Live Blog: Friends, 1.06 The One With the Butt

Continuing to make my way through Friends, one episode at a time. Please enjoy as I share my thoughts.

1.06 The One With the Butt

– The episode begins somewhere other than the coffee shop! Expectations have officially been averted.

– Why would Monica bring a magazine to a play? Don’t they dim the lights during the show?

– I love Phoebe’s comment about the exclamation point in the title of the play. Freud! sounds awesome.

– I giggled when Ross said, “Magic is about to happen” when the lights dimmed.

– Joey sings a song about a penis with a fake German accent. Dancing is involved. And it almost made me pee my pants.


– I laughed when Chandler described 10 o’clock to Ross. How can he be that oblivious?

– Bonus points to Phoebe for describing Chandler as a “nothing guy”. Chandler is my favorite!

– Why does Chandler have such a hard time flirting with the woman in the crowd? He’s a handsome, funny guy.

– I now want to see the things Joey did with the trolls. That was literally all the description I needed to have my interest piqued.

– I love that Chandler is honest with Joey, telling him it was an awful play. Friends should always be honest.

– Who the fuck is named Aurora? As an Italian, I’m calling bullshit on this.

– Estelle is a trip. I love her crazy hair and smoker’s voice.


– I bet Estelle actually does want to make out with Joey on the top of the Empire State Building. Let’s be real for a moment.

– I WANT A MAGIC EYE RIGHT NOW. I will see ALL the pictures.

– Poor Chandler, on a date with a married woman. A married woman who dates multiple people.

– Or good on him for dating a woman that just wants him for fun and sex? To each their own.

– I don’t believe that it’s Ross’s fantasy to be in an open relationship. He seems far too clingy.

– Why does Chandler wear so many vests? Was this a really popular 90’s things that I have been unaware of?


– I love Monica’s aggressiveness over the moving of the ottoman. I fear that I would act the same exact way.

– Yay for Phoebe being able to call Monica out on being a little psycho when they lived together. Most people I know would be afraid.

– Why would you wait to pay the bills until you receive a notice from the company? That’s not being uptight. That’s being responsible.

– Never tell a girl she’s like her mom. Just do not do this.

– Joey’s telephone is hilarious. Is that supposed to be a cell phone? It looks like something Zach Morris would use when he called a time out.


– Joey is going to be a butt-double? Giggles. So many giggles.

– Joey wants to moisturize his butt? Monica- do not let him use your tweezers to pluck a hair from his butt! You have to put those things on your face later.

– Now I REALLY want a glass of orange juice. Thanks a lot Rachel.

– I didn’t know you were supposed to scrub Teflon with a plastic brush. I just put mine in the dishwasher. Whoops.

– Do you get goosebumps on your butt? I guess I’ve never really checked and/or thought about it before?

– The face Joey makes during the shower scene is ridiculous. Why is he mugging?


– I’ve never heard of an angry butt. Or a quietly desperate butt. Who knew a butt could be so contemplative?

– Aurora has yet another boyfriend? So one husband and three boyfriends? Busy busy girl.

– I like that Chandler has a basketball hoop in his bedroom. That is fantastic. It makes me want to shoot some hoops from the bed.


– Yay for Chandler calling Ross out on his use of the term “big guy” for Joey.

– Why are there so many turtlenecks? Joey is wearing a turtleneck. Monica is wearing a turtleneck. That is far too many turtlenecks in one room.

friends01060742 friends01060746

– I love the hug between Chandler and Ross. Hugs as a way to make fun of your friends are the best.

– Why is Monica’s ENTIRE apartment painted purple? That’s insane.

– I wonder if any of the cast members still remember the lyrics to the penis song from Freud! Someone, get on this.


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