30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 8

Day 08- Show everyone should watch


I truly believe that Sherlock has the power to appeal to everyone. Airing on BBC, this show places Sherlock Holmes in contemporary Britain. Each episode updates one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, illustrating how Sherlock would solve it using modern technology. It is amazing. Why everyone should watch:

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are national treasures. British treasures, but treasure none the less. Cumberbatch plays Holmes with the exact amount of cold, analytical intelligence to make you believe he is an outsider but also a person that others wold care about. It’s a limited number of people, but they exist and care greatly for him. The most significant person in his life is his flatmate John Watson, played by Freeman. Watson is meant to contrast Sherlock. Where Sherlock is tall, Watson is short. Sherlock is distant and calculating while Watson is warm and unassuming. Martin Freeman embodies the quiet patience of Watson. Both actors make me believe that the friendship between Sherlock and Watson is genuine. These guys are the real deal.


The character Sherlock is incredibly witty. He is very dry and acerbic. I appreciate his sense of humor immensely.


The plots are fascinating. I haven’t read any of the Sherlock Holmes stories for quite some time so I find myself surprised at the outcome of each episode. The writers are brilliant at misdirection. Red herrings abound! Who is Moriarty and what does he want? Is Sherlock really a villain or is he doing good works? The show will make you question everything you know.

Watching Sherlock go to his “mind palace” is a thing of beauty. It amazes me that people actually think this way. Learn how to construct your own if you dare.

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The show has a high level of rewatchability. I’ve seen each episode at least three times and enjoyed every viewing. I attempt to pick up on smaller details each time I watch, becoming more and more like Sherlock himself. It’s almost like a game to put together the connections as quickly as he can. I lose every time but it is still intriguing.

Beautiful camera work and flawless editing. Transitions like this make it fun to watch again and again:


Maybe it’s because I’ve never been overseas, but even average streets seem to be steeped in history in England, giving it a certain beauty. Anyone up for a Sherlock Holmes Tour of London? Because apparently this is a thing that exists and I want to go NOW.

Photos from FancyPantsWatson






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