30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 9

Day 09- Best scene ever


This was the hardest challenge so far. Did I go with an amazing first kiss or a tear-jerking finale? A moment that made me laugh aloud or sob like a baby? The options are limitless.

I ultimately decided on Nick singing “Lady” to Lindsay on Freaks and Geeks. I am a big fan of awkwardness. I think it is hilarious when other people are placed in awkward situations. If I get to watch them unfold, it’s even better. This is pretty much the most awkward interaction ever:

First of all, what is Nick doing waiting by the door? He has to know that it’s not cool. I still let the phone ring at least two or three times when my boyfriend calls. Even if I already had the phone in my hand. The crazed look in his eyes doesn’t help. It kind of makes him look like a serial killer. An adorable one, but a serial killer none the less.

The creepy lurking/close standing that he does as Lindsay looks at his basketball trophies isn’t helping. No one wants to turn around and bump into another person. Not when the ENTIRE ROOM is empty.

The real kicker is the giddiness on Nick’s face as he brings Lindsay to the basement. You can tell he’s really impressed with himself for busting out the tie-dyed sheet on the couch and lighting some candles. Whoever handled set design was a genius, because I totally buy this being a teenage boy’s idea of romantic ambiance. Lindsay’s expression is priceless- no smile.

As I watch, I kind of look like Nick when he starts the record because I begin laughing in anticipation of what is going to happen then I remember that he is trying to be serious, so I put on my serious face. Except I can’t stop giggling, so the cycle repeats over and over. I pretty much lose it when he gestures to the lyrics.

The Taylor Swift-esque spoken word portion makes my head explode. I want to know exactly how many times he practiced his speech along with the record. You know he went over it at least a dozen times to make sure it matched up perfectly with the chorus. This doesn’t just happen spontaneously.

Finally, the pièce de résistance: “All guys wanna make out. But I just wanna hold you.” Epic awkwardness achieved.



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