Live Blog: Friends, 1.08 The One Where Nana Dies Twice

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy.

1.08 The One Where Nana Dies Twice

– Wow, we get to see one of the gang working. Well, I guess we’ve seen all of them working? Does Phoebe have a job or does she just play music?

– Chandler, don’t hate on yourself. I would probably go on a date with you. If you promise to never wear that outfit again.


– I really want Ramen noodles. Like really bad. Thanks Chandler. Maybe we can eat some on our date.

– I thought the first time Rachel met Chandler was in the coffee shop after she ran away from her wedding. I wasn’t aware that she hung out with the group before then.

– So Ross went to college with Chandler. I’m excited to see how the connections were made between these folks.

– Ross is not funny. Smart, sure. I’ll give him that. But funny he is not.

– Maybe it’s just me, but I assume people are straight until they indicate/say otherwise. And it would have to be a pretty clear indicator, like a guy grabbing another guy’s butt.

– I have a Nana too! I don’t feel like enough people have Nanas.

– When I said I wanted to see more of Monica and Ross’s parents, I didn’t mean that someone had to go to the hospital.

– My Nana was married to my Pop-Pop!! THIS IS CRAZY!

– NANA LIVES! And she almost scared Ross and Monica to their deaths.

– I giggled when Ross’s dad said they were looking into Nana having died.

– Nana died again. Damn, that’s cold. No one should have their Nana die twice.

– Chandler’s hair is awful, not homosexual. Those are at pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum.

– Is Phoebe’s vest covered in various science things? If so, that is pretty fantastic.


– Also, Joey has an orange sweater on that’s kind of awesome. And I just realized that he has been wearing it the entire episode. Way to be observant.


– I like how Phoebe is really blase about the fact that her friend Debbie was struck by lightning on a golf course. I really appreciate the look that Chandler shoots her.

– I’ve never understood why people are so concerned with the casket that someone is buried in. If you have ever Googled caskets (which I do not recommend unless you are feeling particularly morbid), you can see the option are limitless. I found one with an interchangeable head panel. Because I’m going to care whether or not the head panel is white or cream WHEN I’M DEAD.

– I love the visual of Ross crawling into Nana’s closet. How did the armoire get in there?


– Can you still bury people at sea? Sounds like another Google search to me.

– I love that Chandler’s coworker wanted to set him up with a dude named Lowell. Every time I hear that name I think of Lowell the mechanic on Wings.

– Please bury me in a lemon-yellow pantsuit! That sounds FANTASTIC.

– You can’t wear red shoes with a burgundy dress. What is Ross thinking?

– People are touched by the strangest things when they go through the items a loved one left behind. I’m not sure I would get sentimental over Sweet and Low packets, but I understand why Ross might.

– I do not care for Rachel’s new shoes. Even if they are from Italy.


– I had the same thought as Chandler- they do all look nice dressed up. I don’t think that makes him sound gay.

– The headstones in the cemetery are all SUPER CLOSE together. And lined up in perfect rows. Basically my kind of cemetery. And it’s super creepy that I just typed that.


– I’m very curious about funeral services. I’ve only been to one funeral and am interested in the various traditions. That’s probably a little morbid

– This is the most awkward group of people to ever attend a funeral. Joey is watching a football pregame, Rachel is complaining about her shoes, and Phoebe is remarking on what a great day it is. They are not funeral material.

– How does Ross miss A GIANT GAPING HOLE in the ground? He has to be the most oblivious person ever.

– Ross on painkillers is fabulous. I love when he puts his hand through Phoebe’s hair.

– Why is Rachel wearing a blue plaid dress to a funeral? It seems incredibly out of sorts.

– Rachel should just push Ross off of her. She’s strong enough and he’s probably doped up enough to not wake up.


– Nana sounds exactly like Mrs. Gellar. I guess women really do turn into their mothers. Oh shit.

– Why would you waste your last words with someone by telling them all of the things they do wrong? I understand the point that Monica was trying to make, but fail.

– Mr. Gellar has excellent comedic timing. I hope I get to see more of him. Without the dead people.

– Can I please have a dino-mite t-shirt? I LOVE me some dinosaurs.

– Best line goes to Joey who thought naked Ross was naked Monica.

– Okay, Lowell is NOT in Chandler’s league. Brian is kinda handsome but I think Chandler could get him.



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