to pick an episode of a show I haven’t covered yet.  After careful deliberation I decided on “Let the Games Begin”, an episode of Gilmore Girls.


The relationship between Lorelai and Rory is one of my favorite ever. Their closeness reminds me a lot of the relationship that I have with my own mother. But with less banter. Between my mom and I, not between Rory and Lorelai. They are banter professionals. I love the first diner scene between them, arguing over which one of them sat at the wrong table. There is nothing like extreme exhaustion to unmotivate a person.

I am a huge fan of Rory and Jess as a couple. He was the boyfriend I always wanted growing up- intelligent, snarky, a little broody. If he grew about six inches, he would be perfect. I liked his relationship with Rory because they encouraged each other to be better versions of themselves. She got him to do school work and he got her to loosen up. Match made in heaven.

“Let the Games Begin” is the first episode where Jess and Rory are an official couple. What makes this episode worthy of multiple viewings is the realism in their relationship. They aren’t immediately comfortable together and having amazing make out times. Instead they are having interactions like this:

Who hasn’t experienced this kind of awkwardness in a new relationship? I love when Lorelai refers to this as “Episode One of ‘Rory and Jess, the Early Years'”. I especially love that Luke is completely clueless that his nephew is in a new relationship. His excitement is contagious.

The episode is full of really sweet moments, but my absolute favorite comes when Jess and Rory head upstairs to “look at a book”. They are both crazy nervous and don’t know how to interact with one another. Finally Jess asks if they can regroup and they decide to get within a foot of each other.  Then they hold hands with laced. It is the cutest freaking thing I have ever seen and I am crazy jealous. It’s a shame that Luke breaks up the attempted kiss but totally worth it for the conversation that follows between him and Jess after Rory leaves.

tumblr_lyhlby0poY1qbjvhzo5_r1_250 tumblr_lyhlby0poY1qbjvhzo6_r1_250

I tend to skip over the trip to Yale that Rory and Lorelai take with the grandparents. It just seems like territory that has been well tread- Lorelai disagrees with everything that her parents do/stand for while Rory tries not to hurt Lorelai’s feelings by pretending to not like what her grandparents like. It’s a little bit exhausting.

Lorelai’s description of “kid code” to Luke cracks me up every time, particularly Luke’s reaction. I love that he brings Rory’s sweater because it’s cold outside. Luke is the best surrogate dad ever.

Finally, we reach one of my favorite kisses. Can someone please cue “Then She Appeared” the next time I am involved in a kiss? For serious, because it’s perfect:

More hand holding and forehead touching. Jess Mariano, will you please marry me?


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