Let’s Play a Game: M.A.S.H.

I recently came upon old notes from high school. In almost every margin I found tiny little versions of one of my favorite games- M.A.S.H. If you’re female (or Male Bestie), you’ve probably played this more times than you can count. It was a total sleepover staple along with nail painting and watching Now and Then.

Never played before? I have outlined a how to guide so you can begin having maximum fun. Enjoy!


Start with a blank layout. Decide which categories you want to play with. I kept it pretty basic here but you can get insane.


Fill in your options. One should be ideal, one should be practical (even probable) and the other should be the exact opposite of what you want. It keeps the game lively.


Draw a spiral. After you stop, count across the spiral from top to bottom. This will be your magic number. Starting from the M, start going clockwise around the paper. My number was nine, so I went nine steps to the right. The first option to get cut was librarian. I went another nine steps clockwise and exotic dancer was cut.


This continues until there is only one option left in each category. These final answers are your future!

MASH 3This is super awesome. I get to live in an apartment in Greece with Kris Holden-Ried and our two children. Plus I get to ride an elephant (!) to my job as a construction worker. The only real bummer is the pimp thing and I can totally overlook that when my husband looks like this:

For real.


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