Just Listen: Disney Songs, Part 2

I have too much love for Disney songs to contain in one post, so I have decided to write another. Yes, I could have written one long entry but nobody has time to read a crazy epic post. Here is a continuation of my favorite Disney songs.

“Honor to Us All” / Mulan (1998)

My favorite part of this song is Mulan’s grandmother, who is kickass. Even though the ancient Eastern mysticism could be viewed as racist, I enjoy the following of traditions. I know I could sure use a lucky cricket some days.

“A Girl Worth Fighting For” / Mulan (1998)

This song is straight up amazing. The “nah” in response to Mulan’s line about wanting a girl who speaks her mind is hilarious. I will totally sing at the top of my lungs about wanting a girl that cooks beef, pork and chicken. The fact that I’m a vegetarian should tip you off as to just how much I love this song.

“You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!” / Peter Pan (1953)

I love this from the bottom of my heart. Peter Pan is my favorite movie in the history of movies. While I enjoy listening to all of the songs on its soundtrack, this one is extra special. The innocence and childhood wonderment captured just warm my heart. Plus stupid Tinkerbell almost gets eaten by fish. That’s the best part.

“The Phony King of England” / Robin Hood (1973)

I really like the bluegrass twang that this song takes on. And it taught me so much: the idea of taxation, the words pox and phony. It’s like school in a song.

“Once Upon a Dream” / Sleeping Beauty (1959)

I often dream of hot guys. Aurora and I totally have that in common. While we aren’t exactly walking in my dream (minds out of the gutter, we chat and stuff), I still relate. I think every little girl dreams of a prince to rescue her. Maybe even one as hot as Prince Philip. Or Channing Tatum.

“Whistle While You Work” / Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

I always sing, whistle, and/or hum a tune when I clean. Sometimes even this tune. Unfortunately I don’t have any woodland friends to come help out, but the song still helps to take my mind off the task at hand. Especially cleaning the bathtub. I’d rather my mind be anywhere else when that happens.

“Mad Madam Mim” / The Sword in the Stone (1963)

My favorite of all the Disney soundtracks is that of The Sword in the Stone. The songs are the most fun. I love trying to ape Madam Mim’s voice when she says the word marvelous. I get a kick out of it.

“That’s What Makes the World Go Round” /  The Sword in the Stone (1963)

I think the reason I get such a kick out of this song is Merlin as a fish with glasses. It is solely the association that makes me enjoy it. There’s no other logical explanation (for this discomboomeration). Also, I love when Arthur swallows a bug. This is another educational song; I had no idea what the word mediocrity meant until I heard it in this song and looked it up in the dictionary.

“Cruella De Vil” / 101 Dalmations (1961)

I love the song about “that devil woman”. When Roger describes Cruella as a spider, I get what he’s saying. It makes me have creeps up my spine to think of her, just like when I think of spiders. I love Roger playing his instruments super aggressively from upstairs.

“Little Black Rain Cloud” / Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree (1966)

Every time I go outside and see it is raining, I pull a Christopher Robin and say, “Tut-tut, it looks like rain. Tut-tut, it looks like rain.” Then I launch into this song. It’s really the best part of rain.



  1. “It’s really the best part of rain” really tickles me. Reading these Disney music posts for what may be the first time is so entertaining (I think I read them last year when I had a fever, so throw that memory out the window)! Love ya and your creativity, Lish 🙂

    1. What else could be the best part of rain but Winnie the Pooh? Sidenote: when I was really little I though his name was Winnie and the Pooh.

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