Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.11 By the Light of the Moon

Tyler is at the Lockwood Mansion, re-watching videos of Mason’s transformation in his father’s office. He attempts to call Mason, leaving a voice mail begging him to call. Ty is freaked out about changing during the full moon that just happens to be tomorrow.

A woman in Mason’s apartment listens to Tyler leaving his message on the answering machine. I didn’t think people even had those any more. It’s all about the cell phone.

Elena is in her bedroom with Bonnie, asking what she is going to do with the moonstone. Bonnie tells her that she wants to remove the spell that was used to bind the Sun and Moon Curse, rendering the stone useless. Elena is concerned that this will send Klaus after her friend and family, and would prefer that Bonnie use her witchy powers to get Stefan out of the tomb. You know, where he is slowly starving with only Katherine for company. Bonnie tells her that Stefan wants her working on the moonstone first and she agrees with him. For some reason she doesn’t find it acceptable for Elena to be sacrificed. Jeremy arrives, killing Bonnie’s buzz. She quickly puts the moonstone in her and leaves the room to get coffee. Jeremy throws Elena serious shade, angry that she is on a “suicide mission”. He leaves the room and Elena takes the stone from Bonnie’s bag, hurrying downstairs with car keys in hand. When Bonnie sees her and asks where she is going, she lies, saying she is going to talk to Stefan. Bonnie calls her out on lying and Jeremy reappears, telling Bonnie that she took the moonstone. Turns out this was all a test that Elena failed. Elena opens the front door but finds herself unable to leave. Bonnie trapped her inside with some sort of magical barrier. Awesome.

I would probably kill myself if I had to be trapped in a house with Bonnie.

I would probably kill myself if I had to be trapped in a house with Bonnie.

Damon is at the tomb, telling Stefan all about trapping Elena in her house. He also brought a care package complete with candles, lanterns and blood. Stefan is the opposite of excited about the blood, lamenting that he will have to share it with Katherine who is standing nearby, listening in on their conversation. She reminds them that Klaus will hunt them down and kill them if their plan is successful. Damon is wonderfully snarky, as usual. He promises Stefan that he will find a way to get him out of the tomb once the moonstone has been dealt with.

Tyler is heading out of the Lockwood Mansion when there is a knock at the door. It’s the chick from Mason’s apartment, who is named Jules. She tells him that she is looking for Mason, who hasn’t returned to Florida. Uh oh.

Jenna and Alaric are having lunch at the Mystic Grill, where she is telling him about a project she is working on for the Historical Society. Carol asked her to show a writer around the town archives. She leaves as Tyler arrives and joins Caroline at a nearby table. Ric watches as Ty tells care about Jules showing up and Mason never returning to Florida. They quickly leave but not before Caroline shares a meaningful look with Ric.

Damon has arrived at the Gilbert House to crack jokes and be handsome, two things he really excels at. Elena, still pouting about being trapped, asks him what Stefan thinks about Elijah still being alive. Damon tells her that he didn’t tell Stefan, seeing as he can’t do anything about it. Jeremy enters the room and Damon asks where Bonnie is. Jeremy thought she was meeting Damon and Damon thought she was handling the moonstone. Jeremy wonders aloud who is watching Tyler and his full moon change, and Damon is FANTASTIC, referring to Caroline as Vampire Barbie. I seriously heart everything that comes out of his mouth.

Damon receives a phone call from Ric, giving him a heads up that Mason is being viewed as a missing person thanks to Jules. Damon leaves Jeremy in charge of babysitting Elena and leaves to meet Ric at the Grill. Jeremy and Elena have a really cute sibling/cousin moment where she pushes him off the couch. It almost makes me find Emo attractive for half a second.

Please continue to make faces like this one always.

Caroline has driven Tyler into the woods to help him prepare for his first wolf out. She suggests that maybe Mason is off surfing somewhere which Tyler seems to consider a possibility. He is ready to stop talking about Mason and get down to brass tacks on the werewolf thing.

Meanwhile, Jules is at the Lockwood Mansion, thanking Carol for having missing Mason looked into. She mentions not having been able to say goodbye to Tyler, prompting Carol to tell her that he should be at the Grill. Jules pulls away in her car, pausing at the mansion gates to call someone mysterious and tell him/her that Mason is missing and Tyler is a werewolf. Oh shit son.

Jules arrives at the Grill and stops Matt to ask him if he knows Tyler. Ric and Damon watch her, Ric asking Damon if he think she’s a werewolf. Damon doesn’t know but is eager to find out, pulling wolfsbane out of his pocket. I love that he has taken to just carrying it around. Always be prepared!

Tyler and Caroline are down in the ruins, prepping chains. That sentence has a vaguely slutty connotation. And I like it. She whips out some wolfsbane and mixes it with water for Ty to drink. He takes off his shirt and she turns away blushing, asking if he is going to get naked. Oh if only. He is pretty hilarious, mentioning pants and The Hulk. Bless him.

Why hello shirtless.

Why hello shirtless.

Bonnie goes to the Martin House to return Luka’s necklace. He is upset she almost killed him by channeling, a trick that he taught her. She apologizes, saying it was important. So naturally he forgives her. Sucker. They sit in the living room, which just happens to have a table covered in grimoires. It would appear that his father is obsessed with tracking down lost grimoires, considering all witches to be one big happy family. Bonnie asks if Luka knows how to break the bond between a spell and a talisman. Apparently it depends on the spell, but he offers to help her figure it out.

Jules is having a drink, alone at the Mystic Grill bar. Ric joins her, pretending to be drunk and kind of a creep. He offers to buy her a drink but they are interrupted by Damon, who attempts to intimidate him into leaving. These guys- what a pair. While Damon tells Jules about the “town drunk”, Ric slips wolfsbane into her drink and takes off.

Even as the town drunk, he is still quite the charmer.

Even as the town drunk, he is still quite the charmer.

Back in the tomb, Katherine is being a super weirdo, watching Stefan as he lays on a makeshift bed looking extremely angsty. They have really lame back and forth about whether or not he could handle desiccation and the pleasure he derives from watching her suffer. So Katherine decides to liven things up by taking off her dress, parading around in matching bra and underpants. When does anyone ever wear matching underclothes? Seriously. She vamps it up, strutting around while telling him that Damon is never going to get him out of the tomb, having finally been left alone with Elena. She kisses him and he kisses her back with surprising passion. Things escalate quickly and we end up with a shirtless Salvatore smooching all over her. They go to the bed/bench and start to heat things up further when Stefan suddenly awakens. He warns Katherine to stay out of his head.

Elena finds Jenna searching through a closet in the Gilbert House. She is presented with a box of files from the Historical Society that her mom (name unknown?) kept. Jenna tells her she was roped into participating in a research project and closes the closet door to reveal Elijah, startling Elena. This officially just got awesome. He introduces himself and shakes hands with Elena. He tells the girls that he will send someone to pick up the boxes tomorrow and leaves. Elena immediately rushes upstairs to Jeremy and is able to knock on his bedroom door before Elijah catches her. He hides when Jeremy opens the door and listens to Elena ask Jer for help with the boxes. Once alone, he tells Elena that he wants to have a chat with her.

Damon and Jules are still at the Mystic Grill Bar, chatting about a sketchy motel in town. Jules tells him that she is in town for the night looking for Mason, who is missing. Damon tries to play her, saying what a great guy he thinks Mason is. He even goes so far as to toast him, but Jules doesn’t drink.

Tyler is still very shirtless, chained to the walls of the ruins. He tries to sit next to Caroline but his chains prevent him from doing so. It kind of makes me have a mini sad. He drinks some of the watered down wolfsbane but quickly begins choking, gagging and eventually vomiting before falling to his knees and coughing. This kid is going to have is rough. Caroline tries to soothe him but he snaps at her when she touches his back. They share a look and he apologizes, to which she responds by touching his face. It makes me sad but I’m pretty sure she’s thinking ‘Matt who?’ at this point.

Elijah is with Elena in her bedroom, promising that he does not intend to harm her family. Isn’t that kind of a weird choice for a powwow? I’m not entirely sure my mother would have been okay with me (as a teenage girl) chatting it up with a grown man in my bedroom. And she was about as lax a parent you could have. He tells her that he killed Cody and crew because he only wants word of her existence to reach Klaus, not her actual person. Elijah is no longer in Klaus’s trusted circle, and wants to use Elena as a means of drawing him out of hiding. His ultimate goal isn’t to break the curse, just to get Klaus’s attention. So he can straight up kill him. Damn Elijah. Elena isn’t happy to just live her life protected by a gaggle of witches so she asks Elijah for one more favor. Girl, don’t push your luck.

Bonnie and Luka are on a roof, lighting candles and looking at a grimoire respectively. Isn’t the roof a little romantic for a spell casting session? Bonnie hands Luka the moonstone but is reluctant to tell him what it has been spelled with. He teases her a little before they hold hands and make the stone float, then explode in a shower of sparks. Their shared smiles and laughter don’t look good for Jeremy.

I didn't realize dispelling the stone was code for doing it on the roof.

I didn’t realize dispelling the stone was code for doing it on the roof.

Tyler is still under lock down in the ruins, writhing around in pain while Caroline watches. He screams and cries as his bones begin breaking, begging Caroline to leave. Damn this show for making me care about Tyler. He’s just supposed to be another jackass.

Damon is still at the bar in the Grill. He offers to help Jules find Mason, going on about what a great guy he was for helping Tyler after Mayor Douche’s funeral. Jules’s interest seems piqued when Ty’s name is brought up. Damon attempts to goad her into drinking but she sniffs the glass before setting it back down. Then shit gets real. She tells Damon she could smell him and the wolfsbane. He, in turn, tells her that she won’t find Mason and should get out of town. They have some back and forth over who’s stronger during the full moon, the conversation ultimately ending with Jules telling Damon that he has been marked. WTF that means.

Caroline is still on hand to witness the torture that is Tyler’s transformation. His bones are repeatedly breaking, particularly his spine. He screams at Caroline to get out, afraid that he will hurt her. She is either the best friend ever or a freaking idiot because she moves closer to him, hugging him.

Damon and Ric leave the Grill, pissed that they weren’t able to trick Jules. Damon wants to go after her but it is, as Ric points out, a full moon and her bite could be deadly. Damon agrees to deal with it in the morning in what is only a slightly unconvincing manner.

Caroline and Tyler continue to argue over whether it is safe for her to be there, her holding him as all of his bones break and shift. Suddenly he stops screaming even though the breaking is still occurring. His eyes have gone yellow and the fangs are out. Caroline leaves the ruins, stopping just outside the door to have a sad. Tyler has completed his transformation into a wolf and attempts to break down the door leading outside. Caroline super speeds away, crying all the while. She kind of needs to get a grip.

Do you think Tyler waxes his brows?

Do you think Tyler waxes his brows?

Damon arrives home and enters the library where he finds Rose. She apologizes (again) for running away and tells him she has nowhere else to go. It’s pretty pathetic. They hear a sound and head into the living room to investigate. NEVER INVESTIGATE!! A wolf bursts in through the window and attacks Damon but Rose leaps in front of him, getting bitten on the shoulder. Damon stabs the wolf with a sword that just happened to be hanging on the wall, causing it to run back through the window. Rose’s bite starts to heal as she and Damon hug it out, happy that the bite isn’t fatal.

Jonas and Luka have a conversation about the moonstone once Jonas gets home. Turns out Luka is a sneaky bastard, tricking Bonnie into thinking that the stone has been dispelled. He gives the spell to Jonas who tells him that Elijah has asked one more favor of them before the full moon is lost.

Back at the tomb, Katherine and Stefan are acting like petulant children. He refuses to talk to her, which pisses her off. She pulls a ‘Sorry, I’m not sorry’ for looking after herself while on the run from Klaus. She says she loves him, but he doesn’t believe her, asking her to prove it by doing something trustworthy (I totally typed that as thrustworthy at first, taking the conversation in a totally different direction). She offers to help him find Klaus, telling him to find Isobel. If she could track down Katherine she should be able to lead them to Klaus.

Elijah is at the entrance of the tomb, surprising both Katherine and Stefan. He tells Stefan that he reached an agreement with Elena and has come to hold up his end of the deal. He had the tomb spell lifted, allowing Stefan to exit. Katherine also trying to leave but Elijah blocks her way, compelling her to remain in the tomb. He promises Stefan that he will keep his end of the bargain if Elena keeps hers. Stefan leaves while Katherine begs him not to abandon her.

Caroline returns to the ruins, finding a human Tyler naked on the floor. She covers him with a jacket while reassuring him that he didn’t escape. In a heart breaking moment, she tells him that he is okay but he disagrees, crying. I hate when guys cry. Talk about an uncomfortable situation.

The nakedness of it all is pretty awkward.

The nakedness of it all is pretty awkward.

Stefan and Elena reunite in her bedroom, hugging and making out all over the place.

Rose joins Damon on the couch at the Salvatore Boarding House. He tells her that Tyler was locked up, leaving Jules as the culprit behind the attack. Both of them are happy that the legend of the wolf bite seems to be made up. Rose offers to stay and help protect Elena. She likes Damon and wants to be friends with him. A special sort of friend. They make out before looking at her shoulder, which is covered with sores and blisters. The entire bite area looks diseased, the opposite of a healing wound. Looks like the legend might be right after all.



DAMON: “I’ve been dead before. I got over it.”

DAMON: “Yes Elena. I find hilarity in the lengths that I have to go to repeatedly save your life.”

DAMON: “Vampire Barbie asked me if she could handle it, and I said, why not? Figured if she screwed up, he’ll bite her and then I’ll be rid of two of my problems.”


Michaela McManus as Jules

Michaela McManus as Jules


Last.fm_play.png “Shadowcasting” by Ra Ra Riot. Jenna tells Ric about the Historical Society project while at the Grill.

Last.fm_play.png “This Time Next Year” by Goldhawks. Caroline drives Tyler to the woods for his first transformation.

Last.fm_play.png “Let’s Go Surfing” by The Drums. Jules arrives at the Grill and asks Matt if he knows Tyler.

Last.fm_play.png “I’m Alright” by Agent Ribbons. Alaric pretends to be drunk and slips Jules wolfsbane while Damon distracts her.

Last.fm_play.png “Everything At Once” by Superchunk. Damon tells Jules that he knows Mason.

Last.fm_play.png “Quarry Hymns” by Land Of Talk. Damon offers to help Jules find Mason and tries to get her to drink.

Last.fm_play.png “Longest Night” by Howie Day. Caroline covers naked Tyler with a coat; Stefan and Elena reunite; Rose offers to help protect Elena.


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