Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.12 The Descent

Jules awakens naked in the woods with blood smeared on her lips. Looks like someone wolfed out! She walks around a campsite, finding mutilated bodies all around. She dresses in some clothes she finds and starts to gather to limbs of the campers into a pile. She sets them on fire because she is a psychopath and a policeman arrives. She turns on the waterworks as he approaches, asking if she is okay. She tells him that a wolf came in the night and killed all of her friends. Which is why their body parts are currently on fire? The officer heads toward his car to call it in but she clocks him with a branch, killing him. Not cool. Guy was just trying to do his job as a public servant and got killed for it. I pretty much hate Jules.

Not conspicuous at all.

Elena enters Stefan bedroom, where he is kind of creepy, standing behind her until she wonders aloud if he is standing right behind her. They share in morning smooches as Elena tells him that she never wants to be apart again. Stefan, being the total moment ruiner that he is, can’t help but bring up Klaus and Elena’s death being a key component in the spell he is trying to break. Oh that. As she opens a drawer and pulls out a vial of vervain, Elena reminds him that Elijah promised to keep her and hers safe as long as she goes on living her life as normal. She asks Stefan to stay away from Isobel but he wants to use her to get answers. She offers a glass of diluted vervain to Stefan who drinks until it makes him sick. He thinks that the Originals can compel other vampires and wants to be prepared. More smooching commences.

Meanwhile, Rose is in the library growing more ill from her werewolf bite. She is telling Damon how she has been alive for 560 years, and is ready to die. Damon is having none of that, threatening to stake her if she is going to be mournful. He reminds her that the fatal werewolf bite is a legend and offers her a glass of blood, citing its healing properties. He inspects her wound which has gotten way ickier (if such a thing is possible). He tells her it looks better, prompting Elena to agree with him when she enters the room. She lies and says it isn’t bad, but Rose saw the expression on her face when she first saw the bite.

What's the opposite of awesome looking?

What’s the opposite of awesome looking?

Elena came to beg Damon to stop Stefan from speaking with Isobel. No such luck. He agrees with his little brother (for once). He asks Elena to watch Rose, telling her that Rose is probably going to die from whatever infection the bite has caused. He tries to make light of the situation, talking about how death happens and Rose should just die already to get rid of the gloom, but anyone who knows Damon can tell it’s just talk.

Caroline is at Mystic Falls High School, checking in on Tyler while the other students prepare for the Booster Club Barbecue. She congratulates him on getting through his first transition without breaking out and killing anybody. She thinks the transition will get easier with each moon as he learns to control it but Ty isn’t so sure. He thanks her for being there for him. It’s pretty cute. She tells him that they should reinforce the wall seeing as he almost got her one time and a werewolf bite would be fatal. Ty kind of freaks, unaware of the precise level of danger that Caroline put herself in to help him. Matt joins them and asks to talk to Care, so Tyler leaves. Matt stumbles through a really awkward speech about Caroline always telling him the truth, and him wanting to be straight with her. He mentions crossed wires and kisses her. KISSES HER. She tells him that he can’t (WTF?) and runs off without explanation. Damn, that’s cold.

Looks like she's feeling it to me.

Looks like she’s feeling it to me.

Jules joins Sheriff Forbes at the Mystic Grill bar, introducing herself as a friend of Mason’s. She asks if there has been any news, which of course there hasn’t. Liz tells her that she’s opened an investigation but doesn’t have any leads. Meanwhile, Alaric (sneaky peeky spying) calls Damon and alerts him to Jules’s presence at the Grill. As she sits at a table, Stefan joins Ric. He asks if he knows how to get in touch with Isobel. Ric reminds him that Isobel can’t be trusted but offers to look for an old number he had for her, telling Stefan he will text it if he finds it.

Back at the Salvatore Boarding House, Elena puts Rose to bed in Damon’s room. Rose is upset about being sick, lamenting being taken care of. Elena is surprised by the things she finds (Gone With the Wind) and doesn’t find (creepy silk sheets) in Damon’s bedroom. Rose tells Elena that she is lucky to be loved with such intensity. It seems that life on the run from Elijah and Klaus prevented Rose from having a special friend which makes her (and me) have a sad. She asks Elena why she’s giving up and taking the easy way out (i.e. going with Elijah’s plan). She also questions whether Bonnie actually destroyed the moonstone. Elena doesn’t trust the other witch involved, so no, she doesn’t think it was destroyed. Rose doesn’t understand why Elena doesn’t at least try to run.

Why, hello, Damon's bedroom. Let's get better acquainted.

Why, hello, Damon’s bedroom. Let’s get better acquainted.

She falls asleep and Elena starts to leave the room until Rose begins talking in her sleep about preparing the horses. Suddenly she bolts upright in pain, begging Elena for blood. Elena hands her a glass that she drinks from hungrily before vomiting the contents back up all over the bed. That blows. Elena momentarily leaves the room and when she comes back, Rose is nowhere to be found. She turns around and Rose attacks her, pushing her into a wall. She blames “Katerina” for betraying her, thinking it led to her bite. Elena points out that she’s not Katherine, bringing Rose back to reality. She apologizes for losing her mind, asking Elena not to be afraid of her. She lays back on the bed, scared of what is happening to her. Elena tries to distract her from the pain by having her describe her home in St. Austell. It’s a touching moment but the whole bed being covered in blood thing really takes away from it.

Stefan is being ultra creepy at the Grill, watching Jules while she eats. He receives a phone number from Ric via text but there is no answer when he calls. He leaves a message for Isobel, asking that she call him back. He sees Damon enter the Grill and head towards Jules, rushing to stop him. Stefan tells Damon that he knows he is worried about Rose, but a crowded restaurant is not the place for a confrontation. Damon is agitated that everyone thinks he’s upset about Rose. He echoes the party line from earlier about all vampire dying and ditches Stefan who receives a call from Isobel’s number.

Damon joins Jules at her table, threatening to kill her if she doesn’t give him the cure for a wolf bite. She is mighty over confident, telling Damon she’ll bite him next time. He grabs her arm as she tries to leave, reminding her how stupid she is to not be afraid of him. Jules is a super bitch, telling him that Rose is in unbearable pain and will start experiencing dementia soon. She claims the only cure is a stake through the heart. Like I said, BITCH.

Can Elijah please appear and rip her heart out? Thanks.

Can Elijah please appear and rip her heart out? Thanks.

Elena enters Damon’s bedroom with clean sheets but Rose has booked it. Elena follows a trail of empty blood bags into the basement where she finds Rose, surrounded by drained bags. Rose calls her Katerina and begins to chase after her. Elena runs, screaming all the while that she’s not Katherine. Rose catches her and knocks her to the floor, but Elena is able to rip open the curtains. She runs while Rose burns in the sun, almost making it to the front door but Rose catches up and tries to bite her. Elena fights hardcore, going for the disgusting wound, buying her enough time to barricade herself in Stefan’s room. She opens the curtains so the sun can stream in and breaks a wooden chair to make a stake. Rose tries to open the door, begging Elena for help.

Matt finds Caroline in the hallway at MFHS, confronting her about running away after he kissed her. I know, chick is loco. She says she was caught off guard and apologizes. He prompts her to speak what she’s feeling, so she tells him that she loves him and my heart officially breaks. He responds by saying he loves her and reminding her that she can tell him anything. A random cheerleader named Dana approaches asking for burgers and Caroline vanishes while Matt politely tells her to get lost. That’s my Matt, always a gentleman.

Night has fallen at the Salvatore Boarding House, where Elena is still hiding in Stefan’s bedroom. After a period of silence, she heads downstairs to investigate. The front door is open and Rose is gone. Elena turns around to find Damon who wants to know where Rose is. Uh oh.

Rose is in the parking lot at MFHS, stalking a maintenance worker who is throwing out trash. He sees her and asks if she is okay. In return Rose bites his beck, draining him before allowing his lifeless body to drop to the ground. Rose is one cold blooded gangster.

Not a good look.

Not a good look.

Damon joins Sheriff Forbes in the MFHS parking lot; the dead maintenance worker has been found. Liz thanks him for coming over and tells him that one of her deputies found the body, which was most definitely the result of a vampire attack. She tells her deputies to move the barbecue inside the cafeteria while she and Damon check the perimeter. Elena, also on hand, leaves Stefan a voicemail asking him to call her. Damon hands her a stake and tells her to come with him.

A young couple walk toward their car in the parking lot, discussing the “heart attack” that the maintenance worker had. The girl gets in the car but the boy doesn’t. She calls out his name and his body falls on the car. She screams and fumbles out of the car but Rose is there. She bites the girl just as Damon arrives, demanding that she stop. Rose launches herself at him, but he is able to catch her and pin her to the ground. He reminds her of who he is, bringing her to reality once again. She sees the body girl on the ground and apologizes to Damon and Elena for hurting her. She begins crying as Damon picks her up, carrying her home.

Rose and Damon are in his bedroom, Rose apologizing once again for her mini killing spree. Elena enters the room, earning her an apology too. Rose gives a cough that sounds close to a death rattle, prompting Elena to comfort her. She tells Elena that you never forget being human before pain overtakes her body, leaving her screaming. Damon tells Elena to go before climbing into the bed, holding Rose. She begs him to make her pain stop.

Tyler is sitting outside of Caroline’s house when she arrives home. He tells her they need to talk; he doesn’t understand why she would put herself in danger by watching over him while he transitioned. Care tells him that she cares about him and wanted to help him. So he kisses her. That lucky bitch. She freaks out, yelling that everyone needs to stop kissing her before running inside the house.

Those puckered lips look a lot like Caroline being an active participant.

Those puckered lips look a lot like Caroline being an active participant.

Damon is still with Rose, comforting her. She tells him that he is a nice guy but he shushes her to sleep. He enters her dream, where she is sitting in a field at the home she described earlier to Elena. They have some back and forth about whether humanity is something to be desired and if being on run constitutes as really living. Rose thanks Damon for taking away her pain as he holds her in his arms, hands interlocked. In reality Damon has let go of her hand and taken out a stake, pointing it toward her heart as his eyes tear up. Back in the dream Rose challenges Damon to a race, starting to count to three. In his room, Damon drives the stake through her heart, crying as she dies.

Man tears generally make me uncomfortable, but he is just so damn beautiful.

Man tears generally make me uncomfortable, but he is just so damn beautiful.

Damon meets Sheriff Forbes and tells her that he killed the vampire. She thanks him for keeping the town safe before he leaves to bury Rose’s body.

Tyler meets Jules at the Mystic Grill per her request. She tells him that she wants to be friends and she knows about him and Mason being werewolves. She also tells him that she knows Caroline is a vampire, surprised that he isn’t able to smell them (the vampires that is). Realizing that he is brand new, she offers him help. When he asks if she knows where Mason is, she says he is dead, killed by Caroline and her vampire friends. Ty is confused, thinking Caroline is the only vampire in Mystic Falls. Jules clues him in that the town is crawling with vamps but assures him that they will be okay, what with the additional wolves that will soon be rolling into town. Oh shit.

Damon arrives back home only to be greeted by Elena, with a glass of scotch already prepared. He tries to brush her off when she inquires as to his state of mind, but she holds fast. She reminds him that she’s his friend and as such can tell when he is hurting. He initially pretends to be okay with Rose dying but quickly changes his tune, lamenting being the one alive. Elena tries to assuage his guilt, only to have him turn the tables, accusing her of having given up. She hugs him and wishes him a good night before leaving.

This had the potential to be really sweet if he had returned the hug. Instead it looks mildly comical.

This had the potential to be really sweet if he had returned the hug. Instead it looks mildly comical.

Stefan is waiting for Elena when she returns him, telling her that he tried to contact Isobel. While he wasn’t able to get a hold of her biological mother, he got the next best thing- biological father/Uncle John. Oh goody (she writes with as much sarcasm as a computer can muster).

A girl is driving when she sees a man’s body in the middle of the road. She stops and rushes to help him, him being Damon. He sits up, telling her that he is lost. Not geographically, but metaphorically and existentially lost. She offers him help but changes her tune once she realizes that he is drunk. She starts to leave but he begs her to stop, compelling her not to move. He forces her to tell him her name (Jessica) and launches into a very sad monologue:

“I have a secret, I have a big one and I never said it out loud. I mean, what’s the point? It’s not gonna change anything, it’s not gonna make me good, make me an adopt a puppy. I can’t be what other people want me to be, what she wants me to be. This is who I am, Jessica… I’m not human and I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world! That is my secret but there is only so much hurt a man can take.”

Jessica begs him not to hurt her and he lets her go. She runs to her car but Damon rushes over, having changed his mind. He bites her, killing her to keep his secret.

Damn you for making me feel ALL THE FEELS this episode.

Damn you for making me feel ALL THE FEELS this episode.


Unknown amount of campers, policeman, maintenance worker, boyfriend and girlfriend, Rose and Jessica



Last.fm_play.png “Impossible” by Anberlin. Tyler thanks Caroline for being with his during his transformation.

Last.fm_play.png “The Last Time” by The Daylights. Jules asks Sheriff Forbes about Mason; Damon asks Alaric to help him find Isobel.

Last.fm_play.png “The Mall & Misery” by Broken Bells. Stefan leaves a voicemail for Isobel.

Last.fm_play.png “Take Me To The Riot” by Stars. Matt asks Caroline why she ran away after he kissed her.

Last.fm_play.png “Country Lane” by Telekinesis. Sheriff Forbes shows Damon the body of the maintenance worker; Rose attacks a couple getting into their car.

Last.fm_play.png “I Like It A Lot” by Death Ships. Jules tells Tyler that she thinks Mason was murdered by vampires.

Last.fm_play.png “DLZ” by TV On The Radio. Damon attacks Jessica.


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