30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 11

Day 11- Show that disappointed you


Fucking Ringer. It starred my biggest of all girl crushes, Buffy Summers herself, Sarah Michelle Geller. It had Mr. Fantastic from Fantastic Four. Logan freaking Echolls shows up. This should have been my favorite show EVER. I gave it a five episode chance to win me over. No dice. Biggest disappointment ever. That I didn’t even make it to Jason Dohring speaks volumes.

The first sign that this show might just suck was the fact that more was spent on the clothing budget than the CGI. Now, I’m all for clothes. I love a good dress just as much as the next girl. But maybe you should dress SMG in H&M rather than using super shitty green screen effects. Just a thought.

I didn’t feel anything for the characters. I didn’t understand Siobhan’s motivations. For anything that she did. She hated her sister (for some undisclosed reason involving a child) and seemed to hate her husband. Watching her fake her own death and gallivant around Paris wasn’t exactly endearing. Especially once it was discovered that she was pregnant.

Bridget was only slightly better. She thought she could protect herself by replacing the sister who vanished. Understandable. Oh wait, except that means you have to bang her husband and play mother to her stepdaughter. The ick factor is just too high.

Speaking of horrible stepdaughters, Juliet was THE PITS. The whole poor little rich girl thing has been done a million times over, and by much better actresses. Zoey Deutch couldn’t emote her way out of paper bag. She almost wins the prize for most annoying character ever. Almost.

At the end of the day, the slow pacing and lack of forward momentum were too much for me. There wasn’t a compelling enough story to keep me interested. Combine that with the abysmal characters and atrocious dialogue, and I give up. Maybe next time SMG.


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