Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.10 The Sacrifice

Elena is asleep at the Gilbert house, being watched by Jonas (Dr. Martin), who is in the bathroom. She suddenly wakes up, having heard a noise. She searches through the entire house only to find the noise came from a naked Alaric. Woot woot. Jenna makes a highly awkward apology, which I find to be hilarious. They were looking for ice cream (Chunky Monkey was my fave growing up) and are doing, in Jenna’s word, extremely good. Meanwhile, creepy Jonas is in Elena’s bedroom, taking some of her hair from her brush and a picture of her. He hides in the bathroom again as Elena crawls back into bed. He sneaks out of the house once she falls asleep.

Dr. Martin = super creep.

Dr. Martin = super creep.

Stefan and Damon are venturing into the tomb to “do it”. I swear that’s what Damon says. Scout’s honor.

It must have been quick because the Salvatore Brothers are knocking on the door at the Gilbert house, asking Elena if they can talk. Turns out “do it” meant go talk to Katherine. Boo. As they enter the house, we are treated to a FLASHBACK of their conversation. Katherine invites them into the tomb which they obvs aren’t falling for, seeing as they would be permanently sealed in. They ask for the moonstone but Katherine will only give it to them if they can get a witch to let her out. It seems she has gotten hungry enough to reconsider her plan to hide from Klaus in the tomb. She promises to give them the stone and leave Mystic Falls for good if they let her out.

Present- Damon tells Elena they don’t really believe Katherine but want the stone on account of Slater telling them it’s the way to break the sun and moon curse. Bonnie has agreed to do whatever witchy magic she can to help them save Elena from being sacrificed. The plan is to have Bonnie release the seal on the tomb long enough for the boys to get in, kill Katherine for the stone and get out. Elena doesn’t want them to do it, worried about potential retaliation from Klaus once he realizes who broke the curse. Apparently Elena has a problem with her friends and family being murdered. There is a very sweet moment where she says she cares about both boys while looking at Damon.



Bonnie and Luka are having a chat about their witchy/warlockness at Mystic Falls High. She tells him that Grams didn’t clue her into the witch thing for serious until she was in high school. They talk about the nose bleeds and passing out that happen when a witch/warlock tries to do too much on their own. Luka tells her about channeling from other witches and/or nature. They exchange her bracelet for his necklace and make it really windy. Kind of the lamest spell ever. They needed two of them for that? Jeremy arrives, which seems to make Luka flee. Maybe he’s afraid of competition? Jer comments that he is weird and Bonnie gets all defensive until Damon calls.

Elena enters to Salvatore Boarding House to find Rose wandering around in her nightgown. After a super awkward moment where Elena is confused Damon, Rose goes to get dressed so she and Elena can have girl talk. Elena wants to get more information from Slater about Klaus. Rose thinks it is a terrible idea seeing as the last time she went to Slater she was almost blown up. Elena plays the whole “you owe me” card since Rose kidnapped her and tried to give her to Elijah. Elena offers Rose a daylight ring in exchange for bringing her to Slater.

Tyler is joined by Matt while playing basketball at MFHS. Matt apologizes for picking a fight with him at the Masquerade Ball and expresses his guilt over the role it played in Sarah’s death. Tyler is very cool, forgiving Matt way sooner than Matt forgave him for that one time he made out with his mom. Matt and Caroline briefly run into each other and exchange pleasantries before Caroline goes to talk to Ty. She is concerned about his turning at the full moon, which is quickly approaching. He says he has a plan but wants to keep it private. Oh Tyler.

Even handsome when apologizing.

Even handsome when apologizing.

Bonnie and Jeremy are at the Salvatore Boarding House discussing lowering the tomb spell with Stefan and Damon. She thinks she can make it work long enough for them to get the moonstone but is concerned with how they will overpower Katherine. Jeremy offers to do it wearing his nifty resurrection ring but Damon reminds him that he’s a sixteen year old child. Bonnie thinks she can improve upon the plan if the boys can get her something of Katherine’s.

Elena and Rose arrive at what I can only assume is Slater’s apartment but there is no answer when they knock on the door. Rose uses her vamp strength to open the door only to find poor nerdy Slater’s dead body. Elena, ever the class act, begins digging through the deceased’s belongings, searching through papers by his computer. She deduces that he was killed by the same person that blew up the coffee shop, who probably killed him for the information he knew. She tries to break into one of his computers but it is password protected. They hear a noise coming from somewhere in the apartment and Rose goes to investigate. She finds a girl names Alice that she seems to know.

Back at the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan gives Bonnie a portrait of Katherine. She puts it in a bowl and drops water on it, causing it to burn. This makes no sense. She explains tot he boys that she is turning the metal into ash, which can be blown on Katherine to incapacitate her. This also makes no sense. Witches and their nonsensical magic. Bonnie’s nose starts to bleed but she quickly wipes it away before anyone else notices.

Yay, we NEVER have to see this picture again!

Yay, we NEVER have to see this picture again!

Meanwhile, Caroline is walking through the woods with Tyler, lamenting her situation with Matt; she wants to be with him but knows she can’t be honest about who she is. Ty totally gets it, which is very sweet. They head down into the old ruins where Ty shows Caroline the scratches in the wall, speculating that Mason turned or was heading to turn down there. They find out bolts and chains, as well as Mason’s diary, chronicling his monthly transitions. Mason was a pretty high tech guy, leaving a flash drive in the back of his moon diary.

Bonnie is still at the Salvatore Boarding House, putting ashes from her spell on the table. Stefan and Damon go to get torches and stake guns, leaving Bonnie alone with Jeremy. He is concerned that Bonnie isn’t strong enough to do the spell without hurting herself. She reassures him that she will be fine and goes to get him a receptacle for the ashes. While she is gone he sneaks some of them. Uh oh.

Rose is still with Elena at Slater’s apartment, comforting Alice, Slater’s girlfriend. Rose thinks Alice is playing up the grieving girlfriend angle for show; she was only dating Slater because she wanted to be turned. Elena asks Alice if she knows the password to his computer but receives only serious shade. Alice changes her tune, however, when Elena promises that Rose will turn her. They discover that the hard drive was wiped but Slater kept everything backed up on an off site server. Alice unlocks the files- all leads on vampires. They find a vampire named Cody who exchanged emails with Slater about Elijah. Alice calls Cody, giving him a message: the doppelganger is alive and wants to surrender. Elena wants Klaus to come kill her, saving her family and friends. Alice hangs up the phone and tells them that Cody is on his way.

Jeremy goes tot he tomb to pay Katherine a visit. He asks for the moonstone but she refuses, telling him that he will have to come get it. That sounds overtly sexual. He shoots a stake at her that she quickly removes. While she is doing so, he throws the stolen ashes into her face and she falls on the ground unconscious. Jer gives her a pat down, but she doesn’t have the stone on her. He goes further into the tomb until he finds the moonstone on a rock. He grabs it and runs back to the entrance but Katherine is awake and quicker, grabbing him and biting. While having his blood sucked he throws the moonstone out of the tomb.

That sucks.

That sucks.

Bonnie joins the Salvatore Brothers in the woods outside the tomb, having stopped at home to get her grimoire. Damon makes a comment about Jeremy chickening out of their mission but Bonnie promises he will be there. They all head to the tomb but Damon stops when his phone rings. Rose is calling, telling him that he needs to bust ass to Richmond. Stefan, now inside the tomb, is confused when he sees the moonstone on the floor. Katherine comes to the door, greeting Bonnie and Jeremy with a mouth full of blood, which sounds like the name of a really cheesy metal band. She shows them that she has Jeremy captive and threatens to keep draining him to death, knowing his resurrection ring will bring him back.

Jonas and Elijah are at the Martin house, observing the items that were stolen from Elena’s bedroom. Jonas cuts Elijah’s hand and tells him to place it on the picture of Elena. Jonas takes his other hand and tells Elijah to relax his mind and look for Elena. This spell has vaguely homoerotic tones.

Elena is looking through the window at Slater’s apartment when she sees Elijah’s face in it. Back at the Martin house, Elijah tells Jonah that he knows exactly where Elena is. Shit is getting real.

Stefan and Bonnie are still at the tomb, wondering where Damon vanished to. He didn’t even bother to tell them he was disappearing to Richmond? It would have taken like, five seconds. Literally. They decide they can’t wait for him and Bonnie starts the spell to lower the barrier.

Luka has arrived home and is making small talk with his father about school when he begins feeling weak. He reaches for his necklace, realizing that Bonnie still has it. Meanwhile, Bonnie is still casting the tomb, holding Luka’s necklace in her hand. That is seriously underhanded shit.

Caroline and Tyler are at her house, watching a video that Mason saved on his flash drive. He taped his first transformation. Caroline reads from the corresponding entry in his diary while Tyler picks up tips. He bolted hooks to the floor and used retractable cables. He also drank wolfsbane diluted with water, even though it made him sick. Tyler fast forwards through the video, watching Mason screaming and thrashing in pain for several hours. After five hours his eyes finally change. Tyler freaks out, justifiably, doubting whether or not he can make the transition.

Poor Tyler. This almost makes me forget when he started the show as a complete douchenozzle.

Poor Tyler. This almost makes me forget when he started the show as a complete douchenozzle.

Elena is drinking water at Slater’s apartment when Damon suddenly appears, startling her. She is upset that Rose called him, breaking her trust. Alice enters the room and immediately recognizes Damon, prompting Rose to take her to another room. Damon and Elena argue over her leaving with him. She wants to sacrifice herself for her loved ones, believing it should be her choice to do so. Damon is amazing, threatening to carry her out over his shoulder. Elena is arguably the stupidest person in the world, attempting to punch him. He catches her fist and tells her never to throw a punch at him again.

Inside the tomb, Jeremy is concerned that Bonnie is spell casting. He doesn’t believe she is strong enough to handle it.

Luka is working on schoolwork at home but is unable to concentrate due to Bonnie. He tells Jonas that Bonnie is channeling him and his nose starts bleeding.

Bonnie’s nose is also bleeding, causing a concerned Jeremy to yell to Stefan to make her stop. For this he gets an elbow from Katherine.

Luka falls to the floor, having been drained of too much energy. Jonas touches Luka’s head and uses his warlocky powers to revive him.

Sadly Bonnie doesn’t have a Jonas to do the same for her. She falls to the floor of the tomb, unconscious for a moment. Stefan is eventually able to get her to wake up. Katherine is pissed that she wasn’t able to lower the barrier, sinking her teeth into Jeremy once more. Stefan rushes into the tomb and throws Jeremy out. He pushes Katherine against a wall but she is happy that he is now trapped inside with her.

Caroline is finished reading Mason’s diary, telling Tyler he doesn’t want to hear what happens next. He takes the diary from her, reading about the unimaginable pain before closing it again. He asks Care why she is helping him, seeing as they have never been close friends. She tells him about killing the carnival worker when she first turned, having been left alone and having no control over her person. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him. Their heart to heart is interrupted by Matt, who has come to tell Caroline that he misses her. They are all smiles and laughter until Tyler pops up, surprising Matt.

Matt Donovan is just my favorite thing ever.

Matt Donovan is just my favorite thing ever.

Damon has compelled Alice to forget all about seeing them at the apartment. As they prepare to leave, three men enter the apartment. Elena thanks Cody for coming, prompting Damon to threaten to break her arm. That’s a tad bit overkill. Suddenly one of Cody’s men falls to the ground dead. Elijah has arrived! He has a hilarious exchange with Damon as Rose flees the building. He inquires as to who Cody is and is told Cody was going to bring Elena to Elijah. Then he rips out the hearts of Cody and his buddy. I love when they rip out the hearts. Damon prepares to fight but Elijah just looks at them and leaves.

Rip out ALL the hearts!

Rip out ALL the hearts!

Richmond must be very close, because Elijah has arrived back at the Martin house in record time. He tells Jonas that he was able to find Elena but was surprised to find Damon there. It turns out that he spared Damon’s life because he wants Elena protected. They are all working to keep her safe. Interesting.

Bonnie escorts Jeremy home, chiding him for making stupid decisions. They both argue over whether or not they should have gone to the tomb/casted a huge spell. He tells her that he got involved because he didn’t want her to get hurt. She tells him that he can’t feel “that way” about her, but he isn’t buying it. He calls her out on their mutual attraction before attempting to kiss her. She tells him that she can’t kiss him and bails. I find this hilarious.



Elena thanks Damon for bringing her home, stopping on the porch to talk. He seems mildly upset that Rose bolted on them while Elena expresses surprise in seeing Elijah alive. He tries to scold her for being stupid but she tells him the only stupid thing she did was reveal her plan and get caught. She doesn’t want Damn to question why she would want to save her loved ones when they are all working so hard to save her. She says good night but Jeremy opens the door and tells them about Stefan.

Elena, though completely useless, rushes to the tomb, calling Stefan’s name. Damon prevents her from rushing inside while Stefan and Katherine listen from within. Elena beats Damon with her fists but he refuses to release her until she promises that she’s done. Her fake out attempt doesn’t work as he catches once again. Finally she relents and leaves but not before shooting Damon a dirty look. Once she is gone Stefan appears at the door, telling Damon to work with Bonnie on disspelling the moonstone. He makes Damon promise to look after Elena and keep her away from the tomb before going back to Katherine, who is delightfully snarky.


Cody and friends


DAMON: “Yep, we’re awesome.”

DAMON: “If I had a dollar for every time some evil vampire surprised me…”

DAMON: “You martyr yourself in a tomb and I get partnered with a semi competent witch? Wonderful.”


Bree Condon as Alice

Bree Condon as Alice

James Harvey Ward as Cody

James Harvey Ward as Cody


Last.fm_play.png “Only Happy When It Rains” by Katerina Graham. Matt apologizes to Tyler; Caroline asks Tyler about the upcoming full moon.

Last.fm_play.png “Love’s To Blame” by Joel & Luke. Tyler questions why Caroline is helping him; Matt tells Caroline that he misses her.

Last.fm_play.png “No Way Out” by Rie Sinclair and Mike Suby. Jeremy confronts Bonnie about their mutual attraction; Damon stops Elena from entering the tomb to help Stefan.


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