30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 4

Day 04- Your favorite TV show ever


This will probably be the easiest of all the questions to answer. Unequivocally my favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As if there could be any competition. What about Buffy slays the competition (lame pun intended)? Let’s bullet this shit:

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is an amazing actress. For anyone that doubts this, I direct them to watch “The Body”. The way she handles her mother’s death is one of the most realistic portrayals of mourning I have ever seen. I start to cry when she tells the dispatcher that her mother is cold and becomes confused/offended when the dispatcher refers to Joyce as “the body”. EVERY TIME.


  • Multiple females are featured as positive role models. Not only do you have Buffy fighting the good fight against evil, but Willow, Cordelia, Tara, and Anya. To break them down into their most basic character traits would be doing them an injustice but I’m trying to keep this post quick. I could write multiple theses on this show. Willow teaches girls that it’s okay to be smart and a little geeky; you don’t have to dumb yourself down for other people to like you. Cordelia has amazing confidence and self-esteem. Tara shows a more loving, caring side. Anya displays the virtues of being honest. All great traits from great girls.
  • The Scoobies are the  best gang of friends a girl could have. They are all multifaceted and bring something vital to the group. I mean, watch “Primeval”. Manus, Spiritus, Animus and Sophus all come together to be absolutely devastating. That’s what your friends should bring to the table.


  • You can’t beat the dark comedy. For such a serious premise (one girl in all the world to fight against the forces of darkness), this show keeps you laughing. The writers understand comedic timing. I love pretty much everything that comes out of Oz’s mouth in particular.
tumblr_mgw82hD9Jj1rl5wxdo1_250 tumblr_mgw82hD9Jj1rl5wxdo2_250
tumblr_mgw82hD9Jj1rl5wxdo3_250 tumblr_mgw82hD9Jj1rl5wxdo4_250
  • The “Big Bads” are fully fleshed out characters. No one note psychos here. We are presented with history and motivations for each of their actions. The Master wanted to open the Hellmouth to bring about Hell on Earth. Drusilla was tortured to the point of insanity by Angelus and sought to help him bring about the end of the world. The Mayor wished to Ascend, transforming into an original demon. Adam intended to form an army of biomechanical demonoids, similar to himself. Glory was a goddess from an alternate dimension who was banished to live on Earth and wished to go back home. Willow dealt with both an addiction to dark magic and the overwhelming grief of losing her true love. The First was the personification of  evil, striving to eliminate the Slayers forever. We grew to understand and even like (or perhaps cheer for) the villains.
  • Each episode is a metaphor for the trials and tribulations that we encounter in real life. “I Robot, You Jane” warns against befriending strangers on the Internet. “Innocence” is about the change in personality that a person can encounter after becoming intimate. “Reptile Boy” touches on date rape and the fraternity culture. While some of the metaphors are more obvious and heavy handed (here’s looking at you, “Beer Bad”), I still appreciate what Whedon and Co. were attempting to accomplish.
  • Buffy has the hottest boyfriends. Stinky Parker Man doesn’t count.

-Angel-Buffy-1x07-bangel-2578066-635-458 Scott 529727-katseluikkuna_27 BtVS S03E08 Spike

I could continue to go on and on but I suggest watching for yourself. Or at the very least reading this. It’s worth the two minutes it takes to browse through.


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