Live Blog: Friends, 1.07 The One With the Blackout

More thoughts on Friends as I watch each episode. I encourage you to watch along (if possible), as my comments will probably make more sense. Or you can have fun conjuring up your own images based on what you read. Either way, enjoy.

1.07 The One With the Blackout

– I really want to hear Phoebe’s song about the moment you realize what life is all about. Does everyone have this moment? And if so, when does it typically occur? Just give me a ball park age bracket.

– I’m digging Chandler’s long black coat, which is surprising because I usually question his fashion choices.


– I REALLY want to see more of Monica and Ross’s parents. I feel like it would explain so much about the characters if we really got to know them.

– The woman trapped with Chandler doesn’t look like any Victoria’s Secret model that I remember. I’ll admit I don’t have much knowledge of their models, particularly those in the mid-90’s, but her face doesn’t ring any of the bells.

– I like the word vestibule. I wonder how many times Chandler will say and/or think it.

– Chandler should probably not walk over to Jill pumping his fists/ kind of doing a strange dance. That’s not the way to meet women. Sorry to break it to you bro, it’s just creepy.


– I giggled when Joey walked in with the menorah. I can’t tell you why it’s funny, IT JUST IS.

– I’m loving Joey’s pink t-shirt.


– If Phoebe says that Ugly Naked Guy lit a bunch of candles, why do they all go to look? The fact that his nickname is Ugly Naked Guy would make me stay as far away from the window as possible.

– Jill’s cell phone is hilarious. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a phone like that is real life.

– Keep smiling Chandler, I love it. It actually makes you less creepy than the weirdo scowl that you’re giving.

– Jill can totally tell what Chandler is mumbling to Monica. And she is probably getting worried that he has some sort of stroke between her giving him the phone and him walking over to the corner.

– Having sex on a pool table sounds chafing. Having sex in a library bathroom sounds disgusting. Having sex in Milwaukee sounds boring. Having sex on It’s a Small World sounds traumatic. I’m all for the foot of the bed.

– I’m surprised by how disorganized Monica’s refrigerator is. For a neat freak, it looks awfully sketchy in there.

– Having sex in gross/weird places is not about passion. Horniness and passion are totally different things.

– Now I want to play miniature golf. Thanks a lot Rachel.

– Thanks you Joey for stating the obvious- it’s never going to happen between Ross and Rachel. I mean, I know it does eventually but it’s highly unrealistic.

– And thanks for distinguishing the difference between running fingers through hair and giving a tousle. They are two totally different things.

– I’ve never asked anyone if the gum they are giving me is sugarless. Is that a thing that people do?

– Don’t eat mangled animal carcass Chandler. Please don’t.

– I love the hug between Joey and Ross. Yay for manly friendship hugs!

– Why doesn’t Joey just tell Monica that Ross wants to ask Rachel out? They are all adults. I’m sure she would be okay with Ross making a fool out of himself.

– Why can’t we see Chandler get bit by a peacock at the zoo? That would probably be my favorite episode EVER.

– WTF is the vest that Phoebe is wearing? It looks like a hippie threw up.


– So Monica had a crush on Joey when he moved in. I’m not surprised. I kind of want to refer to small crushes as dents now.

– That cat is fucking ugly. But still more attractive than Ross.

– Yay for Joey accidentally spilling wax on Ross. It made me have a laugh.

– “Gum would be perfection.” I’m going to say this to someone.

– I love when Chandler is a drama queen. “I loathe myself!” There was a BuzzFeed article that I read a while back about how Chandler is like a teenage girl. It’s been pretty spot on so far.

– The guy holding the cat is not hot. Puke.


– Joey’s teeth are fine. Monica doesn’t have to be a hater.

– I love that Monopoly is the universal language. EVERYONE knows the Monopoly.

– Bubbles have a boyish/impish charm? Sorry Chandler, not what I would be looking for in a mate. Also, DO NOT pick up the gum that you just spit onto the table. That is SO nasty.

– I just noticed that Chandler is wearing a hideous vest under his nice jacket. And things were going so well.


– Kudos to Jill for the perfectly reference. Nice to see a model with a sense of humor. An actual one, not a crazy Tyra Banks one.

– Don’t hate on the Italians Ross. You’re just jealous and it isn’t very becoming.

– Why does Phoebe want to bite ugly Paolo’s bottom lip? He looks like a sleazeball.

– I want to go to Bermuda. Even if I have to go with Barry. But I don’t think I’d rent a moped. I’m not so great with automobiles.

– How does Ross think him and Rachel are even remotely a thing? They haven’t had a single date yet. Chatting as friends does not constitute a thing. Also, she would totally be able to hear you from the kitchen. The apartment is not that large.

– What adult uses the insult crap-weasel? Lame.

– Chandler, please never whip a pen around again. You have officially turned an innocent pen into a deadly weapon.

– I want to turn off the lights and make scary/haunting sounds. Will someone please do this with me?

– I love how Joey chooses this opportunity to tell Ross about having to throw a surprise party for Monica. Priceless.

– Why would Jill kiss Chandler? I know it’s on the cheek and they had some sort of bonding experience, but that would never happen in real life. Sorry, no dice.


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